The cell phone rang suddenly, breaking the tranquility of the room, disturbing Song Xingcheng, who had been sleeping restlessly in the middle of the big bed, unconsciously frowned.

The next second, he suddenly opened his eyes and sat up on the bed, gasping for breath, his bright black eyes blankly swept across the familiar bedroom, his expression was in a trance, not knowing what was going on.

Before waking up, Song Xingcheng had an unusually real dream, which is still lingering in her heart even now.

In his dream, he saw a novel. In the novel, there was a character with the same name and surname as him. At first he thought that character was the protagonist, but later he found out that it was just a cannon fodder male supporting role. Look down until you are woken up by the bell.

After waking up, she regained her sanity, and all the details that had been neglected in her dream emerged. Song Xingcheng found out the horror. The cannon fodder male supporting role not only had the same name as him, but also had the same background and experience. It was almost himself...

The annoying ringtone continued, interrupting Song Xingcheng's daze. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, followed the ringtone and took the mobile phone on the bedside table.

The three words "Senior Wu" on the screen of the mobile phone are jumping with the ringtone, and the name that was entered with joy and joy is now particularly dazzling.


Song Xingcheng raised his eyebrows. In the dream, he mistakenly thought that "Song Xingcheng" with the same name and surname was the protagonist of the novel, because the novel was written from the perspective of "Song Xingcheng" at the beginning, and later on with the development of the plot. The realization is just a cannon fodder for the protagonist as a stepping stone.

Coincidentally, at the beginning of the dream novel, the character named "Song Xingcheng" received a call early in the morning, a call from the main supporting actor "Wu Jingran".

What's even more coincidental is that in reality, Senior Wu's name is Wu Jingran.

Song Xingcheng turned her head to look at the electronic watch beside the bed. The date and time were exactly the same as those mentioned in the novel in her dream...

Now that the phone is really ringing, is the content of the novel in the dream real?

Song Xingcheng shuddered uncontrollably.

Ah, the air in early spring was still very cold, he quickly lay down and wrapped himself in a warm blanket.

At this time, the phone automatically hung up because the ringing time was too long, Song Xingcheng ignored it, opened the phone memo, and entered the plot of the novel in the dream by voice, taking advantage of the deepest memory of the dream to leave a record, and at the same time sorting out himself train of thought.

Looking at the last recorded blockbuster with messy text that only he could understand, Song Xingcheng showed an angry expression on his delicate facial features. Because of the same name and surname, he

The sense of substitution is very strong, and I am angry at the miserable experience of the cannon fodder "Song Xingcheng", and the so-called "protagonist" is too bullying!

While Song Xingcheng was angry, she casually opened the software of several social platforms, entered keywords to search for the latest news, and then stared at the photos and videos that popped up, her eyes widened in horror.

Could the content of the novel in the dream actually be true? !

Song Xingcheng was so surprised, because she couldn't hold the phone steady because her hands were shaking, the phone dropped twice, and the first time it hit her face...

Song Xingcheng couldn't care about the pain on his face anymore, he sat up abruptly, quickly flipped through the news on the Internet, crawled out of the bed in a hurry, put on pajamas casually, and rushed to the study like the wind.

Song Xingcheng didn't want the content of the novel she dreamed of to come true at all. The tragic experience of the character with the same name is just the second thing. The most important thing is that it is a novel of the end of the world!

But Song Xingcheng was dealt a heavy blow by the network that had not yet gone on strike. A lot of information showed that zombies appeared in the real world... The end of the world has come...

According to the content of the novel, it was the meteor shower the night before that caused the doomsday disaster. In that super-large-scale meteor shower, a large number of extraterrestrial meteorites entered the blue star and fell to the ground.

The unknown substances carried by the meteorite spread rapidly all over the world, and without human beings noticing, the entire planet was changed.

Then at eight o'clock in the morning of Anguo time, that is, twenty minutes before Song Xingcheng was awakened, an unknown mutation targeting humans suddenly broke out uniformly.

Half of the humans on Blue Star suddenly fainted for no reason, ranging from a few minutes to half an hour, and those who got up again turned into irrational zombies eager to devour human flesh and blood.

The other half of the lucky humans are also having a hard time. If they fail to avoid the attack of the zombies, they will be eaten by the zombies or become new zombies after being injured.

Even if you are lucky enough to avoid the attack of the zombies temporarily, you will face disasters such as no rescue, no food, polluted water sources, no survival supplies, and the collapse of social order...

The more Song Xingcheng recalled the content of the novel, the more serious his expression became. He turned on the computer and quickly searched for information related to the meteor shower last night and survival, and quickly downloaded and printed them out.

The chaos has begun to emerge. The online world has been completely detonated by keywords such as "zombies" and "the end of the world". While printing, I did not forget to use my own travel account with more than 100,000 fans to forward and spread.

until quarter to eight

The computer network was suddenly disconnected, followed by the mobile phone network and signal.

With no network or signal, Song Xingcheng couldn't receive any news from outside. He left the mobile phone with multiple missed calls, arranged for the printer to continue working, and started running up and down to check the supplies in his home. I have a good idea of ​​the food stored at home.

The good news is that the newly replenished staple food of rice and noodles at home is packed in 50 catties, which is enough for him to eat for more than two months; his favorite grilled chicken fills up the third floor of a refrigerator; Layers of frozen seafood, meat...

The bad news is that fresh fruits and vegetables may not last for two weeks; if there is no electricity, the seafood and meat in the frozen layer will not last long; what's worse, his beloved grilled chicken can be stored at room temperature, so save some , the original amount of half a month is divided into two months, and I can only eat two packs a week...

Song Xingcheng loves grilled chicken the most. He usually eats it as a snack. One pack a day is not a problem. If he is watching a football game or watching a movie, he can kill an extra pack. He mails fresh grilled chicken.

Thinking of the dream novel becoming reality, the end of the world has really come, and the grilled chicken will no longer be eaten after eating the stock, Song Xingcheng suddenly feels sad, and life loses a great joy.

What's worse is that there is no time for him to grieve. After Gudu Gudu drank a glass of milk and took two slices of bread, Song Xingcheng continued to search every room in the house, trying to find more useful supplies, while whispering "panel", "panel"...

Now that the novel has become a reality, Song Xingcheng doesn't want to believe it, but he has to believe it. The cannon fodder male partner with the same name and surname in the novel is himself. He really doesn't want to accept that he will be so stupid in the future. , all of his wealth was used to make wedding dresses for others, and in the end he ruined his own life...

So stupid that Song Xingcheng felt ashamed!

As for the fact that her life might be a novel, Song Xingcheng didn't have too much difficulty accepting it, and she didn't have any thoughts of breaking her three views and being devastated by the blow.

One and only thought is that even if the novel comes true, he will not accept his fate easily, he will rise up! He wants to be the protagonist!

As the saying goes, if you don't want to be cannon fodder for the hero, you are not a good charterer.

He will absolutely never live his life as miserable as in the novel!

I think of him, Song Xingcheng, who came from a wealthy family and became a charterer who owns two residential buildings when he was an adult. The rent of 40 houses provides him with millions of cash every year, so that he doesn't have to worry about money at all and can live a happy life.

Very chic and happy.

And according to the information revealed in the novel in the dream, even if the end of the world comes, he still has a good hand of cards, and he is a gifted and supernatural person.

Not to mention that now he got the plot spoiler in advance, Song Xingyan firmly believes that he is the darling of the heavens, and it really can't be justified that someone as lucky as him can't be the protagonist!

Song·Strong Fighting·Xingcheng is now discovering his talent. According to the content of the novel, the cannon fodder "Song Xingcheng" will find out that he has a golden finger and a city management system a few days after the end of the world.

As a city lord, as long as you pay energy points, you can build houses, farmland, factories, shops, etc. in the real world just like playing a business simulation game, and finally build a super-large city with complete facilities.

The control of the talent system relies on the idea of ​​"Song Xingcheng", and "Panel" and "Close" are the most basic control commands of the city management system.

Now Song Xingcheng just wanted to try, did he get the golden finger from the sky at the beginning of the end of the world, and could he open the city management system in advance?

After chanting a few times, a translucent operation panel really appeared in front of Song Xingcheng's eyes as the word "panel" fell!

Song Xingcheng:! !

The operation panel is very clear and simple, with only a few icons here and there. The translucent icons do not block Song Xingcheng's view of the real world.

There are four circular icons arranged from left to right below the operation panel, which say [Task], [Road Repair], [Construction] and [Demolition].

At this time, the [Road Repair] and [Construction] icons are colored, and the other two are gray.

Song Xingcheng's attention was focused on the [Construction] icon, thinking of "open", the [Construction] icon immediately expanded to a large amount of content, including [Residential], [Agriculture], [Industry], [Commercial], [Technology] ], [Municipal], [Military] and a long list of secondary icons.

Although the [Residence] icon is in color at this time, other icons are in a gray state that cannot be selected, but Song Xingcheng, who has played simulation business games, knows that other icons will have a chance to be unlocked in the future.

While Song Xingcheng was obsessed with studying his talent system, the video intercom at the door of the living room downstairs suddenly rang, and through the camera, he could see two people standing outside the villa's door.

A man and a woman were ringing the doorbell in horror and observing the surroundings vigilantly. The boy among them was Wu Jingran, the senior Wu who had called many times before.

What Song Xingcheng observed more carefully was the pure and beautiful girl next to her. She was the "heroine" Su Xin'er in the novel in her dream. powerful role.

In the novel, "Song Xingcheng" picks up the mobile phone, and when she learns that Senior Wu is looking for something, she readily agrees to the senior she has a crush on to come to her house as a guest, but in the end, the wolf is lured into the house.

In reality, Song Xingcheng didn't answer Wu Jingran's call at all. Unexpectedly, Wu Jingran and Su Yu'er went straight to his house, which is interesting.

Song Xingcheng walked to the screen to observe the two people outside the gate, feeling angry and curious.

The camera is one-way, and he is not worried that the two people outside will see him.