Ren Sheng became a spectator student of the Royal Academy, but he was embarrassed to let Zhao Lingyu take the children to school every day. So he would often stay at home with the children for a day before letting Zhao Lingyu take them to school again. In view of the fact that he was just a spectator, this behavior of going to school every other day did not attract the attention of the school.

However, Zhao Lingyu became suspicious when he saw that Ren Sheng looked more and more guilty. But after asking Will about it he understood the reason and didn’t care anymore. Since Ren Sheng liked going to school, he should go. Speaking of which, Ren Sheng still had some small things he gave to him, so as long as he wanted to know where Ren Sheng was, he could even know what Ren Sheng was talking to others about.

Although Zhao Lingyu was worried about Ren Sheng, he knew that Ren Sheng was not a clay doll. What’s more, Ren Sheng went to the Royal Academy to study. He was also at the Royal Academy during the day, so the two of them would be close to each other. If there was danger, he could pass by immediately. Not bad, right? After learning Ren Sheng’s position on his communicator, Zhao Lingyu began to take the children to school from time to time.

But when Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng decided to take care of children on an alternate schedule, Shen Qiushi disagreed and found Zhao Lingyu. “Ren is pregnant with the babies, so he must be very tired. How can you let him take the children every other day? I’ll help you in the future and we’ll take care of the babies!”

“What about little sister?” Zhao Lingyu was stunned.

“Let your father take care of her!” Shen Qiushi said without hesitation. Zhao Baozhu was not one of the high-ability users in a family that could beat others. Was it really okay for his dad to bring her to a group of big bosses? “Don’t you worry, if your dad doesn’t take care of Baozhu well, I’ll teach him a lesson!” Shen Qiushi said without hesitation.

“…” Zhao Lingyu felt a little sorry for his father. Since Zhao Lingyu was in charge of taking care of the children, Ren Sheng began to go to school every day and spent more time with his new younger brother Stuart. At the same time, he understood deeply how bad the big man’s head was.


No… he should say that this person was born with a defective divine sense. If this kind of person was put into the cultivation world, no matter how good his roots and bones were, it would not be enough to go far on the road of immortality!

“I practiced hard, but there are still problems with articulation and there is no way to improve hand speed.” Stuart looked at Ren Sheng in frustration. His spiritual power was not working and his hand speed was not fast. His body’s oversized muscle mass made him always unable to be flexible.

Although Ren Sheng liked this simple big man, he was still a little impatient when he asked for advice. This man was not his child, so he might as well play with his own children when he has time. Not to mention… He had no skill at all. He doesn’t know how to improve his hand speed? How can a man like him, who was so powerful, need to study?

But maybe he can help Stuart in other ways? After all, he also boasted about… That night, Ren Sheng suddenly talked to Zhao Lingyu about the body refining technique that Zhao Lingyu was practicing.

Zhao Lingyu has a unique physical condition that contains a lot of spiritual power, so Ren Sheng was feeding him all kinds of pills. His cultivation was also very fast so he had already trained himself into an adamantine body. Such a body refining method was obviously not suitable for others. As for those other methods of cultivation that could be practiced in this world, they were even more unsuitable for people in this place. There was no spiritual power here.

“Lingyu, dear, baby…” Ren Sheng laid on top of Zhao Lingyu, blinking at him.


“What do you want to do?” Zhao Lingyu rubbed Ren Sheng’s head, then kissed Ren Sheng’s face, but his heart felt a little uneasy. This person wasn’t having some bad ideas again, right? Last time Ren Sheng was so sweet was because he wanted to stuff his roots in his nose!

“You can help me to think of a body refining method right… OK? A low-level one will do!” Ren Sheng eyed Zhao Lingyu. Didn’t he have all kinds of low-level body refining methods because of his cultivation, yet people like Stewart only needed a low- level refining technique.

He wanted to think of one by himself, but at school he was very busy with playing with the warship simulators or mechas and had no time to take care of his children even when he got home. Well, the main reason was because he didn’t understand. He was a ginseng spirit so he didn’t need to pay attention to cultivation techniques, let alone body refining techniques.“So that’s what it was. No problem.” Zhao Lingyu’s heart calmed down as he touched Ren Sheng. “Ren, do you want some nutrition?”

“Yes!” Ren Sheng said without hesitation. If he was sucked dry, he would be sucked dry. At the worst, he would rely on the sun to get energy every day in the future. As a ginseng spirit he could live anywhere, so he didn’t have to worry too much. Zhao Lingyu jumped on it without any hesitation.

Ren Sheng asked Zhao Lingyu to come up with a low-level body refinement method, because he knew that practicing it could enhance the body’s flexibility or at the least make Stuart not ask him questions all day. But while his thoughts were simple, Zhao Lingyu’s thoughts were much deeper.

Both the Human Federation and the Ruoya Empire had their own methods of exercise. These exercises could strengthen the physique or enhance the powers. The effects of these methods were very general and could only grow abilities, which meant that they had no effect on the energy in the body.


Both Human Federation and Ruoya ability users had difficulty with having children. Wasn’t this because they had too much messy energy in their bodies? People with the same energy would still be troubled because their energy would still be different from their mothers’, not to mention those with incompatible energy… so even Nourishing Potions could only repair some wounds on their bodies and provide some pure energy for the fetus. If he came up with a method to refine the body and let the energy be absorbed in the meridians, while ability users could enhance their bodies, it would have the same effect as a Nourishing Potion. Wouldn’t he completely change the status quo in Ruoya?

Although Nourishing Potions were a good thing, it could not benefit everyone, but cultivation was different. Zhao Lingyu has always taken the Human Federation as his responsibility, so he was very attentive while creating this set of cultivation techniques. Also, in view of the fact that he had to take care of the children during the day and basically study at night, he would inevitably not be able to do as much as before and make Ren Sheng tired.

In the past, every time he gave ‘free food,’ he would try to delay the period of time, so that he could enjoy it without having to hand over too much ‘food.’ But now he had adopted the method of making a quick decision!

Ren Sheng was immediately dissatisfied. “Zhao Lingyu, what’s the matter with you recently?”

“What’s wrong? Want to do it again?” Zhao Lingyu asked rhetorically, only thinking that Ren Sheng was not getting enough nutrition.

“No! Is that why you were ignoring me?” Ren Sheng was a bit depressed.

“I was thinking about cultivation.” Zhao Lingyu smiled and kissed Ren Sheng’s face. “When I think of it, I become relaxed.” Then Ren Sheng would not have to be so busy growing spiritual herbs and refining pills, so he could relax a bit. Maybe then, the two of them could even go out for a honeymoon.

After Zhao Lingyu finished, he continued studying cultivation techniques, while Ren Sheng glared at him. Finally he simply turned into a small ginseng root in a flower pot. Hmph, didn’t Zhao Lingyu say that he smelled good and it was comfortable to hold him? Now he won’t let him hug him!

But Zhao Lingyu was oblivious to this and continued his research. Little ginseng in the flower pot became more and more bored, before finally taking a deep breath and running out of the flower pot. Then it ran to Zhao Lingyu’s head and tangled in Zhao Lingyu’s hair before falling asleep. As for Zhao Lingyu, if he accidentally lost some hair or something, it would be just an accident!

Zhao Lingyu spent a month studying this method before finally finding some simple combinations from his own cultivation and writing a perfect one. Of course, he was not sure whether this method would really work, but in that case he would let Ren Sheng take it to the big man Stuart to try it out, so he no longer had anything to do all day.

When Ren Sheng finally had the cultivation technique in his hand, he finally sighed with relief. “You will not leave me again, right?” Their dual cultivation time must be lengthened, it must be!

“I definitely won’t leave you anymore.” Zhao Lingyu nodded his head. He also liked to linger with Ren Sheng ah! He felt that it was a loss to give away the ‘refined soil’ without even enjoying it!“That’s good.” Ren Sheng took the cultivation technique and happily gave it to Stuart. Stuart was a very hard working man and it had to be said that people like him were very suitable for the body refining cultivation. So soon, as far as academy rivalry goes, the big guy became a dark horse.

“Greenton, thank you. Now you are the person I admire the most!” Stuart looked at Ren Sheng gratefully. What’s the difference? Ren Sheng frowned.

“Greenton, Stuart’s mecha skills have improved because of you?” Stuart’s improvement was definitely noticeable, so now even people who hadn’t looked at Greenton before, excitedly gathered around.

“Greenton, can you teach me some mecha techniques?”

“Greenton, do you have any secrets?”

“Greenton, I am the president of the Mecha Association…”


The more people gathered around Ren Sheng, the more impatient Ren Sheng became. If he didn’t go home, Zhao Lingyu and the others would go back first ah! His sneaking to school was about to be compromised! How could he let this happen!

“Get out of my way!” A loud voice suddenly sounded with a powerful authority, suddenly pressing against the people around Ren Sheng. Those people immediately no longer dared to move and then Ren Sheng found that Zhao Lingyu, with several children hanging on his body, was standing in the distance.

“Lingyu.” Ren Sheng looked over sheepishly. “It’s time to go home.” Zhao Lingyu said. Ren Sheng should have played enough, right?

“Yes.” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu sheepishly.

“Marshal?” Someone at the Royal Academy recognized Zhao Lingyu and called out his title from the Human Federation.

“Well, I’ve come to take my partner home.” Zhao Lingyu smiled.

“So… Greenton is the very powerful teenager?” Finally someone reflected on it.

“That’s right. You guys should be careful, he’s still pregnant with a child.” Zhao Lingyu was still smiling.

“Lingyu…” Ren Sheng called out sheepishly again.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Lingyu looked over in amusement and stroked Ren Sheng’s hair. “Well there is no need to be guilty. Do you still think I don’t know about you coming here?”

“You already knew?” Ren Sheng almost jumped up, then lowered his head again. “I feel guilty not because of this, I seem to be giving birth again…”