Chapter 640: The Demoness Enjoys Discussing Matters of the Heart

“Have you finished your tea?” Hong Yuye sat in her chair.

At that moment, she was dressed in a red gown. Her long black hair flowed down her back.

Jiang Hao stood nearby. He felt sore all over. The gathering was over, and he needed to inform Hong Yuye of the content of that gathering.

The work here was almost done, and they would be able to leave tomorrow. He had to decide whether he would go to Abyssal Sea or Chaos Stone Island.

“I’ll prepare another pot of tea for you, Senior,” Jiang Hao said respectfully and picked up the teapot.


However, this time it was not the September Spring but just ordinary tea leaves.

It had only cost him 250 spirit stones.

Compared to the September Spring Tea, it was indeed very ordinary. He collected the soaked tea leaves and planned to take them back for the spirit beast to eat. There was no need to waste them.

After the tea was brewed, Hong Yuye took a sip and looked at the man in front of her coldly.

“It seems you’ve grown accustomed to being evasive.”

Jiang Hao was taken aback and said respectfully, “Senior, you must be joking.


It’s just that I haven’t found suitable tea leaves for now.”

“You’re full of lies.” Hong Yuye held her teacup. “Tell me about the gathering.”

Jiang Hao sat down, took out a book, and planned to record the content while talking.

Last night, he had wanted to write everything down, but he spent the whole night working on the screen. Fortunately, after experiencing Hong Yuye’s wrath, he felt much calmer.

He started from the beginning. First, it was the news about the Earth Extreme Silent Pearl. Hong Yuye didn’t show any emotions about the pearl’s presence in the southern region.

Next was the information about the True Dragon. She didn’t care about that either because she was well aware of it.


He briefly mentioned the mission of Xing and Gui.

Finally, he went over the casual discussions they had had.

He gave a detailed account of Nine Nether’s origins. Hong Yuye showed a slight interest in that.

Then, he spoke about the things concerning him. He told her that Liu knew about them.

“The information from the Heavenly Tower is very accurate. Maybe Liu is a member of the Heavenly Tower. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that his people are here,” Jiang Hao said.

Since Chi Tian was here, it made sense that Liu’s people were keeping an eye here.

“Is someone targeting Smiling San Sheng?” Hong Yuye asked.

“Yes.” Jiang Hao nodded. “It might be related to some past issues.”

Hong Yuye looked at Jiang Hao and smiled. “I didn’t see anyone targeting you on Chaos Stone Island. It seems the real Smiling San Sheng isn’t as bold as you.”

“You are right, Senior. I have been too reckless in impersonating him,” Jiang Hao said humbly.

Hong Yuye chuckled and gestured for him to continue.

There wasn’t anything particularly important after that, but Jiang Hao still told her everything sincerely.

to be interested in some things.

“Heavenly King Hai Luo? The one who is willing to give up his position for his beloved?”

“Yes. He is now in the Lawless Tower.”

“Do you think he has other intentions?”

“Other intentions?”

“Such as abandoning his status as a Heavenly King to gain insight into the heavenly path.”


Jiang Hao was stunned. Was there such a possibility?

However, he felt that was unlikely. When he had appraised King Hai Luo, there was no mention of something like that. It was true that the appraisal only showed him immediate information.

What if the Heavenly King was actually heading toward that path? Wouldn’t that mean his troubles were over?

He thought he should go to the Lawless Tower to check. If there was a real breakthrough, it would be difficult to make him obey afterward.

After talking about Heavenly King Hai Luo, Hong Yuye brought up Shang An.

“Did he go after the Charm Goddess?”

“It’s hard to say. Logically, he would have gone west if he wanted the Charm Goddess.’

Jiang Hao didn’t understand Shang An’s plans.

The Corpse Realm was likely to open in the west or north. Since Shang An came from the western region, he would be familiar with the place.

There was no need to head to the unfamiliar South. Therefore, it was highly likely that he had come to demand answers.

“Do you think it’s worth it?” Hong Yuye suddenly asked.

“What do you mean, Senior?” Jiang Hao asked.

“Doing so much for that Charm Goddess.”

“I don’t think it’s worth it, but ShangAn believes it is.”

“Why do you think it’s not worth it?” Hong Yuye raised an eyebrow at Jiang Hao.

“Because… I’m not Shang An. I don’t have as many emotions as him. Other people’s disgust or disdain toward me doesn’t affect me. I’m not as gullible as Shang An for a Charm Goddess to take advantage. I’m just… me.”

He was different from Shang An. He had matured greatly. Even at the age of five, he had a place to live in. He might not be as strong as Shang An, but he had ended up luckier than him.

Moreover, the Charm Goddess could have countless others like Shang An, but Shang An had only that one Charm Goddess to rely on. It made Jiang Hao feel frustrated.

Such unfairness made him feel that it wasn’t worth it.

“What kind of person do you think is worth it?” Hong Yuye asked.

Jiang Hao remained silent for a long time. He then shook his head. He didn’t know because he had never thought about it. As for now, he was just focused on surviving.

As the sky grew brighter, Hong Yuye got up.

Jiang Hao packed up his belongings and left the mansion. He would have to take the screen back to his house in the sect.

‘Chi Tian is at the Sun Moon Pavilion. He is also a member of The End of All Things.’

After leaving, Jiang Hao began to think about how he should meet with Chi Tian.

Should he use the appearance of Smiling San Sheng, or should he use another disguise?

In fact, there wasn’t much difference, but Smiling San Sheng had certain restrictions.

A person who pays attention to details will never fear the unknown.

So, he decided to change his appearance.

Walking through the crowd, Jiang Hao transformed from a scholar into a swordsman.

The Thousand Faces Treasure Fan became a longsword.

‘Not bad.’

With a slight smile, he headed towards the Sun Moon Pavilion.

He had saved his Daily Appraisal to prevent being caught by surprise. Otherwise, he would have appraised Madam Gong’s token already to see if she held any bad intentions toward him. ‘Finally… It looks quite impressive.’

Jiang Hao gazed at the magnificent tower. Upon entering, a woman approached him.

“What can I help you with, sir?”

“I heard that there’s a skilled alchemist here, and I’ve come to pay a visit.”

“Do you know the name of the person you’re looking for?” asked the woman.

“His name is Huo Lu. People call him Master Huo.” Jiang Hao smiled politely.

Sensing the terrifying aura Jiang Hao exuded, the woman forced out a fearful smile. “Senior Huo? I will introduce you to him.”

Jiang Hao nodded.

In the room, Chi Tian sat in a chair.

In front of him were various medicinal pills, which had been his recent work.

As time passed, the fear he initially felt from the person who had visited him gradually diminished.

Now, he intended to gather his strength, so he could withstand whatever came with time.

By the time the other person discovered him, it might already be too late.

Knock! Knock!

“Senior Huo Lu, someone has specifically asked for you..”