One thousand years later, the Primordial God Realm has already recovered from the battle that shook the entire planet. Although the process of reparations took a very long time, everyone did their best to rebuild the Primordial God Realm.

Even until now, the earth-shaking battle that took place one thousand years ago was still one of the main topics of everyone's conversations. The ones who experienced the aftermath of that clash would never forget that event.

The name 'Jiu Shen' was immortalized as the savior of the entire planet. Although he died after fighting against the most mysterious expert in Asgard, his glorious deeds were never forgotten and his sagas were written in scrolls, manuscripts, and books by historians.

The Heavenly Sword Region has become the most prosperous region in the world and it has already become the center of trading and commerce. Many luxurious carriages driven by rich merchants passed by in large groups. Hidden experts and civilians intermingled within the crowd, but despite the differences in their standing and power, no one dared to cause a ruckus. There was only one reason for such a disciplined crowd, the presence of a behemoth called the 'Heavenly Sword Tower'!

As the sect of the late Jiu Shen, the Heavenly Sword Tower was glorified along with his great name. Many experts and great talents emerged in the sect throughout the thousand years, making it even more powerful. Their authority was already unshakable!

There are disciples of the Heavenly Sword Tower patrolling the streets, ensuring the safety of the civilians. All of them had strong cultivations, making the crowd feel uneasy staring at them. Although these disciples looked strong, they were merely the outer court disciples of the Heavenly Sword Tower tasked to do the most menial of jobs. However, all of these outer court disciples were willing to do their tasks.

"Attention! The Vice Sect Master of the Heavenly Sword Tower has arrived with the Heavenly Sword Prince! Everyone, please vacate the main road!" A loud booming sound echoed in everyone's ears and when they heard the words of the speaker, they immediately scurried away from the main road with respectful looks on their faces. Even the rich merchants and peak experts made their way when they heard the voice.


Soon, an azure carriage with the crest of the Heavenly Sword Tower emerged in everyone's sights. The carriage was drawn by five Flightless Fire Dragons, a specie of dragon that couldn't fly. Their bodies were huge and muscular and were covered with blazing crimson flames. They looked majestic and proud as they pulled the azure carriage.

Following behind the carriage was a battalion of soldiers dressed in black armor. Each soldier had a dark red sword stapped behind their back. The entire battalion had cold faces as they scanned the crowd, observing for any potential threat that might harm the important people inside the carriage.

Leading this battalion of soldiers was a young man wearing an indifferent look. His body was covered in scars and even his right eye became blind because of a sword wound. On his right chest, the word 'Blood Sword' was written in bold. This man was none other than Yang Zenke, the Division Head of the Blood Sword Division. He was now a Celestial with millions of soldiers under his command! With his strength, he could heal the scars on his body, but he decided to keep them in order to remind himself of the struggles that he's been through to reach his current height.

Under Yang Zenke's leadership, the Blood Sword Division of the Heavenly Sword Tower has already become famous throughout the lands. Their reputation was so resounding that even the nearby regions were fearful of their might!"Look! Isn't that General Yang Zenke of the Heavenly Sword Tower? Gosh! He looks so cool and scary!"

"I heard that he killed a newly emerged savage beast at the Celestial level some time ago. The beast caused great havoc in the Northern Ice Plains, forcing the Heavenly Sword Tower to take action. It was General Yang Zenke who killed the savage beast and their battle even caused a large portion of the glaciers in the Northern Ice Plains to melt!"

Yang Zenke remained unperturbed under the admiring gazes of the crowd. He was already used to this.

The whole entourage stopped in front of a statue. The five Flightless Fire Dragons kneeled in unison as they stared at the statue. Yang Zenke jumped down from his mount and also kneeled. The entire battalion of soldiers revealed looks of reverence as they kneeled.

Soon, the door of the carriage was opened. A valiant-looking beauty with golden hair emerged from the carriage. She was holding a one-year-old child in her arms, smiling at the little guy with affection.

This peerless young lady was the Vice Sect Master of the Heavenly Sword Tower, Theia. The child in her arms was her son with the late Sect Master Jiu Shen. The child's name is Jiu Yonggan, but everyone calls him Heavenly Sword Prince.

Theia conceived the Heavenly Sword Prince for 999 years in her womb and it was only recently that he was born.

The entire Primordial God Realm was in an uproar when they heard about this. It was unheard of for a child to stay unborn for 999 years! Everyone kept tabs on this unborn child of the late Sect Master Jiu Shen. They wanted to find out how talented their son would be.

Finally, after 999 years of waiting, the Heavenly Sword Prince, Jiu Yonggan, was born. When Theia gave birth to him, the sky turned azure and the chiming of heavenly bells resounded throughout the entire planet. The phenomenon lasted for an entire hour before it vanished and this became a major sensation. What kind of child was the Heavenly Sword Prince for him to summon such a heavenly phenomenon in his birth?Aside from this shocking phenomenon, the Heavenly Sword Prince was also born as a Void God Realm! He directly skipped many major realms even before he started cultivating! From then on, the legend of the Heavenly Sword Prince circulated in the world!

At this moment, Theia gently held her child as she glanced at the statue. She could not help but tear up as she looked at the familiar face. "Jiu Shen... This is our child, Jiu Yonggan." She muttered, her eyes slightly reddening.

Her voice wasn't loud, but everyone looking at the scene could hear it. They choked upon hearing the great emotion in her voice. Even the stoic Yang Zenke lowered his head to prevent the others from seeing the tears in his eyes.

Among the crowd, five individuals draped in long black robes spectated the scene with heavy emotions.


The man leading them sighed as he shook his head. "Jiu Shen... my friend..."

"Brother Jian Wang, how about we go with the rest of the group?"

"No. Let the family speak to each other. We will only destroy the atmosphere if we go there." Jian Wang shook his head right away.

They were the five Celestials that gave their cultivation to Jiu Shen during his final battle with the Lord of Asgard. With the help of the Cultivation Hall, they had already recovered a portion of their powers.

Everyone glanced at the tall statue. It was a peerless image, unmatched even until now. He was holding a terrifying-looking sword as he stared at the horizon with a calm look on his face. There was a diamond plaque at the foot of the statue with words written by sword strokes.

In memory of the Wine God Jiu Shen.

~~~~~ The End~~~~~