Chapter 1 Returning Paladin

  July in Hangzhou, the sun is like fire.

  Facing the roiling heat wave, Zhang Hong strode forward with heavy steps, rushing into the gate of the International Exhibition Center with lightning speed and jingle bells.

  The cold air from the air conditioner made him tremble all over, and he couldn't help showing a comfortable smile.

With a height of 1.8 meters and a heavyweight body of more than 200 kilograms, the sudden intrusion of Zhang Hong, who is known as the "big meat king" by people in the world, shocked the security personnel in front of the security check channel, and their expressions became vigilant. .

  But before the other party could make a move, Zhang Hong immediately handed over his ID card with a flattering smile.

  Uncle Security checked the card carefully, and after confirming that it was not a counterfeit, he waved his hand to let it go.


  The 17th Daxia Comic Con is being held at the International Exhibition Center these days. Because the organizer intends to control the number of people entering the venue, the tickets are extremely tight, so some nerds who failed to grab the tickets frantically forged their documents to try to muddle through.

  Uncle Security personally caught several of them, all of them were war scum who claimed to be Acer.

   Zhang Hong, who looks a lot like Acer but is actually a member of the Acer team, passed through the security check channel smoothly. The wide lobby of the main hall was in front of him. He grabbed the SLR camera hanging on his chest and wanted to roar loudly with excitement.

   Ladies and gentlemen, the devil king is here!


   Zhang Hong, who had just rushed forward a few steps, suddenly went dark, feeling as if he had hit a solid wall, and he was in a bad mood!

  Under the reaction force generated by the impact, he staggered back a few steps, so as not to fall to the ground.

  The next moment, Zhang Hong saw clearly the culprit that caused him to run into a wall.

  It was a tall man, taller than Zhang Hong who was 1.8 meters tall.

  He was wearing a set of dark brown leather armor. The surface of the leather armor was densely covered with deep or shallow scars, as well as dark red spots that looked like blood, as if he had just experienced a fierce battle.

  The leather armor was bounded by a belt of the same texture, a dagger with a sheath and a silver wine jug were tied on the left and right waists, and trousers and leather boots covered with mud were worn underneath.

   Zhang Hong, who was very happy and sad, was very annoyed, but he was surprised to see the other party's attire.

  He has seen too many cosplays in China, but he has never seen such a special mercenary adventurer COS. Although the equipment is very simple and not dazzling at all, it gives people an extremely strong sense of reality.

  The question is how did this person suddenly appear? Just now there was no one in front of me!

   While Zhang Hong was looking at the other party, the other party seemed to be aware of it, and turned around to meet his gaze.

  The fat all over Zhang Hong's body trembled involuntarily, and the anger disappeared instantly.

This tall man is about 30 years old. His hair is cut very short, and the steel needles are very dense. He has an open forehead, a high nose bridge, bright eyes and a resolute face. Although not very handsome and handsome, but very masculine.

  Killing all sissy little fresh meat in seconds, such a man doesn't need to spend money to pick up girls, right?

   Zhang Hong, who was all over fat, thought with low self-esteem.

   Then he heard the man say, "You, good."

  Zhang Hong was taken aback.

  The voice of the other party was quite low, and the strange thing was that the two words were spoken very awkwardly, as if he hadn't spoken for a long, long time.

He scratched his head and stammered, "Hi, hello, I, I'm Xinman's intern reporter Zhang Hong, Gongchang Zhang, Jiang, Jiang Niaohong, I'm sorry to bump into you just now, may I ask you, your cosplay Which character is it?"

  The corner of the man's mouth twitched, as if mocking himself: "My name is Zuo Yi, left and right, and perseverance."

  This time the man spoke much more fluently.

   "Uh, Mr. Zuo, hello..."

Zhang Hong almost scratched his scalp. He was intimidated by the invisible aura emanating from the other party. He felt a lot of pressure. Before he knew it, his body became very stiff, his mouth was no longer sharp, and his usual cleverness was gone. Save, so stiff as hell.

  Zuo Yi smiled, looked away from Zhang Hong, and swept across the hall of the International Exhibition Center.

  The main hall is very lively. A coser dressed in strange costumes walks among the crowd, ostentatiously accepting the gaze of the audience and being washed by the flashing lights. Elves, fairies, orcs, monsters, Iron Man, fake girls...

   makes this place look very magical.

  His gaze finally fixed on a banner hanging from the dome of the exhibition hall: 2019 Great Summer International Comic Con!

  2019, big summer!

  A look of disbelief flashed in Zuo Yi's eyes.

  The memory of the past few days is still vivid in his mind, which also makes him doubt the reality of what he sees.

  Three days ago, after wandering around the world of Sadya for many years, Zuo Yi returned to the starting point of crossing to Sadya—the Thorn Town on the edge of the Montenegro forest, and just happened to bump into the abyssal demon army that invaded the ground.

In order to cover the retreat of the townspeople, he guarded the outpost fortress alone, fought fiercely with countless demons, broke through to advance to the holy rank, and finally fought a decisive battle with Sol, the lord of the ninth floor of the abyss and the commander of the demon army, outside Thorn Town .

Relying on the power of the sanctuary condensed by the eight virtues and beliefs, Zuo Yi severely injured Sol, who has the title of "Witch King", but he was also hit by the "Great Exile" cast by Sol at the cost of burning his last life, and then Being forcibly pulled into the turbulent flow of space.

  But now, he is standing here!

   Is it hallucination?

  Zuo Yi instantly rejected this idea.

  Even in the high-dimensional Sadya world, when he was still a legend, Edith, who was known as the strongest spiritual wizard, could not break through his iron will.

   What's more, Zuo Yi has become a Paladin now.

   Hallucination? nonexistent!

  Since it is not an illusion, it means that he has really come back. After traveling to the world of Sadya for thirty years, he has returned to his homeland, and returned to the world where he was born and raised, and which really belongs to him!

  At this moment, Zuo Yi wanted to laugh wildly.

  For many years, he thought that he would never be able to return to this world that haunted him, but he never expected that he would be sent back by the strongest enemy at the cost of his life.

  Sol, he is simply a Northeasterner in the abyss!

   What makes Zuo Yi feel a little unbelievable is that it has only been three years since he left.

  Although in the multiverse, the time of different plane worlds is different, the tenfold difference between the high-dimensional Sadya and the low-dimensional Blue Star is unimaginable.

  Zuo Yi didn't bother with this issue. There are endless mysteries in the multiverse with countless planes. The saints can't understand one of the billions of them in their entire lives. Ordinary people think too much, which is completely self-abuse.

  What he wants most now is to go home!

   "Reporter Zhang..."

  Zuo Yi withdrew his gaze, suppressed the excitement in his heart, and said to Zhang Hong who was still standing in front of him: "Can I borrow your mobile phone to make a call?"

  When he first traveled to the world of Sadya, Zuo Yi carried a lot of things with him, including backpacks, mobile phones, wallets, passports, ID cards, etc. These items belonging to the Blue Star World have long since disappeared.

  But Zuo Yi still feels very lucky. In just three years, he will not have much estrangement from Blue Star World.

"Oh, alright."

   Zhang Hong woke up, hurriedly took out his mobile phone, unlocked it with his fingerprint, and handed it to Zuo Yi.

   Zuo Yi said "thank you" and took it.

   This mobile phone is not much different from the one he used back then, and Zuo Yi is also familiar with the system, so he entered a number to call it.

   "The phone you are calling is off..."

  The voice from the mobile phone made Zuo Yi a little disappointed. He originally wanted to contact a friend who lived in downtown Hangzhou to pick him up, but he didn't expect the phone to be turned off.magic

   Forget it, Zuo Yi returned the phone to Zhang Hong: "Thank you."

   After speaking, he strode towards the door and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

   Zhang Hong, who stayed where he was, held the phone blankly, feeling like he was in a dream, very unreal.


   Walking out of the International Exhibition Center, the scorching sun shone on Zuo Yi's face, making him narrow his eyes slightly.

  Zuo Yi's family is not in the urban area of ​​Hangzhou City. He has been living in Linjiang Town on the other side of the Qianjiang River, which is more than ten kilometers away from here.

  At his walking speed, walking home is very simple. If you are not afraid of being discovered and shocked, flying back directly is a matter of seconds.

  But Zuo Yi didn't use either, but found a jewelry store near the exhibition center.

The International Exhibition Center is located in the most prosperous area of ​​Hangzhou City, and the surrounding commercial facilities are very complete. The facade of this jewelry store is quite elegantly decorated. The two beautiful hostesses at the door saw Zuo Yi who was dressed in a different world, and did not show it. What disgust and resentment, but Qiqi bowed and said: "Welcome to Jinyufu Jewelry!"

  One of the hostesses asked politely: "Sir, what do you need?"

  Zuo Yi asked: "Do you recycle gold here?"


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