Chapter 934: A Just God. 2

Chapter 934: A Just God. 2

"My name is War, The Bearer of The Will of The Chaos Dragon God... And here I proclaim."

"Arise, Heralds Of Chaos..." The two creatures began to rise as a pair of wings of pure darkness formed behind them, their faces turned into pure darkness where nothing could be seen, and their garments changed into armor similar to War's, but with less bulk.

"Your God awaits you at the boundary where Reality and Imagination exert their greatest force."

The two Beings vanished and reappeared in a place where countless galaxies could be seen. Entirely automatically and perfectly synchronized, they both knelt in Space toward a great Cosmic Horror on the horizon.

The very sight of the creature was incomprehensible even to its Heralds. Its mere presence altered reality, just as the creature's presence seemed to be devouring everything within its reach. It was also creating new galaxies, but they were not normal, appearing distorted, almost alive.

It consumed everything, it altered everything, it created everything, and its very presence generated inconsistencies in Creation. This magnificent creature was the God they had sworn to serve.

And the sight of this Being invoked feelings in the two men. Despite their current appearance, they still retained the consciousness of their Human side, although that side men. Despite their current appearance, they still retained the consciousness of their Human side, although that side had been greatly altered; they just didn't realize it.

"No one had a chance from the beginning..." Jimmy thought upon seeing this Being. "How can anyone fight against this?"

Even with their current transformation, he never considered the word 'fight'. Even if this Being were an enemy, only the word 'flee' would be in his mind.


"Although your actions are more motivated by desire, that is not a Sin because only desire can drive a Being," War looked at Lucy and Karen.

"Therefore, the offer also extends to you." War looked at Lucy and Karen. "What is your response?"

"Do you accept Power in exchange for servitude?" War raised his hand in the same way as before.

"We accept." Lucy and Karen wasted no time. Their reason? The same as always. They wanted to be more than they were now, desiring strength.


So, they simply jumped and grasped War's hand, and soon the same scene repeated itself, and the two disappeared.

War looked at Luan and Cornelius. "As for you..."

"Why are you coming after us? After our initial conflict, we never sought trouble with Victor again," Cornelius asked, knowing he would die anyway. He just wanted to know why he would die after all this time.

"My God never forgets an offense. We've been keeping an eye on you from the beginning, but we saw no need to act until now when he decided to wipe all his enemies from existence," War replied.

"He might have forgiven you if you had a use for him or if any of his Wives tried to speak for you... But such a reality never came to be."

"... I see, that's fair. I would have done the same if I were in his position," Cornelius accepted this surprisingly well. War changed people, and the Demon Invasion made him understand.

Being weak is a sin.

If a Being is strong, it doesn't matter if they are a hypocrite, a tyrant, a liar, an asshole, or petty; everything they do would be justified.

Why? Because they are strong.

Cornelius thought he was strong, but Victor's growing achievements were a reality check for him. He wasn't strong. He was just a frog that never left his own well.

War raised his hand: "In an act of mercy, I will ensure the complete erasure of your Soul."

"Is that being merciful?" Cornelius spoke with morbid amusement. If his Soul was erased, he wouldn't be able to reincarnate when he died. Even if he wouldn't remember his previous existence, he didn't want complete erasure.

"The Sin of desiring my God's Wife typically results in eternal torture in one of the Hells personally commanded by a woman who is a professional Demon Torturer. She can perform torture arts worthy of Lovecraftian books... So, what will you choose? Eternal torture? Or Soul Erasure?"

"... Just erase my existence," Cornelius spoke in a tired tone.

War looked at Kurama, and all the hairs on Kurama's tail stood on end. Before he could even think of doing something or taking action, he found himself floating in the air with the creature holding him by the neck.


"Eternal torture, death, all of that is too good for you... You are one of those responsible for hurting my God's Daughter... So, only pure terror awaits you."

Kurama vanished into the darkness.


The four Heralds of Chaos, who had remained with their heads bowed, lifted their faces when a man with nine tails appeared in this space.historical

Before he could understand anything, two women appeared in front of the four and summoned a shield of pure White and Red Energy.

In the next moment, an unknown sound from the depths of Space echoed, and the creature released its Energy toward Kurama.

With just this gesture, hundreds more stars were distorted by its presence. If the two women had not appeared, The four Heralds would have been harmed.

Kurama himself began to scream as tears of blood streamed down his face, and he began to pull at his hair in agony.

It was a horrifying sight to behold, but it didn't stop there as his body began to distort, and he became a floating ball of flesh, then he exploded, only to reappear in his normal appearance.

His body was dragged to the center of their God, where he would suffer the most terrible of horrors forever.

Once the situation calmed down again, the two women with hair made of pure Power disappeared and returned to observing everything from afar.

"Sister, I still think it's not a good idea to bring these people here to see Darling's appearance," Amara said.

"I agree, but it was Darling's wish. As his Heralds, they must understand who their God is... His words, not mine," Roxanne replied.

"I know, but... This is our exclusive space, right? I don't want to share it with them," Amara pouted.

"Is that the issue!?" Roxanne looked incredulously at Amara. Apparently, she completely misunderstood her sister's complaints.

"... Well, I agree with you, this was my exclusive Space until you showed up... But I've learned to tolerate your presence."

Amara pursed her lips at her sister's acerbic words.

"Changing the subject, how can those Beings appear here? They are not connected to him like we are, right?" Amara asked.

"That's not necessarily true... After all, they were created with The Essence of Chaos that created War. They are indeed connected to Darling, but not as deeply as we are," Roxanne explained.

"Not to mention that when our father visited Victor, he did something to his Inner World, something that made Victor's Soul even more special..."

"Well, that's true. It's not everyday that a Being has three Inner Dimensions within their own Soul." The Dimensions Amara was talking about were, of course, Hell, Victor's planet, and the newly conquered Egyptian Pantheon that was slowly integrating into his Soul.

"... Yes, we will fulfill your wish," the four said at the same time, and then they disappeared.

Amara was puzzled. "What did Darling say?"ƒɾεεϖη.ɕσʍ

"Were you not paying attention?" Roxanne asked.

"I wasn't," Amara was honest.

Roxanne looked at Amara for a few seconds, then just sighed, "He ordered them to go after more enemies."

"... There are more?" Amara spoke incredulously.

"Darling is very 'beloved'." Roxanne emphasized the word 'beloved' with irony.

"Yes... He is," Amara nodded.


War looked at Luan. "Choose. Slavery or death with the possibility of Reincarnation?"

"...Is what you said about your God being Just, true?"

"You wouldn't be talking to me here if it weren't. Despite the conflict in the past, you were just a weak lackey, and your involvement in everything was basically an act of bullying, and to my God, that didn't necessarily upset him."

"After all, it was his fault for being weak back then."

Luan was surprised by War's words, but he soon understood where these words were coming from. 'Right... The mentality of Supernatural Beings is to dominate the weak.'

"I choose slavery..." Luan spoke. He didn't care internally; he was just exchanging his current leash for another, but at least this time, he had a slight chance of progressing and becoming stronger.

"Very well..."

A choker appeared on Luan's neck, and in the next moment, he disappeared, reappearing in a place resembling a desert. Yet, at the same time, it had a futuristic city and a paradisiacal nature. He looked around and saw several incredibly beautiful Beings wearing the same choker as he was.

"Are these... Gods?" Luan was shocked when he felt his body instinctively reject these Beings, and now that he realized it, he was under the Sun, but he wasn't burning.

He didn't understand what was happening, but he could tell that War had thrown him somewhere.

A woman with Demonic Horns and a Tail resembling a reptile's tail looked at Luan, then glanced at a holographic device on her wrist.

"Number 069L."

"Yes?" Luan's mouth spoke automatically.

"Get in line; your work will be assigned shortly."

"Yes." Luan walked in a rather robotic manner.

"What's happening!? I can't move as I want to."

"Don't resist. It'll be worse for you," he heard someone say next to him.

Turning his eyes in the direction of that Being, he saw a tall white man with red tattoos on his body and long black hair.

"W-Who are you-."

"A Lesser God who was foolish enough to support a God who only thought with his lower head..." He laughed at his own joke and walked toward the line.

"Number 069L, into the line, NOW," the Demon-like woman ordered more forcefully.

Luan's entire body shook with excruciating pain that caused his brain to fail for several seconds. What's worse, he couldn't even scream. Soon, his body began to move, and he stopped in line next to the God.

"I told you."

"... Ugh-... Just..." He couldn't get the question he was trying to ask out.

And the God didn't care either. "Just a tip: if the Wardens order you to do something, you do it."

"They are fair Beings; they won't treat you like we Gods treated our slaves like toys in the past, or even how Demons treated their slaves, a very fair Demon, I must say. But I think that attitude is due to the respect they have for their Emperor..."

"Mm. That's likely it; after all, as long as they do their job properly, they will be rewarded... If not for that, a bunch of Demons as Gods' Wardens would go very wrong. These Demons would definitely take advantage of the situation." The God seemed to be in contemplation for a few seconds until he looked back at Luan.

"In any case, if you refuse to do what you're ordered, you'll just end up on the Wardens' blacklist, and believe me, they're very eager for someone to land on their blacklist." He laughed morbidly, completely terrifying Luan.

"Be a good slave, Number 069L, and who knows? Maybe in the future, you'll get out of this situation. After all, our Imperial Majesty may be all that's wrong in the world, but he's definitely fair."

"See?" The God pointed to a spot.

Luan looked at that place and saw a Goddess with chocolate-colored skin and a dark-skinned God.

The Demon-like woman with white horns and blue skin that emitted a cold air stopped in front of the two Gods. Clearly, she was one of the Ice Demons from Hell.

"You have achieved great accomplishments. The act of voluntarily helping our society grow to what it is today without complaining and indicating new places that could be of great help to His Imperial Majesty, which was previously unknown to us until then, has earned you great rewards."

"Congratulations, Number 089U and Number 081K, you are now free. Now you can use your identities as you once did."

"God Upuaut, with Concepts encompassing War, and Goddess Kuk, with Concepts encompassing the Unknown and Darkness, you are now exemplary citizens. I hope you live according to the rules imposed by His Imperial Majesty."

"Congratulations." The Ice Demon clapped, and then all the Demons around also clapped. Following this example, the slaves nearby also clapped.

The two mentioned Gods just smiled slightly, but from their expressions, it was clear that they were relieved.

Luan sighed, a bit relieved at this sight. 'That man was telling the truth... But a place where even the Gods are slaves, huh? Just what place is this?'