Chapter 1615: Awakening

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Shi Yan held Mei Ji and backed off from Absolute Beginning’s soul pond while trying his best to resist the soul invasion in his brain.

A flow of Soul Consciousness that was as strong as a massive lightning bolt twisted in his Sea of Consciousness, carrying an unimaginably magical power that dispersed Shi Yan’s wisps of Soul Consciousness like a wind blowing away some smoke.

That terrifying flow of consciousness slowly approached his soul pond to destroy it.

Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness gathered, creating a star shield, space barriers, and using the immense life energy to resist that lightning bolt. He had created layers of barriers, restrictions, and formations to stop that attack. At the same time, the Evil clone was using the Devouring power Upanishad, opening a massive black hole to swallow Sauron and Yuan.

At that moment, Desolate couldn’t move, his cold eyes glaring at Shi Yan’s two clones. Zi Yao looked anxious as she wanted to help the latter; but as she was controlled by the power of natural rule and principle, she couldn’t use her power and help him escape.



Sauron cried hoarsely, his body cracking and bleeding terrifyingly, his face grimaced. The Roulette of Fate underneath him turned into a ring one more time, which he grabbed and slid on his finger. While shivering, he was about to urge the power of fate when his soul trembled hard all of a sudden. Flows of pure, sweet energy flowed like rivers into his Sea of Consciousness, and the massive consciousness that had controlled him disappeared.

The power of the Power Upanishad Origin he had taken and the soul pond in his Sea of Consciousness were rocketed instantly!

Sauron’s power was increasing several times at an amazing speed!


The Evil clone screamed in fear while squinting as bloody islands flew out of his glabella. The sinister, bloodthirsty aura was emitted rumblingly, filling the void as the eight evil powers were urged.



Sauron made some magical hand seals, pushing hard on a page of the Scriptures of Fate and pressing on Yuan’s gray string of fate.

The exhausted Yuan had also been released from the attack of the consciousness. At that moment, he was gifted with a mysterious power just like Sauron that he couldn’t explain.

As Yuan’s power was increased, he got the spirit and hope to control the situation.


Although Desolate and Zi Yao couldn’t move, they still got the situation. They cried, and their eyes immediately went to the soul pond. They were sensitive enough to recognize that the Absolute Beginning’s soul pond was smaller. It seemed like some of the pure soul fluid was gone, which had resized the pond.


Linking it to Sauron and Yuan suddenly having their power skyrocket, they knew where the energy had gone almost immediately. But, why did Absolute Beginning want to help Sauron and Yuan?

To help Sauron and Yuan resist Shi Yan?

That was it!


Yuan faced the sky, roaring indignantly while his human body was swelling like an inflating balloon. Soon, he had turned into his Absolute Beginning form of a turtle with a serpent head. As soon as his true form emerged, the power of the Water Power Upanishad Origin was released. Right in front of the black hole cast by the Evil clone, a deep rolling sea was created.

The sea seethed with high waves, and the seawater here was Yuan’s God power and soul power, which was the purest form of energy and had a tenacious defensive ability.

Sauron’s power was also advanced. Holding the Scriptures of Fate and stepping on the Roulette of Fate, his face was cold and dark as he spoke. “Why did you attack us?”

“You’re easy to kill...”

The Evil clone grinned fiendishly as a brutal and murderous aura shot up into the sky, seeming like it could bury the good thoughts of billions of creatures. This brutal, overbearing aura was even one level higher than Devour’s!

“Haha, do you think you can stop me?” The Evil clone screamed, also transforming into the Absolute Beginning body in a blink. It was a giant body which was similar to the host body with scale armor; sharp and tough spikes on the shoulders, elbows, and knees; saber-like fingernails; and broad bone wings...

However, the body the Evil clone had created had blood-red hair, each hair as big as an arm. With a closer look, they looked like tens of thousands of bizarre tentacles that wiggled in the air with the terrifying aura of death, despair, and destruction. It imitated Devour’s body, indeed.

On top of that, this Absolute Beginning body had black skin and blood-dripping eyes. The murderous aura from him seemed able to represent all devils, demons, and monsters in this world, looking extremely malicious!

It was completely different from the host body!


Yuan’s sea created by his Water power Upanishad was torn apart as if it was a sheet of fabric. The Evil clone with saber-like fingernails strode with a demonic and monstrous Qi. Wherever he went past, all the light was swallowed and replaced by the thick darkness, where people couldn’t even see their own fingers.

Yuan and Sauron were swallowed by the endless darkness immediately. They didn’t see a beam of light, and their Soul Consciousness felt like they were wandering in a jet black sea that hindered all of their senses.

This Evil clone had swallowed Devour and obtained the Devouring Power Upanishad Origin together with the Evil Heart. He had actually collected all the evil and cruel fixations in this world; and now, he was the King of the devils, the ancestor of Evil Gods, the precursor of giant monsters who had condensed all the evil thoughts, the malignant inner worlds; desires of killing, frenzy, and fear from all creatures...

“Even if Absolute Beginning helps you, you can’t do anything. You can’t run away!” Shi Yan’s Evil clone’s harsh and crazy laughter arose in the endless darkness, which reverberated in the minds of every creature in the cosmos.

In the big territories out there, many warriors were at their critical moment of breaking through to the next realm. All of a sudden, they heard evil sounds that invaded their souls. They then fell into bedevilment; some even had their soul altar exploding to death.

Many spirit animals that were naive in their nature suddenly burst out crazily, their bloodthirsty instinct triggered. On many planets, the animals began to attack each other as if they were all in a frenzy.

Even the modest mortals felt hot-tempered and heavy, wanting to vent their evil heart out.

Shi Yan’s Evil clone’s laughter arose from this place to every part of the universe, affecting the feelings of countless creatures by releasing the inner demons inside each of them. The higher realm the warriors had, the stronger the effects on them were. Many Incipient God Realm experts were shaken hard; after vomiting blood, they had to try their best to calm down and refine the evil thought in their heads.


Meanwhile, Shi Yan’s host body had finally brought Mei Ji away from the soul pond. As they were far enough from the pond, she slowly regained her consciousness.

“I won’t cause more trouble for you.”

After Mei Ji got her cognition back, she frowned, trying to urge her icy power. Layers of ice covered her body entirely, creating a massive glacier.

She had used the glacier to seal herself, her soul altar frozen as well.

If someone could get into her head, they would see her entire Sea of Consciousness, soul pond, the tier of Power Upanishad, her territory, and her soul all being frozen. This self-sealing was the strongest defense of the Ice power Upanishad—the Absolute Freezing.

With that, a bone-chilling cold emitted from her. Shi Yan was surprised at first, but then appraised her for her intelligence.

He immediately left Mei Ji, as he needed to get into that endless darkness and gather with his clone. He had to swallow and refine Sauron and Yuan first.

As he was walking, his body grew into the Absolute Beginning body, which was similar to the other clone. However, this body was surrounded by righteousness, without an evil tinge.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

All of a sudden, Desolate’s motionless body cracked under Absolute Beginning’s tough consciousness control, also finishing his transformation amidst screams and cries. With that, he became the ancient brutal dragon once again. However, he looked frightened when he lifted his head to look at the sky, his dragon body quivering.

A crystal clear stream gushed from Absolute Beginning’s soul pond, drawing a graceful curve in the sky and directly running toward Desolate’s dragon head.

Just like that, it intruded the soul pond in his Sea of Consciousness!

A mysterious energy of the primitive Origin mingled with his soul pond and transformed him in a way he couldn’t describe. His body, soul, and spirit were all transformed magically. It was a wonderful feeling that made him almost cry.

He finally knew why Sauron and Yuan could have their energy skyrocket!

It was a gift from Absolute Beginning!

Desolate finally understood the situation. As Absolute Beginning knew that he couldn’t force Desolate, Sauron, and Yuan to get into the soul pond, and now Shi Yan’s Evil clone was here, Absolute Beginning had to implement a new plan to prevent Shi Yan from swallowing them.

Absolute Beginning wanted to use Desolate, Yuan, and Sauron to fight Shi Yan.

At that moment, Mei Ji had frozen herself, using the ultimate defending technique of her Ice power Upanishad to seal herself. For the time being, she wasn’t affected.

In this condition, even if Desolate wanted to kill her, it would take a lot of time and effort.

Zi Yao was still fighting against Absolute Beginning mentally. Absolute Beginning’s consciousness had released Sauron, Desolate, and Yuan, and even gave them a mysterious energy. At this moment, Absolute Beginning only controlled Hui, who couldn’t even wiggle right now.

Absolute Beginning clearly understood that once Zi Yao got rid of the restriction, she would stand on Shi Yan’s side.

Shi Yan left Mei Ji and noticed Zi Yao being alright for the time being, so he didn’t mind her much. He decided to help his Evil clone in destroying Sauron and Yuan. Freeing Desolate was Absolute Beginning’s attack on him.

However, nothing was absolute. Even if Absolute Beginning was the ancestor of every creature, the origin of all species, his calculation couldn’t be perfect...

“Harrumph! Do you want me to work for you? Do you want to control my fate? In your dreams!” Desolate pulled a cold face, grinning oddly.

He didn’t attack Shi Yan, but waited until the latter had walked into the endless darkness to take action as he furiously attacked Zi Yao!

“As long as I get your Absolute Beginning essence blood, I can take that step to reach the final realm!”

Desolate became a giant dragon, opening his blood-red mouth. Seizing the chance when Zi Yao was struggling against Absolute Beginning’s power and Shi Yan had gone to help his Evil clone, he swallowed Zi Yao.