In the neighboring room.

Bao Qingwen was dragged into the room by a bunch of burly men, and saw a man sitting on the sofa.

He was sure that he didn’t know the man in front of him, so when he walked up to him, he spoke first. "Big brother, I don’t seem to know you, do I?"

The man looked him up and down, then saw that there was still a trace of alcohol on his face. He said to the man in a suit beside him, "Help him sober up first."

So he was dragged into the bathroom, pressed into the sink, and washed. Now, he was completely awake.

When he was brought before that man again, he immediately kneeled down without a second word. "This big brother, I don’t know how I offended you. If you have something to say, just say it properly. Don’t do it."

"Very good, this attitude is right." Huo Jiabao looked at Bao Qingwen, whose hair and face were dripping wet with fear.


According to his investigation, the man in front of him was Tian Yu Fei’s first boyfriend. He was also the one who had been secretly contacting her all these years.

"Big brother, how did I offend you? "I don’t remember that I know you. Is there any misunderstanding between us?" At this time, Bao Qingwen carefully raised his head and said weakly.

"What is your relationship with Tian Yu Fei?" Huo Jiabao asked.

"Tian Yu Fei? Did she ask you to come to me? This bitch, she wants to turn hostile, doesn’t she? " The moment Bao Qingwen heard Tian Yu Fei’s name, he flew into a rage.

Huo Jiabao felt that there was a hidden meaning in his words, and immediately asked, "You said she doesn’t recognize anyone? "Why do you say that?"

"What is it? Am I wrong? Go back and tell her that she wants to use my seed money to swindle old man Huo. I don’t care about that, but the ten million I want, she can’t even think of losing a dime. "If she dares to not give me the money, I’ll leak the news tomorrow. I want to see how she will continue to hang around in the entertainment circle in the future." Bao Qingwen was holding onto Tian Yufei’s weakness, so he was no longer afraid of the Huo family’s treasure in front of him.


In his opinion, Huo Jiu was just one of the people Tian Yufei had sent to intimidate him.

Huo Jiajia’s face lit up when he heard this. "Are you saying that the child in her womb is yours?"

Bao Qing Wen also felt that something was amiss with Huo Ying. He immediately became alert: "Are you not someone Tian Yu Fei sent? That’s true, you don’t look like an ordinary hoodlum either. Are you her financial backer? I really didn’t expect this woman to be so charming, tricking all of us men. How about it? Didn’t Tian Yu Fei tell you that the child in her womb belongs to you? "

"Don’t worry about that. Just tell me if the child in her womb is yours or not." Huo Jiabao said.

Bao Qingwen understood now that Huo Jiabao wouldn’t really do anything to him, and the expression on his face gradually relaxed, "It’s mine, but if you ask her, she definitely won’t admit it."

"If you have a way to prove that the child in her womb is yours, and if you blow the news out to the outside world, the money will go to you."


Bao Qingwen looked at the numbers on the cheque and counted them carefully. His eyes glowed with a green light, "Sure, no problem. I have a way to prove it."

"I’d like to see the results by noon tomorrow. "When the time comes, you can take this cheque and get your reward." As he spoke, Huo Jiabao stuffed the cheque into his hand, stood up, and left.

Bao Qingwen carefully kept the cheque and was immediately overjoyed. He no longer had the mood to continue drinking. He quickly left the nightclub and rushed home.

The next day, early in the morning.

In a certain high-class district, in Tian Yu Fei’s house.

Hollinger got out of bed and went to the dining room. A servant brought him his breakfast.

As he ate his breakfast, he turned on his cell phone and browsed through the latest current affairs news.

Tian Yu Fei, who was wearing a beautiful silk nightdress, sleepily walked out of the bedroom. When she came to him, she reached out her hand to wrap it around his neck and put her face against his, "Darling, why are you up so early?"

While looking at his phone, a popular news article suddenly popped up on his phone. The title was "A certain famous little flower in the circle getting pregnant first", and the accompanying photo was an art photo of Tian Yufei.

He immediately opened it to take a look, and his complexion turned worse and worse.

"Darling, I’m asking you something. Why aren’t you paying attention to me?" Tian Yufei was acting coquettishly, but when she realized that Huo Ling Zhi was ignoring her, she couldn’t help but raise her head. When she saw his phone, she instantly froze and her face turned pale.

After he finished reading the news, he also recorded the conversation of the reporter who had called the informant. The contents of the conversation explained her identity as Tian Yu Fei’s first love boyfriend, and also said that they had always maintained a relationship as lovers, but that their relationship had turned from public to a secret. She also expressed her joy at being a father for the first time, but Tian Yufei was so vain that she didn’t want her child to have anything to do with him, so she kept the news to herself.

In short, the recording basically confirmed Tian Yufei’s pregnancy news.

"No ..." No... This isn’t true, Lin Zhi. He’s lying, don’t believe him. The child in my stomach is yours. " Tian Yu Fei took a few steps back and explained when she saw Huo Ling Zhi’s livid gaze that seemed like he wanted to kill someone.

"You still want to lie to me when things are like this?" Huo Ling Zhi had been running around the mall for many years, so he was no fool. He could quickly differentiate between the truth and lies.

"No ..." "I don’t have any. I only have you in my heart, and the person I’ve always loved is you." Tian Yu Fei still wanted to show her sincerity.

Who knew that Huo Linzhi didn’t believe her at all. He raised his hand and viciously slapped her face, "Do you know that I hate people who lie to me the most in my entire life? I spent so much money for you, and you pay me back in this way. "

Tian Yu Fei lost her balance from his slap and fell to the ground.

Without caring about the pain, she climbed up to Huo Ling Zhi’s feet and hugged his leg. "Lin Zhi, believe me, I really didn’t do anything that would let you down. It’s Jiang Zhixin. It must be her. She’s jealous that my resources are getting better and better. She wants to suppress me so that you won’t help me anymore ... That must be it. "

Huo Ling Zhi bent his body and grabbed her hands with both of his hands, forcefully pulling her hands away from his legs. He looked down at her and said in a cold voice, "Do you know that there is a technique that allows a child to identify their biological father even if they are still in your stomach? You insist on saying that someone harmed you, but do you dare to go to the hospital for an examination? "

"I ..." Of course, Tian Yu Fei did not dare go. Her tears kept flowing and she knew that this time, she was really done for.

Huo Ling Zhi saw her guilty conscience and knew that she had lied to him. He hardened his heart and kicked her to the ground. "Bitch, don’t ever appear in front of me again."

After he finished, he turned around and left with a determined look on his face.