Chapter 1 Throw it out

   "It's unfortunate to take their things with you, hurry up and take it away!" A woman rudely threw a bag over there.

   Murong Lingran, whose head was dizzy, only felt a heavy weight on her chest, which made her unable to breathe, and her consciousness became more and more sober.

   tried to open his eyes, but found that he didn't even have the strength to open them.

   At this time, she heard another woman say: "Sister-in-law, you can't do this. She is a patient, and she is only a child. You want to kill her by throwing her out while her father and brother are away."


   Wasn't she trying to save the child in the middle of the road from being hit by a car?


   What kind of black-hearted hospital is this, to throw her a brave person out?

and many more?

   What did she say just now?

   Father and brother? Isn't she an only child? Her parents had passed away a month ago, where did they come from?

Before she could figure it out, she heard the person who first spoke again: "Hmph, her father and brother haven't come back for two days, they must have been eaten by tigers and bears on the mountain, or they thought she was a burden and didn't want to take care of her. She is already a patient. If I don't throw her out while she is still breathing, will I let her die in my house to make me feel bad?"

"But her father and brother's things are still here. She has been here for 20 days, and she has been in a coma for 20 days. We all see how her father and brother treat her during these days. This is their life, isn't it? Might have left her behind."

"Sister-in-law, I came to see her every day at the request of her father, and gave her medicine and water. She is still alive. Besides, there are people in the village who go up the mountain to chop wood every day. If something happened to them, they would have been arrested long ago. I found out, there must be something delayed, they will come back, you just wait."

   Murong Lingran was shocked when she heard the words, she actually slept for twenty days? No wonder her whole body felt so tight.

   Could it be that the person who hit her did not send her to the hospital, but took her to rent a house, pretended to take care of her for a few days, and then ran away?

One of the onlookers looked at the unconscious child, stepped forward to probe her breath, and couldn't bear to say: "Although this child's breath is weak, it is indeed still alive, they have lived for twenty days, and this month's silver has also been given. , If you throw people out like this, you have already lost your trust in others. If something really happens to her, what is the difference between you and a murderer?"

   "Yeah, you're going too far. Murong and his son will be back soon, so just wait."

   "It's not easy for their father and son. It's really immoral for you to fall into trouble like this."


   The people next to you persuaded the person named Gao with every word, and Murong Lingran finally understood her current situation from their words.

   She actually traveled back, and only twenty days had passed.

   She clearly remembered that her father was the youngest imperial physician in the Taiyuan Hospital, and their family was sent to the frontier Saiyuan mansion three years ago because they were framed.

   Some time ago, the queen mother was on her birthday. The emperor prayed for the queen mother and granted amnesty to the world. Their family was pardoned and allowed to return to the capital.

   It’s just that when they were about to get to the capital, they encountered robbers on the official road who were being chased by soldiers.

The last memory of    is that she was pushed down a five-meter-high dirt **** in the chaos, and when it was dark before her eyes, she became a newborn baby in the 21st century.