Chapter 1617: Endless sorrow

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Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Sauron screamed pathetically in the erosive fluid as his body was melted, his face festering.

Although Sauron and Yuan had received energy from Absolute Beginning, they had already been wounded seriously in the previous fight. Sauron had used Yuan as his flesh shield, and Shi Yan had seized the chance to eat him. Thus, Absolute Beginning’s energy couldn’t restore Yuan to his peak condition.

To control Desolate’s fate, Sauron had had half of his fingers broken. Since his fingers were the center of his Fate power Upanishad, each of the broken fingers was actually a fatal attack to him. At this moment, his God power was almost drained.

Quite the contrary, Shi Yan’s Evil clone had not only gotten Devour, but also the Evil Heart. He was in his peak condition, indeed. Devour alone was enough to kill Yuan when the other was in his peak state. And now, with Shi Yan’s power, it wasn’t a problem to cope with the fallen Sauron and wounded Yuan.


Gradually, Sauron was melted completely. The Evil clone rose one hand to grab, and he turned into a jet of pure light, entering the clone’s acupuncture points.

Yuan’s giant Absolute Beginning body was swallowed and refined quickly as well. Shi Yan’s clone got the refined Absolute Beginning blood essence, mingling it with his blood. As soon as the blood got into him, pieces of memory were gathered. At this moment, Shi Yan understood this mysterious world even more.

He saw the true past... Shi Yan clutched his head and screamed while soaring up into the sky. He didn’t mind Absolute Beginning’s soul suppression, trying to chase after Desolate and rescue Zi Yao from Desolate’s stomach.

“Get in!”

The Evil clone looked pensive for a while before turning into a jet of demonic flame, flying up into the sky. The black flame expanded furiously, together with the devouring black hole as it covered half of Yuan’s body. Then, Shi Yan and his clone left the Sea of Consciousness, flying up into the upper tier to chase after Desolate.

Desolate’s giant dragon body shook as he wanted to refine Zi Yao’s blood faster. At this moment, Zi Yao’s twelve-headed snake was under the attack of many types of exploding energies. The Absolute Beginning symbols of Desolate’s Extreme Greatest Extinguishing Technique covered her. Sections of the heavenly snake broke, with blood gushing rampantly!


“Crack it!”

Shi Yan roared, creating massive space sabers. The middle section of Desolate’s dragon body suddenly had a deep and narrow gash as if it was cut by a space mirror.

“Get out here!”

The Evil clone arrived as well, sucking at the gash. A stream of blood with pieces of meat and broken veins gushed like a river from the sky, rolling Zi Yao’s human clone out.

“It’s too late...” Zi Yao was aghast as she turned around to look at Desolate’s giant body. “He has extracted the blood essence from my body, and I can feel his energy rising. My Absolute Beginning blood essence will perfect his body to the ultimate level, I guess.”

“It’s good that your soul won’t perish. Even if your soul was taken, turning into images of memory in Absolute Beginning’s Sea of Consciousness, I would still can resurrect you!”


Shi Yan raised a hand to cover Zi Yao’s body, then opened his immense territory and placed her in there.

He turned to look at the glacier and Mei Ji within it, and did the same to her. He grabbed the entire glacier and placed it into the territory above his head.

He understood it now.

As long as they were in this universe, Zi Yao and Mei Ji were affected by Absolute Beginning’s spirit and consciousness. Being the creatures that were born in this world, they had Absolute Beginning’s mark on them. Zi Yao and Mei Ji thus couldn’t resist this power, and would lose themselves eventually.

Moreover, Zi Yao’s body was merged with Desolate’s body, and Zi Yao’s human body couldn’t help her much. At the same time, Mei Ji was just at the Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, and she was still weak even though she had obtained the Ice Power Upanishad Origin. If he didn’t find them shelter, they would become burden for him in the fight with Desolate.

Between the heaven and earth, in this vast sea of stars, the only truly safe place was Shi Yan’s territory!

It was a brand new and completely independent!

It was the world that Absolute Beginning couldn’t touch or send his consciousness within to explore. In that world, Shi Yan was the rule-maker, the ancestor of everything!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Stashing away Zi Yao and Mei Ji’s glacier, Shi Yan pulled a stern face. The Evil clone grinned, dashing and fusing into Shi Yan’s body like a blood shadow.

Rumble! Rumble! Boom! Boom!

The apocalyptic energy arose from that Absolute Beginning body. As he had obtained the blood essence from the Evil clone, more pieces of memory came to him...

It was Absolute Beginning’s memory, the soul seal that was mended!

“Yeah, the rumor about the Absolute Beginning Era is true. He has left seeds to revive himself...” As so many pieces of memory were put together along with the marvelous Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan had a great experience as if he had traveled through time to witness the mysteries of the Absolute Beginning Era billions of years ago.

“Power! Endless power! Perfect blood and body!”

Almost at the same time, Desolate was shaken hard. After he got Hui’s blood essence and had absorbed it, his energy had increased sharply. At the same time, from the combination of memory, he knew many secrets in that ancient time...”It is so... It is so...”

Desolate’s eyes suddenly had a gleam of sorrow.

“Did you see it?”

Shi Yan was now a completely new person. After the Evil clone had returned to his host body, he had grown twice as big. The brutal energy from him was so formidable that he could destroy an entire territory with billions of creatures in it with one thought. This kind of an invincible aura was really earth-shaking!

Shi Yan grinned while the demonic clouds above his head gathered into many mysterious and silent black holes. However, those black holes seemed extremely mighty, as if they could swallow the world entirely. Abruptly, a powerful suction force arose.

In Absolute Beginning’s Sea of Consciousness underneath, Absolute Beginning’s Soul Consciousness moved like gray vortexes of dust, which were created by the memories and Soul Consciousness of the deceased creatures. Shi Yan’s black holes sucked them like a giant whale sucking water before refining them.

Strangely, Desolate’s giant dragon body hovered in the void, just watching Shi Yan swallow Absolute Beginning’s Sea of Consciousness. He didn’t do anything, his eyes bewildered. He seemed to be struggling hard inwardly.

Just like Shi Yan, after he got the blood essence, he knew the answer of the riddle of life and saw the unsatisfactory reality.

During the Absolute Beginning Era, there was a rumor that after one had gathered all the blood essence, he could advance beyond the Territory Ancestor Realm—the Ultimate Realm. That rumor came from Absolute Beginning himself—a wisp of his undying, scattered Soul Consciousness that went to each Absolute Beginning creature...

It was also the step of his plan to awaken in the future. It was Absolute Beginning’s primary idea to guide the Absolute Beginning creatures into killing each other to obtain all of the Absolute Beginning blood essence.

During the Absolute Beginning Era, as the creatures died, their memories and Soul Consciousness would return to Absolute Beginning’s Sea of consciousness. When the creatures in Absolute Beginning Era were killed, Absolute Beginning’s scattered soul slowly gathered. At that time, the great formation he had prepared in his Sea of Consciousness would be activated to wake him up.

After one more Absolute Beginning creature died, Absolute Beginning’s soul would receive one more wisp. And when it had collected a certain amount, Absolute Beginning would be awakened.

However, this kind of awakening was only in terms of his soul...

In the battle between the Absolute Beginning creatures, Absolute Beginning’s blood essence would gather and make the survivors’ blood stronger and purer, which would make the survivors more intimidating!

If Desolate, Devour, and Hui hadn’t fought each other so much that they were all wounded terribly and had to stay dormant for a long time, and if they had had a final champion; whoever it was—Desolate, Devour, or Hui— he or she could have had a chance to take all of the Absolute Beginning blood essence. That would have recovered Absolute Beginning’s body.

With that would complete his body’s awakening...

Whether it was the soul or the body, as long as it had been completed, Absolute Beginning would wake up and control the world, giving way to the doomsday for all of the powerful creatures!

Unfortunately, he had calculated a lot but missed the case where Desolate, Hui, and Devour all failed. Moreover, he hadn’t calculated the presence of a coward like Yuan who didn’t join the last battle.

In the end, the Absolute Beginning Era ended without a final champion, and Absolute Beginning’s body hadn’t been gathered. Since the lucky survivors like Desolate, Devour, Hui, Yuan, and Lizard were all strong soul fragments of Absolute Beginning, their survival had hindered his soul from gathering enough to activate the formation that would wake him up in his Sea of Consciousness.

Consequently, he was forced to stay dormant.

While he was sleeping, pieces of memory and wisps of Soul Consciousness in his Sea of Consciousness had combined with his soul power from the soul pond to create new lives in many stars in the big territories of this cosmos. Then, Absolute Beginning had to lay his hope on the creatures of the new epoch, wishing for them to wake him up.

Just like that, hundreds of millions of years passed in a flash.

The experts that had entered the Absolute Beginning Gateway were killed, and the great cosmic war finished so many creatures, which helped Absolute Beginning’s Sea of Consciousness to gather more remnants of his soul. Han Tian, Rupert, Serene Prison and many were dead, their souls returning to his Sea of Consciousness. Since Yuan had also ambushed and killed Lizard, Absolute Beginning had gathered a lot of wisps of his soul already...

The Devouring Clan originated from Devour; the destruction of the Devouring Clan and Shi Yan swallowing Devour had made more souls return to his Sea of Consciousness. Finally, Absolute Beginning had achieved the condition of waking up.

A wisp of his consciousness had awakened, which was why the experts had to endure the mental invasion...

And now, Desolate had obtained Hui’s blood essence. But, through the combination of the pieces of memory, Desolate realized Absolute Beginning’s plan, thus feeling bewildered and sorrowful.

He finally saw it...

At the moment he killed Shi Yan and got all of the Absolute Beginning blood essence to enter the ultimate realm he had spent his entire life pursuing, it would also be the moment he would lose himself forever, being replaced by Absolute Beginning!

It was Desolate’s fate that he couldn’t change; it was also the fate of all creatures in this world. No one could change it. He couldn’t...Devour couldn’t...neither could Yuan...No one could escape this fate!

Only Shi Yan could...

Anyway, what could he do even if he could foresee his fate?

He didn’t have the power to resist. He didn’t have anything to counter. It was a sorrow that drowned him in desperation.

Desolate had to try his best to cope with Shi Yan. If he lost, he would be swallowed by Shi Yan, becoming a part of him. If he won, he would enter the ultimate realm with all the blood essence, and would have to lose himself and become Absolute Beginning.

Whether he won or not, there was only death awaiting him.

This all left him baffled.