Chapter 855: You’re super sweet (75)


It wasn’t an illusion.

The last scene wasn’t an illusion…It was Fang zhihan!

It really was Fang zhihan.

Yu Gangan smiled and glanced at the sleeping little Lele. She then slowly closed her eyes and let her body relax.



After little Lele was stolen, Lin Jiayu didn’t have a Day of Peace. She sat on the sofa and hugged something that little Lele had used in a daze, as if her soul had been separated from her body.

She felt that it was all her fault.

It was all her fault for not taking care of little Lele and harming Gangan. She didn’t know how they were doing.

No matter who it was, if they could not return in one piece, she should die to atone for her sins.

After all, ever since little Lele and Yu Gangan were kidnapped, Lin Jiayu didn’t even drink a sip of water as if she was punishing herself.

The phone on the coffee table suddenly rang.

Lin Jiayu snapped out of her daze and immediately pounced over to grab the phone.

Lu xuechen’s name appeared on the screen. Lin Jiayu quickly picked up the call, but she couldn’t say a word. Her body couldn’t help but tremble,”“………”

He wanted to ask about Yu Gangan and little Lele, but he was afraid that he would get an answer he didn’t want.

Lu xuechen knew that she was anxious and upset, so before she could say anything, he immediately said,””I found them. They’re all fine. Our son is fine, and the dried fish is fine. They’re all fine.”

‘I’m fine!

Little Lele and Yu Gangan were fine.

Lin Jiayu was stunned for a moment before she suddenly burst into tears without warning.

“What’s wrong?” Lu xuechen was shocked.

As Lin Jiayu cried her heart out, she gasped and said,””It’s fine. My son and Gangan are fine. I’m fine too.”

Lu xuechen immediately knew that she was crying tears of joy, but her tears were a little exaggerated. He smiled helplessly,””I’ll bring our son home immediately. ”

“Yes.” Lin Jiayu responded and continued to cry.

Lu xuechen did not hang up the phone as he continued to listen.

It was probably because mother and son were connected. Even through the phone, little Lele could feel her mother’s sadness and joy. Little Lele woke up and cried.

After hearing her son’s cries, Lin Jiayu finally stopped crying and asked,””What’s wrong with our son?”

“The little brat is awake and crying. He must be hungry. I’ll coax him.” There was no food in his hands. He just coaxed her, but even so, he did not hang up the phone.

Even through the phone, Lin Jiayu could feel Lu xuechen’s love for the child. So, she suddenly shouted,”Lu xuechen.”

Lu xuechen smiled at his son and responded with a “yes.”

“Tomorrow … Let’s move back home.”

“Oh.” Lu xuechen casually replied. He was stunned for a moment before he raised his voice,””What?”

“Forget it if you didn’t hear me.”

“I heard it, I heard it. Honey, I love you!”

Lin Jiayu didn’t respond as she hung up the phone and mumbled with a smile,”I love you too, hubby!

Although their meeting wasn’t wonderful and he had lied to her, she could feel with her heart whether he was sincere and whether he loved her.

Moreover, it was really very tiring to be angry!

She didn’t want to lose someone who loved her in a fit of pique.

She had to cherish the present. She also had to cherish her happiness and what she had.

Cherish every ray of God’s sunlight.

He cherished every important family and friend around him.