Chapter 935: Anna's possessiveness.

Victor opened his eyes and muttered: "All my enemies in this Sector are gone... The small fries are missing now, and the rest are those who fled to another Sector."

Victor didn't do things half-assedly. From the moment he established his complete dominance, he worked on secretly eliminating all those who attacked him and targeted his Family in the past.

By following his code of conduct: Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth, and Blood for Blood, he did not forget those who harmed him. However, there were some specific cases in which this code of conduct did not apply, which was the case of Luan, Aphrodite, Persephone, Mizuki, and other Beings who were initially his enemy but became his ally and in some cases, his Wives.

As someone who had so many memories of powerful Beings within him, he knew that his code of conduct was not exactly set in stone. After all, Supernatural Beings were as complex as Humans, but Victor didn't care. This code has always been with him since it's part of who he is, and therefore, he won't change.

In the same way that the warrior's code came to be taught to him by Scathach, a code that, if you think about it, is also flawed.

But despite his flaws, Victor didn't care. The reason? He needed to have a moral code. No matter what it was, he needed to have it. With his current Power, with his current nature, he could be diagnosed as a chaotic Being. If he did not have morals or the willpower to exercise his own will, he would be dominated by his instincts.

Therefore, despite being flawed, Victor didn't care because that's what his essence was: he was a flawed Being, and that's okay; after all, he was not trying to be perfect.


Hearing a seductive moan, Victor looked at his chest and saw a Goddess with long black hair who was resting peacefully. A small, gentle smile appeared on his face when he saw the Goddess's relaxed state. The Persephone of today was different from the one of the past; it could be said that the Persephone of now was the perfect representation of a Warrior Queen. Therefore, she would not rest so unguarded near someone if she did not trust that completely.

Victor got up a little, leaned his back against the wall, and started caressing the Dragon Goddess's long black hair. His caresses proved effective as the black-haired Goddess had been about to wake up, only to fall back asleep again.

As Blood Dragons who have within themselves all the characteristics of a Noble Vampire and a Dragon, it would be almost impossible to tire any of his Wives and even himself, but when he did these intimate acts as a God, it was not just the physical body that was involved, the soul participated as well. After all, the act of sleeping with someone is, in some ways, one of the most intimate acts there is.

Because of this, Persephone's tired state was a given after they 'fought', as her Soul had mingled with Victor's immense and powerful Soul, not to mention his constant attacks on her physical body; she couldn't help but be tired and satisfied.

[How many days have passed...?]

[4 days Victor.] Amara responded before Roxanne could.

Inside Victor's Soul, Roxanne looked at Amara with a not-so-friendly look. A look that Amara completely ignored.


[I see...] Victor nodded. The perspective of Time became confusing when you had 3 dimensional worlds within you and could project your consciousness toward your most 'Chaotic' self.

Speaking of my most Chaotic self...' Victor's Dragon features, except for his eyes, began to disappear, and the next moment, fox ears and ten tails appeared on his back.

"Umu, as expected, that Elder God's Predation was one of the best Powers I could acquire." That specific Power completely fused with something Victor already had within him and became even stronger. Because of this, the moment Victor made Kurama his cosmic snack, he was able to use his form, Powers, abilities, and memories fully. He acquired complete control of the Fox's entire existence.


Victor watched in amusement as his physical body changed, except for his heart, eyes, and Soul; his entire physical body was a perfect imitation of what a Kyuubi Kitsune would be.

'Well, Vampires are shapeshifters, and I raised that Power to the nth power when I turned into a Dragon, so having such an ability isn't entirely unrealistic.' Victor lightly scratched his skin, and just as he expected, even though his body was mimicking the body of a Youkai, some characteristics, like his impenetrable defense and ridiculous strength, still remained. Ideas began to appear in Victor's head, and in the next moment, his body began to change again.


His Dragon characteristics returned, but internally, he had the physiology of the Demon Diablo, the Fallen Angel Gabriel, and the Angel Michael. He also added on other physiological traits from that of the Primordial God Erebus and Nocturnos.

"... Yes... This goes far beyond what a simple shapeshifter can do... It seems that Predator's Power has been altered more than the original."

The ability to reproduce only the good parts of several different Races within oneself was something far beyond what a shapeshifter could do. He was basically a chimera at that moment. Although, his Soul itself did not change. It remained a Dragon's Soul. His Essence also remained that of a Dragon; the proof of this being that his Heart and Eyes did not change even after several attempts.

After playing a little with these newly discovered characteristics about his Powers, Victor came to the conclusion that he was correct. 'Yes, when I absorbed that Elder God and the Powers of Adaptation and Predation joined with me, it caused some changes in my Powers, and because of that, I can completely exert the form of what I absorb, except for the features like Eyes, and the Dragon's Heart.'

Victor suspected that his Divinities, specifically his Divinity of Beginnings, were influencing this as well. 'I really need to train again.' He sighed internally. He had so many Powers now that it would be a waste not to explore every single one of them.

He would be a fool to remain without making an effort like the Gods with so much potential to explore did so often in the past. The Powers he absorbed from the Elder God and his Ascension as a God himself significantly changed many Powers within him.

Victor stopped using his Powers, and in the next instant, his entire body returned to his Dragon characteristics automatically.

Feeling some contractions around his lower limb, Victor looked down and saw the black-haired Goddess looking at him with a lazy and somewhat amused look.


"What are you doing?"

"Doing some tests with my metamorphosis."

"Hmm~." Persephone nodded as she wrapped her arm around Victor's neck and snuggled into him. "What did you discover?"

"That I have more untapped potential than I thought."

"... That's quite scary," Persephone commented. The man beneath her was definitely an irregularity. Even after reaching such a high level of existence, he still had the potential to grow. His existence was as if the word 'limit' did not apply.

Victor stroked Persephone's black hair and lightly pulled the hard peak of one of her mounds as he complained, "Are you saying your Husband is scary?"

"Hmm~... Yes, he is... I pity the Beings who get on his bad side." She purred as she bucked her insides to squeeze the member inside her that had remained there since they began fighting through the night. historical She didn't know why, but she loved the feeling of having her insides completely filled by him, feeling the spasms of pleasure throughout her body which left her instincts very satisfied.

'Speaking of instincts, perhaps this desire comes from my instincts. After all, I heard that Dragons have a very difficult time having children.' Persephone thought as she closed her eyes again and relaxed as she enjoyed Victor's caresses.

The rule was clear: the stronger you were, the harder it was for you to have children... Of course, unless you were a Progenitor. The only reason Victor hadn't had children until now was because he didn't want to. After all, they were living in a dangerous era, and he was also learning about the Supernatural World. Not to mention that he also didn't have time to think about it because every time he overcame a problem, another annoying problem would arise.

Usually caused by him or by other Beings who were interested in him and wanted to manipulate him.

The door opened, and Anna entered the room. For a moment, she froze when she saw where Persephone and Victor were 'connected'. However, she took a deep breath to try to calm herself down. But this proved to be a foolish idea as all the odors from the room entered her nostrils, making her body shudder slightly.

Her red, Draconic Eyes narrowed even further when she saw a white liquid leaking from Victor and Persephone's connection. She took a deep breath once more and did her best to control her inner desires, something that proved to be very difficult considering that her current nature was the perfect representation of 'honesty'.

This same Power also affected her, making it impossible for her to deceive herself. Therefore, despite coming here with the purpose of calling Victor about a minor problem related to some Pantheons... She ignored it entirely and walked towards the bed, which, despite being messy, was not destroyed or dirty either, indicating that Victor had somehow cleaned everything up with his Powers.

Victor raised his eyebrow in curiosity when he saw Anna walking towards the bed. When she got close to the bed, her long black and red dress disappeared, leaving her only in the black garter belt that she liked to wear. The next moment, she just pushed back the thick blanket, climbed into bed, covered herself with the blanket again, and with a wave of her hand, she closed the door she entered through. Then she snuggled She took another deep breath and then smiled, satisfied. 'I love this smell...'

into Victor's right side as she hugged him.

She took another deep breath and then smiled, satisfied. 'I love this smell...'

Persephone turned her head to the side and opened her eyes. When she saw Anna lying down, she opened her eyes wide in shock, and that shock turned to horror when Anna opened her eyes and looked at Persephone.

Seeing those lifeless, obsessive eyes made her shudder internally with fear, and despite being a Dragon Goddess and a very powerful Ruler, she couldn't shake that fear.

The intensity in Anna's eyes only diminished when Persephone unconsciously moved a little away from Victor, making their connection dissolve with an obscene 'pop'. White liquids began to come out of Persephone's insides, but she didn't care about it and just watched as Anna took over the spot where she was previously while she cautiously touched his member to her wet entrance.

Feeling the sensation of heat provided by Victor's rigid member near her entrance, Anna smiled, satisfied, as she moved her panties a little, letting his member touch her naked entrance, and then hugged Victor gently while snuggling. She took a deep breath again and then hugged him even tighter. Her insides were extremely hot, hot as magma itself, and this was reflected in the liquids leaking from inside her.

'He is mine.' She thought, as a threatening red aura emitted from her body, although this aura was only threatening to Persephone.

To Victor, this was just an open declaration of her inner desires being driven by her own Power.

"Behave yourself."

Anna's body shuddered, and she growled in defiance, but when she saw Victor's gaze "Hmm…" Victor made a noise as if he was thinking. Although he was satisfied with Anna's possessiveness, the way she was acting was unacceptable. Finishing his thoughts, he pulled Anna and Persephone closer to him and started caressing the two women's black hair, bringing his face closer to Anna's ear and speaking.

"Behave yourself."

Anna's body shuddered, and she growled in defiance, but when she saw Victor's gaze intensifying, she flinched and snuggled in even more submissively, and in the next moment, the threatening aura coming out of her body completely changed into a friendly aura.

Persephone sighed in relief, and when she was going to think about what happened, she started to feel Victor's caresses, and her thoughts became utterly blank. She didn't care about anything now and just enjoyed that feeling.

'Draconic instincts, huh...' Victor thought as he looked at Anna and Persephone. For some reason, he had a premonition that he would experience a lot of heartache over this in the future, specifically from his own daughters.