Chapter 854: You’re super sweet (74)

Because the front and back of the yacht were different in weight, the stern of the yacht slowly rose.

Yu Gangan’s body tilted and she almost fell,

He had to use almost all his strength to keep himself stable.

What to do?

Why wasn’t Fang zhihan here yet?

The night seemed to have faded, and dawn seemed to be coming, but she was getting closer and closer to death.


Today was supposed to be her wedding with Fang zhihan.

At this time, she should have gotten up and asked the makeup artist to do her makeup while she waited for Fang zhihan to come over.

She really did not expect that on the day of her wedding … She lowered her eyes and looked at little Lele in her arms.

However, he was still so young and had just come to this world. How could he be buried in the sea with her because of the grudges between the adults?

Half of Yu Gangan’s body was already in the water, so she placed Lele in the basin. As long as the basin didn’t get wet, she should be fine.

She kept praying, hoping that someone would come quickly, someone would come quickly …


However, as time passed, the surroundings remained calm.

The initial nervousness, uneasiness, fear, and fear slowly faded away. Yu Gangan was completely submerged in the water as she struggled to float with the life jacket.

She didn’t know how much time had passed, but the strength in her body was slowly disappearing. Gradually, she felt very tired, so tired that she couldn’t hold the basin anymore, so tired that she couldn’t even open her eyes.

What to do?

Was there really no one who would come to save her and little Lele?

At the very least, he had to save little Lele. He had to at least let her see Fang zhihan before she died.


The scene became blurry, her eyelids were about to close, and her thoughts were slowly drifting away. Yu Gangan felt like she saw a young man running towards her.

“Xiaoyu, are you hungry? brother Jiang will take you to dinner.”

“Xiaoyu, as long As You Like It, I will buy it for you.”

The youngster was wearing a white shirt and had a golden glow around him. He looked like an angel with a Halo. Then, he carried the girl.

The girl wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.”Brother Jiang, I like you.”

“You’re a Big Girl Now. You can’t kiss people randomly in the future. ”

“Brother Jiang is not just anyone. I want to marry brother Jiang when I grow up.” The girl’s hair was tied into two high braids, and her small face was cute and beautiful. Under the sun, she was especially bright and moving, and she kept acting coquettishly towards the teenager.”Alright, alright …”

The youngster’s face was full of love, and she replied a little shyly,””Alright!”

“I knew that brother Jiang is the best to me.”

“Brother Jiang, take me to the amusement park.”

“Brother Jiang, take me to eat spicy sticks.”

“Brother Jiang, I don’t want to be separated from you forever.”

“Brother Jiang, where are we going?”

Would brother Jiang’s grandfather like Xiaoyu?”

“Brother Jiang, will that be our home in the future?”

“Brother Jiang, will you always be with Xiaoyu?”

“I will also always be by brother Jiang’s side, always, always … With brother Jiang around, I will never have to be afraid of bad people again.”

At that moment, Yu Gangan’s mind began to hallucinate as she suddenly remembered a lot of things. Was she going to die?

She heard that when people were about to die, they would remember the things they had forgotten. It was a pity that she couldn’t tell brother Jiang how much she loved him.

However, the young man seemed to have grown up. He was coming toward her quickly, facing the white light from the East, like an angel with big wings flying toward her …