Ye Zhi was leaning against the door and someone was pounding on it from time to time outside. When Ye Zhi opened her eyes, her eyes swept over the strange furnishings in the room. Her mind was still blanked out.

“Ye Zhi come out. Hiding inside will not solve any problems.” A young man’s angry voice came from the outside.

At the moment,, Ye Zhi’s brain flooded with memories that didn’t belong to her. She found that the man who was knocking on the door was her fiancé Song Lie.

But soon, he will not be.

Ye Zhi realized that she had become the small cannon fodder with the same name in a book called “The Road to Becoming A Rich And Famous Lady”.(T/L: Yes, she transmigrated into the body of ‘Ye Zhi’ of a book called “The Road To Becoming A Rich And Famous Lady”. Do note that her original name was also Ye Zhi.)

Sheng Man was the adopted daughter of the Sheng family and was the heroine in the story. Because the original daughter of the Sheng family disappeared when she was still a child, Sheng Man became the one who filled the gap in their hearts.


Sheng Man’s biological father was just an ordinary relative of the Sheng family but his value rose with each passing day.

On the contrary, the real daughter of the Sheng family was abducted and sold by Sheng Man’s biological father during her childhood. Later, she was adopted by a poor family after several twists and turns.

Although Sheng Man was loved by the Sheng family, she was still worried about the arrival of the real daughter.

Sheng Man lived a prosperous life. But the girl who she stole her life from, the original Ye Zhi, was only a little star who got some popularity after working with movie emperor Gu.

There were so many fans of movie emperor Gu that working with him made Ye Zhi somewhat popular as well.

When Sheng Man suspected the identity of Ye Zhi, she used various means to deal with her and finally made her homeless and extremely depressed in the end.


Song Lie was the male lead in the book. He was a popular actor. While in the process of CP with Sheng Man, he fell in love with her arrogant attitude.Previously, because Ye Zhi’s adoptive father saved Song Lie’s father’s life, in order to repay his kindness, two men made an oral marital pre-agreement for their daughter and son.

Song Lie didn’t think there was any problem at first; but after he met Sheng Man, he decided to call off the marriage. Ye Zhi’s adoptive parents had already passed away. So he hoped to terminate the marital agreement between the two through money.

In rage, the original Ye Zhi hid in the guest room of Song Lie’s house. She did not know how to deal with the situation.

Ye Zhi smiled helplessly. Maybe for others Song Lie was a popular figure, but Ye Zhi thought otherwise.

There was a knock at the door, but Ye Zhi was not ready to go out immediately. She unhurriedly glanced at the mirror.

The mirror reflected a very bright face. Ye Zhi noticed that the corners of her eyes were not red but her face was a little pale.


Well, it seemed that the original owner of this body didn’t cry because of the withdrawal of marriage. Otherwise, she would have lost the momentum before the battle.

Ye Zhi slowly arranged her clothes before opening the door: “Song Lie, what are you anxious for?”

Song Lie was about to knock on the door when Ye Zhi opened it from the inside and Song Lie suddenly froze from what he was about to do. Song Lie asked, “Have you figured it out?”

Ye Zhi’s eyes swept outside. Song Lie and both of his parents were here. Song Lie’s facial expression was full of arrogance and both Song Lie’s parents had contemptuous looks on them.

On the other hand, she stood alone. Since her adoptive parents passed away, she was left all alone.

It was obvious that the Song family was trying to force Ye Zhi to back out of the marriage agreement.

Ye Zhi’s voice was sarcastic: “Such a big battle, just to deal with an orphan girl like me. The Song family is really majestic.”