Chapter 1   - The Humble Store

In the world of Nuar, multiple races fought for supremacy. But after fighting for countless millennia only one race was able to subdue everyone, the demon race.

The demon race was well-known for its unusually cruel nature and foul deeds. They despised all other races, seeing them as lesser beings there to do their bidding. But because of their strength, no one dared to oppose their rule.

The demons thought that their reign would continue for several more years, but they never realized that because of their sordid actions, more than half of the other races joined hands to create an alliance in order to thwart their leadership before it could even sprout.

Another war ensued after the rebellion of the allied races. The battle during that time was even more bloodied and it caused the extinction of several races.

The demons used their physically strong bodies and their huge numbers of vassal forces to overpower the alliance. Both sides lost countless valiant warriors, but neither stopped the fight.

After several dozen years of war, the two opposing parties pledged an agreement. They would divide the world into two, and both of them would live in their own separate worlds.


What happened was that they did not literally divide the world into two, but instead, they would live in two separate continents, the Profound Dragon Continent and the Crimson Fiend Continent. The alliance would live in the former continent while the demons would live in the latter.

There were three continents in the world of Nuar, but the third continent was plagued by countless ferocious beasts and there were even rumors of 10th-rank God beasts residing within the continent. Thus, even the demons were wary about the said continent which everyone named as the Divine Beast Continent.

More than fifty thousand years after the war between the alliance and the demon race, the alliance lived a harmonious life within the Profound Dragon Continent. There were clashes among them, but it did not reach the point where it had to involve countless races.

* * *

Profound Dragon Continent, Beltran City, the capital city of the Silver Wing Empire.

The empire was established by one of the strongest heroes of the alliance after the rebellion fifty thousand years ago, Grimgar Silveria.

The current emperor, Elyk Silveria II, had inherited his ancestor’s good genes. Despite his old age, he was already at the 8th-ranked Divine level. His strength was a deterrent force that scared the prying eyes of the neighboring empires.

And aside from their strong emperor, the empire was also known for its monstrous Silver Wing Army. And to be part of that army, one must be at least at the 3rd-ranked Crusader level. It means that everyone in that army was all strong men.

In one of the busiest streets of Beltran City, a lot of pedestrians can be seen walking around. The sound of chattering crowds can be heard within the busy streets. Several restaurants and inns can also be seen everywhere. The fragrant aroma of exquisite cuisines cooked by the most famous chefs in the empire lingered for a long period of time.

In one corner of the street with much lesser pedestrians, a humble store can be seen. It only had a small signboard with the store’s name written on it roughly, ’The Immortal’s Wine’. Its eye-catching name was a stark contrast to the humble exterior of the store itself.

A few curious pedestrians would sometimes glance at the store and smirk in condescension after seeing its arrogant name. They shook their heads and walked past the store, disregarding it.

A tall and handsome young man with long silver hair tied in a ponytail stepped out of the store, his face was emotionless as if he was unbothered by everyone’s scornful looks. He sat lazily on a wooden chair placed outside his store.

The young man’s name was Jiu Shen, and he was formerly a peak immortal who was brutally beaten and trapped by Celestial Emperor Lao Gou in a God Sealing Tower because the latter’s second wife had taken a liking to him. He had mysteriously transmigrated into this world right after his death and a mechanical voice also speaks inside his brain to give him ’missions’. The voice in his head kept on telling him to brew wine every single day to practice his wine-making skills.

Although he was trapped for an uncountable amount of years inside the God Sealing Tower, he had also lived for innumerable eons and he knew a thing or two about wines. Heck, he even tasted Celestial Emperor Lao Gou’s Heavenly Void Dragon Urn.

He practiced his wine-making skills after the endless ramblings of the system inside his head, and he learned that he was actually talented with it. In not less than a day, he was already capable of making a wine that was able to preserve 60% of the true essence from the ingredients he used.

Although it was only a little more than half of the amount of true essence contained within the ingredients, it was still astonishing progress for someone who had practiced for merely a day. Even most of the wine masters had to practice their skills for more than several decades just to achieve what he had achieved in a single day.

He was already in Beltran City for more than a month, but not even one customer came inside his store. Not even one person bothered to check what was sold inside, but he did not care one bit.

A chubby white cat meowed at the young man in a cute manner before it jumped on him and curled up lazily on his lap. He rubbed the cat’s head gently while looking at it expressionlessly. The fat cat closed its eyes in delight as it allowed the young man to rub its head.

It meowed adorably at him as if it was asking for something. Jiu Shen’s lips twitched upwards to form a faint smile, but his detached eyes never changed.

"How come a God beast progeny like you only knows how to eat?"

He carried the chubby cat inside the store and fed it with milk that the system produced daily to be given to the cat.

Jiu Shen indifferently watched the cat he had randomly named Ice as it licked the milk provided by the system greedily.

- Ding!

- First Mission: Sell your first wine within 3 days. A reward will be given for successfully accomplishing the mission.