What is happiness?

Just hope this time will stop and not flow. Maybe that’s happiness.

“I wish it hadn’t gone…”


“Time. Of course, I’m glad it’s gone, just. I just want this moment to last forever, Your Majesty.”

Charlize said quietly.


She just wants this moment to be fixed and last forever.

When she was forcibly locked in the abyss due to the magic circle, it was a pause she wanted to break so much. Is it because she thinks everything has been resolved?

The bed is warm. Dylan’s arms were better.

Even after sharing warmth together, they did not leave each other’s side.

Dylan hugged Charlize, his eyes soft.

The hand that brushed her hair was gentle.


“You’ll be happier. How could you want time to stop already?”

The calm voice mingled with the morning dew of dawn.

She knows him, who is often obsessed and shines his eyes coldly even though he looks refreshing.

Looking at Dylan, who was only meek in front of Charlize, she knew that the subordinates were not accustomed to it.

But what’s wrong with that?

Charlize is only kind to Dylan, too.


“It sounds like this moment is the pinnacle of happiness, Lize.”

She didn’t know that the nickname she asked to call first would sound so ticklish.

Charlize stretched out her hand in the air. She then touched Dylan’s hand that was stroking her head.

“Because it’s precious. It’s just precious, Your Majesty.”

“Actually, so do I.”


“But don’t you want to see it? Everyone will praise us with a happy face when we have a national wedding, and if you give birth to a child, the child will probably resemble you.”

At the sound of his low voice, Charlize envisioned a future she had never imagined.

Marriage is something that all nobles do.

Because as much as the right is high, they must maintain and thrive the family.

Charlize was not the type of person who attaches importance to marriage. She was sure she would do it one day. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t. That’s what she thought.

‘But it tickles.’

Is it because the feeling of national marriage when talking with Dylan feels more realistic?

As Kiera, she had witnessed national marriage several times.

Even the emperors who are accustomed to the splendor of the national marriage were exhausted. It was an important thing to reveal the status of the empire, and it was held very grandly like a festival for the whole country.

It was very strange to think that the person directly involved in the national marriage was herself.

It’s not that she hates it. It didn’t feel bad at all to announce that they were completely companions of each other. Rather, the excitement is stronger.

Holding hands with Dylan.

Marching in a flower carriage in front of everyone.

They will kiss each other face to face amid the Pope’s officiating ceremony and the cheers of the people of the Empire.

If it weren’t for love, she would have thought it was a difficult process, but it’s Dylan. It can be left as a new memory.

‘But I hope this moment will last forever.’

Even if she says that she will be happier tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow because the stimulation becomes stronger.

She was just so incredibly overwhelmed by this happiness she felt today.

She wished time would stop. It was a contradictory mind. The words of gratitude for the existence itself now flowed from the bottom of her heart.

Was it because she lost it once? She becomes more desperate.

“Now I can sympathize with Your Majesty.”


“When I ran away. Regardless of the reason, how terribly Your Majesty’s heart must have sunk. I think I know it now.”

“To run away. Wasn’t it the sacrifice you made to save me?”

Dylan lowered his eyes gently.

Clear and white skin stood out.

“Thank you for being alive, Your Majesty.”

“It was Lize who saved me. It was always you.”

Charlize smiled softly.Dylan managed to hold onto his rationale.

After the temple of the evil god was destroyed. The Alperier came running late.

They asked her to share the situation, but Charlize gave no explanation. She just grabbed Dylan’s hand and headed straight to the imperial palace.

‘Of course, I don’t have to say it.’

Payne would have noticed.

Because he’s smart.

The rising smoke, the wizards that had fallen, including the magic tower, and the scattering marble powder.

In the meantime, Kahu with a blank expression on his face.

Kahu’s necklace was broken and lying on the floor. The fact that blood on Charlize’s sword was unfamiliar. Everyone would have noticed.

‘Something in me is gone forever.’

Dylan knew he was the real piece of Ehyrit.

But it scattered and disappeared.

He clearly remembered the moment he died.

When he couldn’t do anything more because his whole inside was dyed black. When he couldn’t remember.

Charlize came to save him, and the moment he took his last breath, he spoke his love with all his might and died.

It was a miracle that he was alive now. And it must have been Charlize pulling him out.

‘Probably it’s a deal.’

Even though the real pieces of Ehyrit were gone, Dylan’s genius remained.

He wasn’t sure, but he could guess.

That Charlize had given up on something.

‘I can ask her later.’

It’s just that there’s certainly been a change for Dylan.

His rapid brain rotation was the same as before, but he felt he had run out of patience.

He became more sensually sensitive, felt better, and had a harder time holding back.

In a word, he seemed a little crazy when he was having sex.

It was as if a thick fog had covered the area that controlled his rationale in several layers.

Even if Charlize breathes and spends a few seconds in his eyes. He wasn’t even in heat, but like a beast, all sorts of thoughts ran through his head.

It still is. He just wanted to do it again.

“If a child resembles His Majesty… It’s cute just imagining it.”

The Emperor paused for a moment as Charlize spoke so purely in contrast to Dylan, who was full of lewd thoughts.

Charlize’s eyes sparkled.

Suddenly, the corners of her lips were loosened.

Daughter? Son? She doesn’t even know the gender because she hasn’t had one yet, but she just thought it was a grateful existence for coming to her.

‘When I have children.’

She wanted to be nice to them.

With all her might.

‘Is this a family?’

She didn’t even want something like a family.

She thought it was a word that would never suit her in her whole life.

At least Charlize didn’t want to pass on the growth environment that she experienced.

She doesn’t want them to be brought up in ignorance, cold scorn, and cold contempt.

“Ah. Can you promise me just one thing?”

“Anything, Lize.”

“Even if I die giving birth to our child, don’t hate the child.”

Dylan’s fingers as he ran through her hair paused for a moment.

“How can you think of dying, leaving me alone?”

Charlize responded, not knowing whether Dylan decided to use birth control thoroughly for the time being until he fully grasped her physical condition.

The Emperor’s agitation was fleeting, and Charlize didn’t know.

“Because there is always one thing. In the world.”

“…I promise.”

Dylan answered without saying a word again as if he knew Charlize’s mind.

Charlize was a little relieved at the firm voice.


But she probably won’t die. Because Charlize is strong.

She could imagine what a family was. Thanks to Dylan, she had experienced similar sensations frequently recently.Those include the Alperier. Lucy, Payne, and Chase. Inwardly, she simply called them subordinates, but in reality, she thought they were just her friends.

She felt like friends and family.

‘Because Dylan wouldn’t own me.’

He risked his life to keep the vow of one soul.

Even though Charlize spoke informally to them and interacted with them without hesitation, Dylan did not interfere between them.

Did the Emperor, who is a disciple of Charlize, say that it is unfair to use honorifics to Charlize when they were speaking informally to Charlize?

It was actually Dylan’s care that he, the emperor, mingled with them half-heartedly.

Since Dylan’s reign, there have been exceptions to imperial etiquette.

‘I don’t want my child to inherit Ronan’s last name.’

But it also took her a while to inherit Blade’s last name.

Even though she decided not to take revenge, Blade was a symbol of the empire itself that Charlize hated.

She didn’t want to give the child that last name.

Maybe he read her mind.

Dylan broke out the low silence.

“I’m thinking of changing the name of the empire.”


“If a name has survived for more than 400 years, all the honors have been enjoyed. It has become the only empire that has unified the continent, so there is a good reason to change it.”

She hadn’t even thought that far.

Charlize turned her attention to Dylan, surprised.

Dylan spoke with a calm face about the matter that countless ministers would oppose to death.

They’re aristocrats who risk their lives for a cause, even though there might be a rebellion.

Dylan was only conscious of Charlize as he made such a powerful decision.

“I won’t let anyone call this country Blade anymore.”

“…Have you decided on a name for this empire?”

Charlize did not object.

No, she thought it was a fitting finish for the Blade Imperial family. It was Dylan’s empire. It was Charlize’s empire.

Why should we share our glory under the name of Blade?

After hearing it, she realized that it was the most right decision.

She doesn’t regret the wish she made to Ehyrit. It just felt like the slightest bit of regret had been released.

Dylan smiled softly.

His blue eyes are bright.

“Yes, it’s Rariego.”


Charlize repeated the name in her mouth.

The pronunciation was beautiful.

It means that if she becomes the empress, she will become into an imperial family. Charlize is no longer Ronan.

She will follow the imperial last name. The same last name as Dylan. And the new empire.



It means ‘devotion for the sword’ in an ancient language.

Charlize blinked.

For a moment, she felt a shiver run through her body.

Why the new name of the unified empire is Rariego, future historians will never know.

But they know.

We know.

She also knew that this was the most perfect and clean revenge.

“…Dylan Rariego.”

The name he created for his new empire suited Dylan’s name so well.

Devotion to the sword.

“Yes, Lize Rariego.”

He replied with a smile in response.

It’s strange. It tickles. But she didn’t hate it either.

She will become one with him. With a new beginning.

She will be a member of a happy family.

Charlize’s face had the most bright and brilliant smile of all time.


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