Chapter 1616: Blood fusion

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Shi Yan’s hoarse cry that had almost torn his lungs echoed out, shaking the void. His host body that should have gone and fused with the Evil clone turned and dashed furiously toward Desolate, attempting to hit him hard.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart palpitated as his bones and muscles swelled up, vitality rolling in him like rising tides. With his magical space power, he reached the giant dragon in just a split second.

The bright star of seas turned into a long chain with countless twinkling stars. That chain conveyed the eternal will of all stars in the sky, which had always been mysterious. At this moment, it looked like a galaxy winding around the colossal dragon.


Shi Yan appeared in his giant form, holding the star chain to tie the dragon. His sharp fingernails were like space blades that cut through Desolate’s dragon body.

Crack! Crack!

The dragon’s body was as tough as iron, but the space blades could break the dragon scales into pieces. Desolate’s dragon body with his thick life energy was scaled, bleeding profusely.

“Go die!”

Roaring, Shi Yan threw himself into a frenzy of anger. His sharp fingernails were like ten swords, moving around to cut off pieces of flesh.


Desolate roared hoarsely while his giant body that stretched for billions of miles shook like an earthquake happening inside a mountain range. Different energies with different attributes were erupting from his body—flames burned the sky, tornados wreaked havoc, dust gathered into dragons, and sleet twirled.

The powers of Five Elements—Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth; dazzling holy light; harsh gravity; and explosions in mountains and rivers inside Desolate Territory had turned into a destructive energy that attacked Shi Yan’s Absolute Beginning body.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shi Yan’s body sounded as if he had billions of firecrackers shelling him at the same time, turning his tenacious body gory.

“Imprisoning Life Lock!”

The Life Soul Tree by Desolate’s horn suddenly soared up, bringing up the breathtaking life energy. It grew unceasingly, and within a short time, it had become as big as Desolate’s dragon body. At the moment Shi Yan’s body shattered, the Life Soul Tree suddenly imprinted on his chest like a tattoo.

More branches grew, making the Life Soul Tree a wooden cage. Roots, branches, and leaves weaved together, creating a massive and tough net that shrouded Shi Yan entirely.

At the moment the Life Soul Tree turned into a massive prison to cage Shi Yan’s giant body, it transformed into a monstrous rattan, squeezing hard as if it wanted to cut him and draw his vitality to kill him utterly.

The Life Soul Tree was one of the two peerless divine weapons that Desolate possessed. In the Absolute Beginning Era, it was because of these two divine weapons that he had become invincible. After the abrasion of perpetual time, these two weapons had become more terrifying as they could even perform the best ability of a Power Upanishad, which was unimaginably incredible.

Shi Yan’s towering body struggled hard amidst the thick, weaving branches of the Life Soul Tree. The more he struggled, the tighter the cage became. Gradually, his situation got really dangerous.

“After I’ve digested her and fused with the purest Absolute Beginning blood, I’m sure I can break the shackle to get to the ultimate realm!”

Desolate twisted his body, and it seemed as if there were countless mountains and rivers enlarging inside his colossal body, which had created extremely fierce commotions.

Zi Yao was counterattacking him furiously from inside his stomach!

Shi Yan was agitated like he had a flame burning his heart. He wore a grimaced face as he was trying hard to get rid of the Life Soul Tree.

He understood that as Zi Yao could survive the Absolute Beginning Era, she was one of the most powerful experts, and her Absolute Beginning blood was the finest. The last ones who stood had indeed collected a lot of Absolute Beginning blood essence.

Zi Yao, Devour, and Desolate had sucked a lot of Absolute Beginning blood essence from their kind to enhance and perfect their bodies and blood. Gradually, they had become extremely intimidating, and their intimidation was actually built on countless skeletons of their own kind.

The Absolute Beginning blood essence in Zi Yao’s body had blended with dozens of blood essences from her fellows. Thus, if Desolate could absorb her power, his power would be increasing sharply.

Compared to Yuan, Zi Yao’s Absolute Beginning blood was much more magical and purer!

In the Absolute Beginning Era, Yuan hadn’t been in the same row with Zi Yao, Desolate, and Devour as he didn’t have the guts to join the last battle. As a result, he obviously hadn’t swallowed much of his fellows’ blood. Thus, even after an entirely new era of cultivating and accumulating energy, he was still fearful when he had to face the domineering existences like Desolate, Devour, and Zi Yao.

He was still a loser, all because his Absolute Beginning blood essence hadn’t experienced multiple refinements and condensation. It wasn’t as powerful as what Desolate, Devour, and Zi Yao had. At the same time, his Absolute Beginning body hadn’t developed much. This kind of difference couldn’t be made up with just abundant God power.

“You can’t tie me up!”

Shi Yan had a light flash in his head when he hissed while touching his glabella. The crystal light ball emerged from his tier of power Upanishads, which contained a condensed, milky sea: it was the Life Power Upanishad Origin!

As soon as that crystal ball came out, a flow of Life Power Upanishad Origin energy was released. The mysterious, undetectable life energy fluctuated, rippling like waves of water.

A flow of will power with Shi Yan’s life aura shot out of the Life Ball, entering the Life Soul Tree.

The Life Soul Tree was a divine weapon of the Life class, which did have a spirit. It had used Desolate’s will to create a soul that listened to Desolate’s orders. However, under the effect of the Life Power Upanishad Origin, that soul was puzzled as it found the aura that had just entered having the mark of the Life Power Upanishad Origin...

It was a unique aura that it instinctively felt so familiar with; it wanted to become one with that aura. Under that effect, it didn’t want to resist at all.

The thick branches and leaves that were weaving with each other slowly loosened, and Shi Yan’s imprisonment was lifted. The Life Soul Tree then slowly shrank on Shi Yan’s chest, seemingly wanting to blend with his heart and become a part of him.

Shi Yan had an aura that the tree felt familiar with, which made it proactively attempt to fuse with him.

“I got it!” Shi Yan mumbled to himself while pressing on the Life Soul Tree. With that, countless light dots of vitality emerged and went to the Life Soul Tree.

The Life Soul Tree was the divine weapon Desolate had tamed and refined for so many years that it even had a spirit and Desolate’s soul seal, which meant it was hard to change its ownership.

But, Shi Yan had some rare or almost unique features.

Firstly, he cultivated the Life power Upanishad, which originated from Desolate, since he had inherited it from the Grace Mainland’s Origin. And now, he had obtained the Life Power Upanishad Origin, becoming the only one who controlled the sacred principle of Life Power Upanishad...

But most importantly, he obtained the Origins of the Grace Mainland and the God-blessed Mainland. The Origins of the Grace Mainland and the God-blessed Mainland were Desolate’s two soul clones. It made Shi Yan possess Desolate’s aura and marks, which made the Life Soul Tree assume that Shi Yan was Desolate—its master!

Thus, the Life Soul Tree wasn’t baffled as it proactively fused with Shi Yan under the Life Power Upanishad Origin’s guidance.

It was a rare coincident that Desolate’s most important divine weapon didn’t tie Shi Yan but entered his body, linking with his veins and meridians entirely. Just like that, it had boosted Shi Yan’s vitality immediately.

“God has helped me this time!”

Shi Yan was cheered up as he felt the sharp increase of life energy in his body. He gathered more energy, using the Skyfall Star River to net Desolate’s dragon body. He was using the sharp power of space in the form of blades in the sky, cutting Desolate’s body.

“Almost done! Almost done!”

In this moment, Desolate was trying his best to refine Zi Yao’s Absolute Beginning body. Inside his stomach, Zi Yao was using her true body to struggle hard. However, due to Absolute Beginning’s Soul Consciousness’ restriction on her soul altar, she couldn’t use her power. It gave Desolate the chance to absorb her blood.

When the Life Soul Tree had a strange commotion, Desolate was struck dumb, but then understood the situation instantly.

Desolate was extremely calm. As soon as he found out what was wrong, he didn’t say anything but twisted his body. Just like a dragon soaring up into the sky, he pierced back to the tier of power Upanishads above them.

“Don’t dream of escaping!”

Shi Yan hissed ear-piercingly. But as soon as he stepped out, a flow of more terrifying Soul Consciousness struck him. This time, the invasion was like countless lightning dragons intruding his immense Sea of Consciousness, wreaking havoc in it.

Shi Yan clutched his head while crying and howling; his giant body trembled as if he was about to fall.

“No! Not good! His consciousness has become stronger. He’ll be recovering soon! As long as he wakes up, unimaginable catastrophes will happen to every creature in this world including me!”

“Why? Why he does he have to help Desolate, Sauron, and Yuan? Why does he have to gift them power so as they can counterattack me? Why? Why?”

“Because except me, no matter who advances from the Territory Ancestor Realm to the next realm, he will awaken!” His Evil clone sent him a thought.

As soon as this thought emerged, the endless darkness vanished. A massive black hole was swallowing Yuan little by little while Sauron was confined inside a condensed water drop, which was filled with horrible corrosive power.

Sauron was being eroded with each passing second. Death would be his final result, and he couldn’t escape anymore.

Yuan was also an Absolute Beginning creature, a piece of Absolute Beginning’s memory, and his soul had Absolute Beginning’s mark. Shi Yan’s Evil clone had turned into a black hole that was using the magical ability of the Devouring Power Upanishad to suck his Absolute Beginning blood essence. Instantly, it turned into Shi Yan’s blood...

During the devouring and refining process of the Absolute Beginning blood essence, Yuan’s pieces of memory had entered the Evil clone’s head and combined with his memory. With that, a great mystery was slowly revealed.

Desolate, Devour, Yuan, and Zi Yao had gone through bloodshed during Absolute Beginning Era and collected the Absolute Beginning blood essence, with which, their life form evolved, approaching Absolute Beginning’s real body. These four existences were parts of Absolute Beginning, created by his incomplete body and soul.

The killing game between them would come to an end with the final champion.

No matter who was the one that stood to the last moment, that one would get the blood essence from the other three to develop the life form to the acme, which would help him or her break the shackles of the Territory Ancestor Realm!

Unfortunately, when it came to that moment, it was also the time every one of them would have to perish completely.

As their blood became perfect without any flaw, they would reach Absolute Beginning’s level, which meant they would awaken Absolute Beginning!

Their incomplete self with errors in their blood and soul would make them themselves. But once their blood was complete and all of Absolute Beginning blood essence was gathered together, they wouldn’t be themselves anymore. They would become Absolute Beginning! It was also the time Absolute Beginning would have completely awakened!