Side Story.

Kahu looked at the child who would be called Dylan II who had a hard time.

The child’s name is Bayden Rariego.

He was the only child of Charlize Rariego and Dylan Rariego.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince. How can you look like that?”

The Crown Prince, who turned six this year, put down his sword with a sullen face.

“The sword, it’s too heavy.”


His cheeks burned with the warm breath. He was still too young to exist under the weighty title of the Crown Prince.

The reason Kahu became the Crown Prince’s teacher was because of Charlize’s request.

She is now the Empress.

‘In the end, she’s someone I will never be able to reach.’

A lot of things happened.

First of all, the evil god.


The evil god that was sealed in Kahu’s body died at the hands of Charlize.

And Charlize made a deal with the god Ehyrit, who was said to be dead.

‘She was a Saint who surpassed the status of a master.’

Now, Charlize is no longer a god.

In return, Charlize saved Dylan and Kahu.

‘I owe her my whole life.’


If it weren’t for Charlize, he wouldn’t have been able to breathe like this. Kahu was still heartbroken.

‘Because I haven’t forgotten.’

He was still single. Charlize accepted Dylan’s proposal, had a happy honeymoon, had a big national wedding, and gave birth to a clever son.

He did not have a relationship with anyone of the opposite sex. Just because he doesn’t feel like it.

[Is it ok to put a marriage talk in our family?]

The head of a family, who had been asking with subtle anticipation at the social ball, has now slowly disappeared.

[Isn’t it time for you to meet someone you love?]

His mother, the Duchess, looked him in the eye and said so, but Kahu just smiled and passed the situation.

“I’m upset. I can’t even lift my sword properly. How can such a weak body be called the national treasure of the empire?”

The child spoke in a perfect imperial tone. The evaluation of himself was so shallow, that Kahu paused for a moment.

The Crown Prince Bayden looked surprisingly similar to Charlize.

He has indigo blue eyes that are strangely cool but have a charm that attracts people. Densely shaped facial features.

His black hair seemed to have inherited Dylan’s black hair. The brilliance of Charlize, who was a woman of great beauty, was the same as in Bayden.

“That’s not true. Your Highness.”

Kahu replied.

Bayden replied as he lowered his sword to the floor.

“But, Master. I heard that my father the Emperor was already well versed in swordsmanship when he was 6 years old. And when it comes to swordsmanship, they said he was a legend… But… But I.”

Bayden couldn’t finish his sentence.

He looked like he was blaming himself for not being able to do anything but this, even though he was their proud child.

Kahu felt strange. He was worried for a while because he didn’t know how to explain this.

What should I say?

‘It’s not Your Majesty’s only concern.’

Kahu swallowed the words at the level of the six-year-old’s eye.

‘These two have made many knights feel deprived for a long time. Of course, they didn’t mean to do that. It’s just because they’re so damn good.’

Later, Kahu thought to himself that he had no choice but to feel admiration beyond the stage of relative deprivation.

The drill hall was spacious.There were also many people watching. Since Kahu was the commander of the first knights of the imperial family, he also had many knights and servants under him.

There was already a sense of deprivation in the eyes of knights -especially the servants- looking at the Crown Prince.

Bayden may be difficult compared to Dylan and Charlize, but to other knights, Bayden was already a genius.

As the saying goes, ‘There is always a top above,’ it was difficult because everyone looked only at a higher place than their standards.

Those who belong to the Imperial Knights will also be elite from the outside.

“Don’t listen too much to the legends. Of course, it’s a great achievement. But you don’t have to compare, Your Highness. You don’t have to be the same as Your Majesty the Emperor or Your Majesty the Empress. Especially about their talents and achievements… It’s already a divine view, so it’s better not to worry too much about it.”

Kahu said calmly.

In fact, it may be too difficult to understand at the age of 6, but if you have a comparison target throughout your life, it will only bother you. Especially if the targets are Charlize and Dylan.

Of course, he understood his mind.

Bayden has been everyone’s joy since childhood.

Originally, Charlize was sweet enough to visit an orphanage often.

Charlize gave birth to Bayden and loved the Crown Prince very much.

‘The emperor was jealous.’

Dylan was quite jealous of Bayden, who stole Charlize’s attention, though he didn’t show it.

‘Later on, the emperor began to cherish Bayden a lot.’

At the age of two, Bayden was crowned as the Crown Prince with unprecedented speed. It was an agenda that was passed unanimously even in the aristocratic society, so it was talked about a lot in the street.

The child of Charlize and Dylan. With that title alone, Bayden has earned the affection of all the people of the Empire.

The Empire, which abandoned the existing name of ‘Blade’ and was renamed ‘Rariego’, was different from the previous ones in many ways.

Lives are better and people are happier.

It was an expectation of abundance and peace. The empire that united the continents was more stable than any other era.

Both Charlize and Dylan lost their divinity, but it didn’t matter because the magic tower, the axis of evil, collapsed together.

They were still ridiculous geniuses compared to ordinary people.

Of course, evil has not been completely eradicated in this world.

Still, it is the reign of Dylan and Charlize. Since even Lucy quit the Assassin Guild, it was rare for her to do much immoral business.

An era with exceptionally low crime rates.

It was the first son of Dylan and Charlize who brought such an era. It was only natural that all the people of the Empire were enthusiastic about it.

“Master, I expect too much.”

“Your Highness. If you swing the sword for two hours, it is natural that the sword is heavy. No, you’ve been in class for two hours without exhaustion, so it’s a great thing to be praised for.”

“Is that so? As expected, Master is different. This must be a long experience.”

Kahu’s expression became strange. Anyone who hears a six-year-old use the word “long experience” will.

The extraordinary head is obviously one of Dylan and Charlize’s children, but why are you struggling alone?

“…Did you tell Sen, by any chance?”

When Kahu asked a question that suddenly came to mind, Bayden answered with his eyes wide open.

“Yes, he’s my friend.”

Sen was the son of Chase, the tribal chief of Rapine, the Forest of Monsters.

Sen was the same age as Bayden, so naturally, they became friends.

‘If Sen had heard this, he must have been very upset.’

Thought Kahu.

Maybe it was because he was the same age and gender, even if he pretended not to be, he could see that Sen had an inferiority complex to Bayden.

If the Crown Prince said, ‘I lack swordsmanship talent’ in front of such Sen.

“These days, Sen doesn’t get along well with me, and I’m in a mess. Master.”

“A way to avoid…”



Kahu looked at the Crown Prince. It seems like he needs to realize his position. As he grows up, he will realize it naturally.

“I can’t wait to grow up, Master.”“I will always do my best to help you with all my heart.”

That’s how the class ended.


After the Crown Prince finished his class and filled his hungry stomach, he quickly washed up.

It was for his favorite evening tea time.

In the imperial family, where the etiquette is strict, even if they are of a direct bloodline, they can only meet by making an appointment.

The crown prince could drink tea with his parents every weekday evening.

In particular, the Crown Prince always looked forward to dinner because the Crown Prince always made time for his father no matter how busy he was.

‘I want to be loved.’

The child was served by the servants and changed clothes in a hurry.

All of the Crown Prince’s schedules for today have also been completed. He woke up early in the morning and put his prayers up in the sky, and he completed his scheduled classes steadily.

The swordsmanship class he received from Kahu was sadder, but he did his best nonetheless.

As his mother the Empress said, he didn’t forget to play in his spare time as a child’s duty.

Bayden’s cheeks were well raised. The nobles, who encountered the Crown Prince at every step, hurriedly stepped aside.

“He has a striking resemblance to Her Majesty the Empress.”

He heard a whispering noble voice behind him.

That compliment was one of the words that Bayden was most proud of.

The child was a child. Because he was a crown prince, he was as mature as he could, but he liked his parents the most.

The back of his mother was seen in the Raj Valley Gardens, where he had just arrived at. Bayden smiled and ran away.


The finger that touched the flower stopped. The woman who slowly looked back was just beauty itself.

Charlize stretched out her hand without saying a word. Bayden rushed into Charlize’s arms and hugged her.

“I love you, Bayden.”

Charlize whispered slowly.

It’s an expression of affection that she doesn’t often show even to his husband, Dylan, but she spared no mercy only to Bayden.

That’s probably because she wants Bayden to be free from the inheritance of generations of deficiencies.


“Are you here, Your Majesty?”

Charlize looked back at the nickname she was now familiar with.

Dylan was there. Despite the years, he is still handsome.

Like a boy who blindly followed Charlize’s teachings in the past. His innocent and cruel side was still visible.

Although he is no longer called a tyrant, he has charisma that cannot be underestimated.

As soon as his sharp eyes touched Charlize, they softened like the breeze of a spring day.

“Oh, I see my father.”

As soon as Dylan appeared in the garden, Bayden escaped from Charlize’s arms.

The Crown Prince bowed with courtesy. When the etiquette teacher praised him, it was perfectly convincing at once.

“How have you been today?”

Dylan naturally stroked Bayden’s head and asked.

Dylan was stricter than Charlize, but still very affectionate. Bayden replied brightly.

“Yes! I ate well, played well, and learned well. Father.”

Dylan’s cool hand touched Bayden’s cheek. Bayden smiled as he got used to it.

Dylan didn’t want to distance himself from his son.

Like Charlize, he wanted to treat his children with equal parenting responsibilities.

Actually, it would have been better if he were a daughter… He swallowed it because it was a mind that could never be seen.

It was Dylan who persistently persuaded Charlize to have a child in the first place.

Charlize said she would never run away again, but she had already run away twice from Dylan.

Dylan was always anxious even though the magic tower was destroyed and everything was settled well.

He held a noisy national wedding that would go down in history, but even that did not solve the problem.

He wanted to own Charlize. He had the idea that if they had children, she wouldn’t at least run away easily.