Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness Details

Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness



Jiang Hao transmigrated and was born into an ordinary household. His family was forced to sell him off into a demonic sect and he became a disciple. He planned to cultivate, gradually become stronger, and live a peaceful life in the cultivation world. However, he was humiliated constantly by a demoness. The difference in their abilities was astronomical. He had no choice but to endure the humiliation, hoping that he never would have to encounter her again. He, who had no backing, caught the eye of the leader of the sect and finally could cultivate in peace. When he became the head disciple and met with the sect leader, he was stunned. As he looked at the other party’s beautiful face, he was stunned. Wasn’t this person the demoness from before? “My dual cultivation partner is actually the sect’s patriarch?! ” ”Should I tell her that everyone in this sect is a spy?“
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