Rest of eternity…

The pen that was scribbling across the pages of a book paused after writing the final word.

That very same pen then disappeared like mist before the book was closed shut by a hand.

There was a soft groan coming from the person seated in front of the book before he pushed himself away from the desk, standing up to stretch himself.

"Rest of eternity… I did make a promise like that, didn't I?" The man muttered under his breath. "How long has it been? A few years? A decade? This actually took longer than I thought it would…"

Indeed, it has been a while since the book had started and the life of the man, or more accurately, the life that he led in that particular World had been recorded down as he had remembered it.


All his successes, his failures, the good times, the bad times and even the mundane times were recorded down.

It was complete up to the time when he started writing the book, which meant it was pretty much completed at this point.

He went towards the window and opened it, pushing out the shutters to look at the scenery below.

Outside of his room, there was a crowd of beings from various different races all strolling about and engaged in various activities.

Just a few years prior, the space below had just been a simple courtyard that was only used by a handful of people. Now, it has practically been turned into a small city.

He could see a large red fox and an equally large white fox curled up together and sleeping under a giant tree. Not far from them, several other monsters were also either napping or just playing around the open space there.


Within the city area, there were not just monsters but also humans and gods mingling with each other with no signs of discrimination to be found.

"Ah! It's Master!" Someone shouted from below.

That shout made everyone else turn their gaze upwards to look at the man at the window, prompting a wave of cheers to erupt from below.

The man, showing signs of embarrassment, waved back with a small smile.

With his obligations of returning their greetings fulfilled, he retreated back into the solace of his own room to get away from the window.

He turned to look at the book he had just written, the ghost of a smile forming on his face.At that moment, the door to the room opened, the well oiled hinges making absolutely no sound.


"Master?" A golden haired girl called out hesitating.

The man turned to her, his smile widening when he saw who it was, "Hello, Lian Li. Did you need anything?"

ραndαsΝοvεl.cοm Lian Li was lost in the smile of her Master for a moment, her mind fantasising about the feeling of kissing her Master's perfect lips.

She managed to return to her senses before the silence stretched for too long, however.

"Master… Ehehe… The others and myself were wondering if you would grace us with your presence today?"

The man grinned, "Why do you have to make it sound so formal? But I guess I'll go out and meet everyone today. Just let me get changed."

Lian Li felt a pang of jealousy as she watched her beloved Master head towards a side room to look for the slime girl that would dress him.

Before he left the room however, Lian Li called out again, "Is Master done with your book?"

He paused and turned to look at the book in question, "Hmm… I suppose I am. Do you want to read it?"

"Can I? I want to take it with me and share with the others!"

"Ahaha~ Sure, why not? Why don't you bring it back with you first? I'll meet you and the others downstairs?"

Lian Li was ecstatic, "Thank you, Master!!"I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

She hurriedly picked up the book and rushed out of her beloved Master's room, her heart pounding in her chest.

Her destination was the room that her Master had granted to her and her sisters, ignoring the people around her who greeted her and calling her 'High Priestess'.

Under normal circumstances, she would have returned their greeting but right now, she only had a small window of time to do what she needed to do.

She burst into the room where her fellow disciples of her beloved Master waited.

"I got it! Quickly!!"

The golden haired girl placed the book on the table in the middle of the room, right in the centre of an intricately carved rune that spiderwebbed to spread across the rest of the room.

The others inside quickly surrounded it while Lian Li took out another book that looked exactly the same as the book she had taken and laid down beside the first.

The golden haired girl then activated her domain of Conception, prompting the others to do the same and activate their domains as well.

Standing behind all of them was Iris, doing her best to End any instances of their domains leaking out of the room and getting the attention of her perfect Master.

With their domains at full power, they managed to duplicate the book that their Master had created down to the very last detail, including the function of sorting any new pages slotted inside it to be added into its contents.

With that done, Lian Li took out an entire stack of papers, all of them being the things that they had done behind their Master's back and things that they would not allow their Master to know.

She slid the papers into the pages of the book, watching with bated breath as the pieces of paper slowly melted and disappeared into the book as though it had been eaten up.

She then quickly flipped through the pages, checking that everything they had written had indeed been copied over successfully.

Once she was sure of that, she double checked the original to see if it had been affected and seeing nothing of that sort, everyone breathed out a sigh of relief.

"It is done," She muttered, nodding at the others.

She waved at the newly created book and it started to multiply, first splitting into two before it became four. The others stepped back and watched with fascination as their new Holy Text multiplied right before their very eyes.

Soon enough, they had piles upon piles of the books, all prepared to be read by the believers.

Everyone picked up a copy of the book for themselves, looking down at the records of their beloved Master.

They took a moment to contemplate everything they have done so far before they moved out of the room as one.

In a while… Everyone they knew who were part of the cult will receive a copy.

And with that, their Master's name shall be known throughout the Universe.

Through this, everyone in existence will understand how great their Master was and join them in worship. If there were any who were foolish enough to not understand even after reading it…

The disciples will come for them and educate them until they too, worship their Master.

It does not matter if they found the book by accident or were introduced by another fellow believer to it. Once they know about their great Master, they will only allow worship and nothing else.

If all else fails, there is always death.

All For Master.

Iris smiled to herself at the sight.

It was not what she had expected, but she did not mind this outcome in the slightest.

She turned and looked at Master who was waiting for them outside, already surrounded by a group of their fellow believers and receiving their greetings.

"The End… For now."