Chapter 3028 Wedding (finale)

As for Duke Huai, considering his previous contributions, Helian Rongjiu did not take his life, but only took away his title of prince and confiscated most of his property, leaving him only 30 taels of silver, and he was demoted. For the common people, he was expelled from the capital and could never return to the capital.

   Murong Lingran was also satisfied with this result. She also knew Duke Huai's previous contributions. It was not easy for Helian Rongjiu to withstand the pressure and remove him from the throne.

  The matter of Duke Huai came to an end, and Murong Lingran was ready to marry in peace.

   Three days later, it was the day when Murong Lingran got married.

  Royal weddings are different from ordinary weddings, especially the Queen's wedding, there are many ceremonies, so before dawn, Murong got up and dressed up.

  Her three sisters-in-law also stayed in her house all the time, guarding the palace mama to dress her up, for fear of something inappropriate.


  Liu Jianian looked at her sister who had already put on makeup and sighed: "I have known that A Ran is beautiful since I was a child, but I didn't expect that the queen's dress is even more amazing. If I were Your Majesty, I would also like A Ran."

   Ruan Youyi smiled and said, "A Ran is the most beautiful girl in our family."

  Jing Yan'er also said: "The eldest princess is beautiful, and her mother-in-law is also beautiful. The born A Ran is really more dazzling than the pearl in the sky."

Murong Lingran felt a little embarrassed after hearing the compliments from the sisters-in-law that they didn't want money, and coughed lightly: "Sisters-in-law, you are also very good-looking, but I am married today, I am the oldest, and I will be a Houhou today. The most beautiful woman in the palace."

   "Haha..." Everyone was happy.

   After she was dressed up, the **** sent by the palace to read the book also arrived, and the whole family knelt down with her.

After the    **** finished reading, he also handed the queen's book treasure to her.

  The **** said: "Empress Empress, your chariot has already come, hurry up and get on the sedan chair."

   Murong nodded, turned around to say goodbye to the relatives at home, and then got into the sedan chair.

   Everyone in the family had tears in their eyes. There was only one girl in the family, and she got married soon after, and everyone was very reluctant to give up.

  Murong Lingran naturally knew that her family did not give up on her, but she was afraid that she would turn her head in tears and wear makeup, which would make her even more embarrassed, so she had to harden her heart and not turn her head.

  Empress Yijia slowly walked towards the Jinghua Gate of the palace. After entering the palace, Helian Rongjiu was already waiting for her in Yuanlai Hall.

  The two went to the temple of Fengxian Hall.

After the completion of the   ye Temple, the sky was almost dark, and the two came to Tiankun Palace, the emperor's special palace for major events, where the courtiers were already waiting.

   "One Worship..."

   "Second worship high hall..."

   "Husband and wife worship each other..."

   "Sent into the bridal chamber..."

   Helian Rongjiu took Murong Lingran's hand back to his wedding room.

  Tonight, it's still a long time...

Four years later

   Great Court

   Eunuch De said loudly: "If you have something to play, you will retreat to the court if there is nothing."

   A minister said: "Your Majesty, you have been married for four years, and there is only one queen in the harem. Please also ask your majesty to take the concubine as soon as possible for the sake of the country and society, so that the harem will be filled, and the children will continue."

Helian Rongjiu said impatiently: "I said it, I'm not allowed to ask this question again. The queen was married to me for four years, and was pregnant with twins twice. You already have four children, are there any more children?"

   "Your Majesty, there are not too many children. You are already in your twenties this year, and the four children are still a little less."

   "Are you saying that if I lose a little more, I will take another concubine? I think enough is enough, you don't need to say more."

Suo Cheng said: "Your Majesty is right, Your Majesty and the Empress are still young, and they will have children in the future. Children are all fate, so there is no need to rush this time. When the late Emperor was His Majesty's age, although there were many wives and concubines, but the children were only two."

   Helian Rongjiu nodded in agreement, "The prime minister is right."

  The minister was at a loss for words.

   At this moment, a **** rushed over anxiously and said, "See Your Majesty."

   "What's the hurry?"

   "Report to Your Majesty, you said that as long as it is the matter of the Empress, no matter what you are doing, I will report it to you."

   "What happened to the queen?"

   "Your Majesty, the Empress is happy again."

"Hahaha...hahaha..." Helian Rongjiu laughed loudly and said: "It's really God's blessing, you still want me to take concubine, you see, my queen is going to give birth to me again, what kind of concubine? I don't want to find some concubines to block my queen, well, I'm in a good mood today, let's retreat."

  The courtier knelt down at the same time and said, "Congratulations to your majesty, and congratulations to your majesty."


   At night, Changqi Shenjun returned to the space.

   Thinking of Murong Lingran, who was pregnant again, he sighed.

  Forget it, he still didn't tell her that Helian Rongjiu was the reincarnation of part of his soul for the time being, lest she get excited and affect the child.

   As for his pets, let them be the same as before, so as not to cause more trouble. After a hundred years of Murong Lingran and Helian Rong, they will know what they should know.

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