Chapter 638: Grand Final! (The End)  

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The three Admirals joined forces to attack, leaving several wounds on the Whitebeard's body.

With this kind of wound, one would be enough to kill an ordinary person.

However, the Whitebear didn't fall.

"Do you want to… end here?"

Whitebeard felt that his vision seemed to be a little blurred.


In fact, his body was already in a state of death, and being able to continue to stand and fight is entirely supported by his will and strong soul power.

"Just die…"

With a stern expression, Akainu shouted loudly as he punched the Whitebeard again.

Being blocked by an old man like the Whitebeard, who suffered many injuries, Akainu was already feeling impatient. An old man like him should have fallen a long time ago.


Facing the punch of Akainu, the Whitebeard, whose vision was already blurred, couldn't escape and was hit again but still didn't fall.


At this moment, even Akainu, who is used to wars like this, couldn't help but feel a little shocked.

But naturally, his face didn't show it.

After gritting his teeth, he continued to attack.

After all, the Whitebeard is one person, not a mountain, and even if he was, it could be flattened forcibly!


The thing that surprised Akainu was.


Almost instantly, when Akainu tried to slam him with another punch, his fist was forcibly grasped by a big hand.

This big hand was the Whitebeard's hand.

Akainu struggled hard but found that he couldn't get rid of it.

At this time, Akainu could feel a terrible crisis, a disaster about to fall.

Akainu wasn't as tall as the Whitebeard. When he looked up, he was shocked to find that the wounds on the Whitebeard's body were actually healing.

Don't! Stop!

Stop healing!

If you look closely, you can find that there was a strange pink light gleaming on the Whitebeard's body.

This strange light no only caused the Whitebeard's wound to disappear directly but also caused his body to become younger!

Countless people watched this scene in horror. To be more precise, they looked at the young girl who suddenly appeared out of thin air behind him.

The girl's little hand has just been retracted.

It was her who used that pink energy on him.

This girl was naturally Ain.


Ain lightly stepped in the air, and after a few flashed, she also landed on the execution platform and stood next to Naito.

There was no relationship between Naito and the Whitebeard, but also no hostility. The only thing that connected them was the power used by both of them.

Looking at how he couldn't use his Shock Force because of aging, Naito was left with an uncomfortable feeling.

Therefore, Naito interfered a little.

The Whitebeard's body was healed by Ain, and at the same time, it reversed for decades and returned to its peak state.

Of course, Ain's ability cannot involve the soul, so this only suppressed the injuries on his body and couldn't reverse his dying soul.

But this was enough.

The Whitebeard wasn't looking to live for a few more decades. He has already got what he wants.


The Whitebeard grabbed Akainu's fist with one hand, and with a hint of freedom and joy in his eyes, he looked at the execution platform and said one word.

A man like the Whitebeard probably rarely uttered the word "Thanks" throughout his life, but now, at the last moment, he can return to his peak again. Therefore, he accepted it with gratitude.

Naito didn't speak, but smiled slightly, then turned his head and glanced behind him.

The Blackbeard Pirates had already come here and were ready to seize his ability, but it was unexpected that Naito would suddenly appear, so the Blackbeard didn't dare to show up.

However, even if they didn't show up, did they think that Naito wouldn't be aware of their existence?

There were no extra actions. Naito just made it simple and pressed down his palm towards the back.

A guy like the Blackbeard isn't qualified to use the Shock Force in Naito's view.


The moment his palm fall, a huge fortress was instantly flattened, and the ground was directly pressed into a huge palm print.

Under Naito's action, the Blackbeard and his group were naturally all dead.

"Let's go."

As if he had killed a few mosquitoes, Naito withdrew his hand and then waved his sleeves, and a space channel suddenly opened, and then the three-figure of him, Ain, and Kuian disappeared out of thin air.

It wasn't until Naito left that Sengoku finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Have they gone?"

There was still a bit of a bitter smile on Sengoku's face, facing Naito again, even if it wasn't direct, he couldn't keep calm.

However, almost at the moment when Sengoku was relieved, his expression changed abruptly.

"This is bad!"

Turning his head and looking in the distance, he saw the mightly young Whitebeard, clenching his fist, and with one punch, he sent Akainu flying for tens of meters away, and with another, he got rid of Kizaru, and with a kick, he crushed Aokiji's ice.

This is the real Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world!

"This is really…"

Sengoku smiled bitterly, but there was no other choice. He could only take a deep breath, transform into the form of a big Buddha, and rush into the battlefield.

Akainu was targeted by the Whitebeard, and even when Garp joined the battlefield to stop him, no one could stop him from attacking Akainu.

In the end, the Whitebeard lost a bit of his strength, the entire Marineford was completely torn apart, Aokiji and Kizaru were severely injured, Garp and Sengoku were left embarrassed, and Akainu was finally dead.

Of course, Naito no longer paid attention to any of these things.


Outside the One Piece World.

In the void, there were countless chaotic and distorted spatial powers that even the Whitebeard in his peak would have died instantly from just touching it.

In this void, Naito's figure was moving forward against the turbulent flow, allowing the power of space to wash away, but this time he was unscathed. The current Naito could ignore the power of space without even transform his body into a void form.

Behind him is the space of the One Piece World's diaphragm.

As he progressed, the space of the diaphragm gradually became smaller, turning into a crystal wall and finally into a bubble.

No one knows how long it took.

But finally, a world appeared in the front.

"I'm finally home."

Standing in front of the Shinobi World, Naito seemed to have seen through it the pretty face of Kushina that he missed for so long and the naughty cute look of his daughter Keiko.

A smile appeared on his face, and then he gently took a step forward.

(The End.)

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