Gu Ren and Ye Zhi, of course, hoped that Baobao could grow up in a low-key and safe way, but since he was born in the Gu family and became their child, there was probably no way for him to remain inconspicuous.

The couple decided to continue to keep Baobao’s face a secret, but they did satisfy their fans’ wishes in some way.

This day was the day where Baobao stole his mom’s fans.

In Ye Zhi’s latest vlog, Baobao appeared unexpectedly.

The vlog was shot from Ye Zhi’s perspective as Gu Ren walked in front Baobao as the child trailed along. His footsteps were very small, and every time he stepped on the ground, it looked like he was stepping on light cotton.

Baobao showed his side profile as he wore a black mask, but it was difficult to hide a pair of beautiful eyes.

“What day is it today?? My baby actually revealed his face! His parents’ appearances were definitely passed down to him— Baobao is already destined to be a handsome heartthrob.”


“Baobao is so cute wearing a mask; what kind of fairy baby is this? Woo, let mummy hug you.”

“I’m sorry Zhizhi, I’m going to get out of the pit of admiration I have for you for a while because Baobao has surpassed you to become the number one in my heart.”

Fans of Gu Ren and Ye Zhi both liked Baobao and netizens would click on every news there was about him.

Since birth, Baobao already had a lot of traffic.

They only have one wish— Baobao, please grow up well.

Baobao had been very clingy towards Gu Ren recently. Gu Ren was already going to go out to work but the child was still holding onto him. He lowered his eyes, “Dad is going to work.”


Baobao directed his line of sight at his father, but he didn’t let go.

An idea popped into Gu Ren’s mind as he whispered, “Do you want to go to work with Dad?”

Baobao didn’t understand what Gu Ren meant by work, but he knew that he wanted to be with his father. Baobao replied in a tone that was both soft and adorable, “Okay.”

So, Gu Ren went out with Baobao and took him to the place where he was going to shoot a commercial.

The car stopped as Gu Ren walked in with Baobao and the staff were very excited when they saw him. This, this… this baby is too cute!

Baobao had never seen so many strangers before, so he was a little scared, burying his head in the crook of Gu Ren’s neck. But Baobao was still a little curious, so he couldn’t help but secretly raise his eyes to look at them.


When the staff saw Baobao, they felt their hearts were going to be melted by him.

Gu Ren noticed Baobao’s movement as he smiled and looked down at him, “Would you like to say hello to everyone?”

Baobao’s head was still buried in Gu Ren’s arms, but when he heard his father’s question, he nodded lightly.

A few seconds later, Baobao raised his head. His eyes were bright and shy as his adorable childish voice sounded, “Hello everyone, my name is Baobao.”

The staff stared at Baobao without blinking, unable to take their eyes off of him at all.

This was too cute; he’s just a little angel.

Gu Ren was going to work, so he asked his assistant to hold Baobao. He bent down, touched his son’s head and said softly, “Dad is going to work now. I’ll come back for you later, okay?”

Baobao didn’t speak as he nodded absent-mindedly.

Gu Ren pondered for a few seconds before he stretched out his little finger. He moved it in front of Baobao and lowered his voice, “I’ll make a pinky promise with you— I will be back soon.”

Baobao tilted his head as he looked at Gu Ren’s cold yet pale fingers. He felt that his actions were somehow very novel.Baobao lowered his head again and looking at his fleshy little hands, he was a little puzzled. Why were his actions not the same as his dad’s?

Baobao stretched out his little finger according to the example and held it in front of Gu Ren. He spoke in his squeaky voice, “Pinky promise.”

Gu Ren smiled as his little finger went around his son’s. Then, he held their fingers together gently and firmly.

Gu Ren said in a low voice, “I promise, I’ll be back very soon.”

Gu Ren explained a few things to the assistant carefully before he patted Baobao’s head again and walked towards the set.

The assistant carried Baobao and looked at him from time to time. After Gu Ren left, she could clearly feel that Baobao became a little silent.

The assistant teased Baobao happily, but he didn’t respond. Instead, his big black eyes only stared at Gu Ren who was not far away.

As soon as Gu Ren left, Baobao already wanted to cry as he was very aggrieved. Why was his father so far away from him? Why are there other people surrounding his father?

Baobao missed him so much.

He drooped his eyes and his chubby little fingers were unconsciously entwined.

He was very sad, but he remembered Gu Ren’s words. His father said that he would come back later. Tears were already rolling in Baobao’s eyes, but he held back the tears and didn’t let himself cry.

The director and Gu Ren talked about the main points of the commercial and Gu Ren listened carefully. Before the shoot, Gu Ren looked back at his son.

Baobao was being held by the assistant, but he looked at Gu Ren without blinking, eyes full of sadness and unspilled tears.

Gu Ren felt distressed for a moment, but he decided to finish filming the commercial as soon as possible and go back to Baobao. Gu Ren stood under the light as the camera was all aimed at him. He suppressed all of his emotions and began to shoot the commercials in earnest.

Gu Ren turned his head sideways. With the light outlining his cold figure, every inch of his silhouette was perfect.

The director was very satisfied with Gu Ren’s performance. As soon as he gave the okay, Gu Ren immediately stepped forward and walked towards Baobao.

Gu Ren walked to Baobao and bent down, squatting in front of his son. He raised his head and stared at Baobao with such gentleness that it was as if ice and snow were melting.

Gu Ren raised his hand and touched Baobao’s head very gently. Gu Ren’s voice was extremely low and every word was filled with softness.

“You’re unhappy?”

Baobao saw Gu Ren walking towards him and his big round eyes lit up all of a sudden, but he pursed his mouth as a small emotion of grievance surged up all of a sudden.

The originally bright big eyes drooped down, full of unsaid grievances.

When Gu Ren squatted in front of him and said the first word, Baobao already wanted to cry, but he endured it and only stretched out a small hand towards Gu Ren. Even so, his tone was rather aggrieved as he spoke,”I want a hug.”

Gu Ren picked up Baobao and wrapped him tightly around his arms.

Gu Ren looked at Baobao before he pinched the tiny earlobes that the child had, his movements very light and gentle.

Then, Gu Ren lowered his head again and said a few words on the side of Baobao’s ears. The child giggled a few times and rubbed his head between Gu Ren’s neck, his mood was obviously much better than before.

The staff who were present were stunned.

When had they ever seen Gu Ren so gentle?

Gu Ren was one to never show his emotions. The first time he showed strong emotions in front of everyone was for Ye Zhi.

And now, he showed his softness again, for Baobao.

On the other hand, Ye Zhi had finished her work. She knew that Gu Ren and Baobao were together and couldn’t wait to see them.Ye Zhi arrived at the place where Gu Ren was working and walked in quickly. What caught her eye was Gu Ren with lowered eyes that softly watched Baobao.

Ye Zhi smiled unconsciously, walking towards them.

Gu Ren saw Ye Zhi and his thin lips curled into a smile, “You’re here.”

When Baobao saw Ye Zhi, excitement flashed in his eyes as he quickly stretched out his little hands, “I want mom to hug me.”

Ye Zhi’s heart felt like it practically melted as she immediately took Baobao from Gu Ren’s embrace, kissing the boy several times on his soft face.

Baobao also tightly wrapped his arm around Ye Zhi, refusing to let go.

Gu Ren looked at them and smiled softly.

The staff were once again sweetened by this moment, some in awe of the family’s ability to captivate. They were so lucky to be able to see this scene play out today.

Gu Ren continued to work while Ye Zhi sat there with Baobao, looking at Gu Ren. With Ye Zhi to accompany him, Baobao completely returned to his usual lively appearance.

Sitting in Ye Zhi’s arms, Baobao tilted his head, thinking that his father looked really handsome and cool.

After Gu Ren finished with work, they went home together. At the door, Gu Ren got out of the car holding Baobao and Ye Zhi stood beside them.

Suddenly, snowflakes started fluttering in the sky. The snow fell on their cheeks with a slightly cold touch.

Baobao looked at the sky curiously. At this moment, his chubby arm pointed to the air and his voice was squeaky, “It’s snowing.”

Gu Ren and Ye Zhi raised their heads.

The sky was full of snowflakes. The winter wind was still cold as the snowflakes fell silently, gradually covering the city.

Under the sound of the silently rustling snow, the winter plum blossoms were in full bloom. Even as the petals were covered under the snow, they could still see the delicate beauty under the blanket of white.

Gu Ren tilted his head and looked at Ye Zhi deeply.

It was another winter— just like their first meeting.

From the moment that he met Ye Zhi, that lonely and cold man with a closed heart had already quietly started to open it.

Time flew quickly, eventually spanning through two lifetimes, but his emotions became clearer as those feelings penetrated into his very bones and blood.

Fortunately, the time he waited wasn’t in vain as he finally met her.

Ye Zhi also stared at Gu Ren. They have experienced too much along their journey and every step of the way was an unforgettable emotion shared by the two.

Those faint and unknowing thoughts of fulfilling their lives’ meanings were achieved the moment the two met each other.

In their lives, there would still be countless long days and nights, but she knew that she was going to love him from the start till the end of time.

Gu Ren and Ye Zhi looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Their lips were slightly drawn as they smiled softly.

The light that reflected off the snow illuminated their faces. The long road ahead was still unknown, but they have forever to discover it together.

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