Half a month later.

Beautiful Island Hotel.

A grand wedding was taking place.

The bridegroom was the president of the Huo Group, Huo Jianji. The bride was the legendary Cinderella, He Meixin.

Under the introduction of the master of ceremonies, She Meixin, who was wearing a white wedding dress, walked up the stage gracefully, holding her father’s hand.

Huojiao stood in the middle of the stage, waiting for his bride.

Below the stage, the guests were earnestly paying their respects. Luo Qingyun and Su Chenhao, together with their children, sat in the front row of the VIP seats. Like a small adult, they held small cameras and were shooting the wedding.


"That’s great. Her beautiful heart has finally found her home. I don’t need to worry about her in the future." Luo Qingyun leaned her head against Su Chen Hao’s shoulder, her eyes flashing with joy.

"Then can you give me a fourth child in the future?" Su Chen Hao whispered into her ear.

When Luo Qingyun heard this, her face instantly flushed red. With a face full of rebuke, she punched his chest with her fist: "You want me to give birth to a fourth? Do you take me to be a female pig?"

Su Chen Hao grabbed her fist and kissed it, "Idiot, I just think that we have such good genes. It’s a pity that we won’t have any more children."

Luo Qingyun was amused by his words, "You made yourself sound great, but if you want to give birth to yourself, I won’t."

"Why isn’t it happening anymore?" Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out from beside them. Luo Qingyun turned around and saw Huo Xiwen walking towards them with a big belly. With Fu Muyun’s support, she walked in front of them.


Xi Wen, why have you only arrived now? I thought you couldn’t come. " When Luo Qingyun saw Huo XIwen, there was no need to mention how happy she was. She immediately went forward to hug her and carefully pulled her to a chair next to her.

"How could I not come to such a marriage? Even if my beautiful heart can forgive me, my brother will not let me go." Huo Xiwen smiled. Being pregnant, her figure had grown quite a bit, but she was still as beautiful as ever. Leaning on Fu Muyun’s body, he had a face full of happiness.

"Mister Fu, it seems that you have taken good care of Xi Wen." She Meixin quipped at this moment.

"We take care of each other. Xiwen even knows how to cook now." Fu Muyun said with a smile.

"What?" You think our stupid girl can cook? " At this time, after the ceremony was over, the bridegroom, who had changed his clothes, brought the bride down to toast the guests. When he heard Fu Muyun’s words, his face was filled with disbelief.

"Brother, what are you talking about?" I’m not stupid. "You’re the one who’s stupid. You’re the one who’s married her home." Huo XIwen retorted with a dissatisfied look on his face.


"Xi Wen, your stomach is already so big, why are you still rushing over to attend the wedding? Aren’t you afraid of having your child born on a plane?" He Meixin was very happy to see Huo XIwen. Seeing her bulging stomach, she couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for it.

"Don’t worry, we came back on a private plane with a paramedic, a midwife, and a doctor. It doesn’t matter if it was born on the plane. " Huo XIwen said with a beaming smile.

At this time, Huo Jiabao glanced at Fu Muyun, "You’re thinking very carefully. It seems that XIwen has suffered so much for you, experienced so much, and chosen the right person."

"Of course I wouldn’t choose the wrong person. I’m so smart." Huo XIwen said as he held onto Fu Muyun’s arm with a proud expression.

Everyone was laughing, and the atmosphere was especially warm.

The bride and groom went to respectively toasts to the other guests. Luo Qingyun took care of the children and ate. At this moment, her gaze inadvertently fell on a corner of the venue and saw a familiar figure.

Su Chen saw that she was a bit stunned. He followed her gaze and only saw the back of her figure.

"Green Light World’s Wu Wei?" he asked.

Luo Qingyun came back to her senses and nodded with a regretful expression: "He also used her heart for beauty, it’s just that the two of them are not fated to be together. "Ai ..."

"In this world, not everyone can be together with the person they love. There are many people who might not even be able to meet the person they love in their entire lives." Su Chen Hao also sighed.

"Yeah, thinking about it like this, although we experienced a lot before, we were still very lucky." Luo Qingyun somewhat sorrowfully wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes, then turned her head towards the three rows of children who were obediently eating their food: "I hope that the children can continue our luck in the future."

"Let’s talk about this fourth child. Our family has three children, and only has one girl, Yuan Yuan. She doesn’t have any playmates, so shouldn’t we find her a playmate?" At this time, Su Chen Hao began to trick Luo Qingyun into giving birth to his child.

"Who says there aren’t any? Ru Meng can play with her. Moreover, Ru Meng is so smart, our family’s Yuan Yuan will definitely become smarter when she is around. " Luo Qingyun immediately asked.

Upon hearing Mommy’s words, Little Yuan Yuan immediately frowned. He looked at her angrily and emphasized, "Mommy, Yuan Yuan is very smart."

"Yes, yes, yes, our Yuan Yuan is the smartest." Luo Qingyun hurriedly said.

"Aiya ..." At this moment, a loud shout was suddenly heard.

Luo Qingyun immediately looked towards Huo XIwen, who was sitting beside her. She lowered her head and looked at her stomach with a pained expression on her face: "Mu Yun, quick, quick, I ... I have to go to the bathroom. "

"Going to the toilet?" When Fu Muyun heard this, she immediately picked her up and prepared to go to the bathroom.

Luo Qingyun quickly said, "She’s not going to the toilet, she’s going to have a baby." "Hurry, to the hospital."

At that moment, the venue was in a state of chaos. A group of people made their way to the hospital, with the children and children heading towards the hospital in a grandiose manner.

From time to time, Huo XIwen’s exaggerated yelling could be heard coming out of the delivery room.

Huo Jiabao, who was still wearing the groom’s dress, was so anxious that he turned around at the door, "No, Xwen is too much suffering to let her continue living. I’m going in to help her. "

Seeing that, He Mei Xin pulled him back: "Are you crazy? How can you not give birth to half of it? "Don’t worry, Fu Muyun is inside accompanying us. There are so many doctors and nurses escorting us, it’s fine."

"Don’t mention Fu Muyun, it’s all his fault. She caused that stupid little sister of mine to suffer. Just look at how I’ll take care of him later." Huo Jiabao felt indignant in her heart.

"You take care of him, then how should I take care of you? Back then, you made our family happy to have their own children abroad. Now, it’s his little sister who knows how to feel heartache? " Luo Qingyun took the opportunity to teach him.

One must know, she had been holding back her words and never had the chance to say them. Today, she finally found a chance.

"I... "I didn’t know that at that time ..." In the end, Huo Jiuzi owed He Mei a lot. His previously arrogant attitude immediately disappeared, and his voice also became softer.

"Alright, alright. The past is all in the past. It’s enough for us to have a good time together. Let’s not talk about unhappy things anymore." He Meixin quickly replied.

At this time, the screams in the delivery room had already stopped. The door of the operation room opened and Fu Muyun walked out with a child in each of her hands, her face filled with joy. "A boy, a girl.

"I’ll do it, I’ll do it ..." As a result, everyone swarmed forward again, and a joyful atmosphere spread throughout the obstetrics department.

In the sky, in the first-class cabin of the Zurich plane, a man and a woman sat with their fingers clasped together.

"Zhou Yi, won’t you regret abandoning the company and leaving Y City with me?" Jiang Zhixin narrowed his eyes and asked the man beside his in a low voice.

"If I don’t take you away now and continue guarding the company as a profitable machine, then that will be the decision I’ll make to regret ..." Zhou Yi’s hand held the other’s hand tightly. Under the light, the pink diamond ring on his ring finger looked particularly dazzling.