A young man whose appearance was hidden behind a cloak appeared in the sky. He appeared so suddenly as though he had stepped between two places.

"This should be the right place." The young man said as he glanced below his feet.

A huge forest stretched on for kilometers and a huge mountain stood in the middle of it. The mountain was called the 'mountain of chance' and it was rumored that the goddess of luck resided on this mountain.

But it was no rumor as the young man, Kai, himself had explored this mountain to meet the goddess of luck.

Unfortunately, he encountered the goddess of misfortune instead and things got a little too out of hand.

But that was not the reason Kai was here. He threw aside his cloak and a handsome face was revealed underneath it.

Purple-black hair that curled up to face the sky and eyes the color of the universe with snow-white skin. His appearance was so dazzling that if normal humans gazed at him, they would die.


He scanned the area once again before a bright flash of white light went off in front of him.

A huge cube appeared around him and trapped him. Numerous formations appeared on the cube as they started to link with each other.

Kai didn't even bat an eye as he snapped his fingers to dismantle the formation.

But for some reason, it didn't work. He frowned and manually tried to dismantle the formation but before he could do that, he was teleported away.

'A special realm huh?' Kai thought amusingly as he appeared in a dark square-shaped realm.

His purple eyes started glowing as he tried to see if someone else was inside here but before he could see anything, numerous powerful auras filled the atmosphere.

'These auras, it can't be.' Kai frowned as the entire realm lit up with light.

Numerous men appeared in front of him and the horrible auras he felt earlier belonged to them.

"The legendary Harem Overlord finally arrives." A mocking voice was heard and a middle-aged man with a crooked nose and green hair stepped out of the crowd. His face was set in a permanent sneer as he mocked Kai.

But it was childish of them to try and provoke Kai as he always kept his cool. Disappointed by Kai's reaction, the man reached inside his royal red robes and took out a small ring.

This was a space ring used to store objects and it had a very large space inside it. The space present inside each ring determined its price."What do you want, your majesty, the Divine Emperor." Kai said in a mocking voice and gave the man a small bow.

But unlike him, the divine emperor was easily provoked and his nostrils flared at Kai's provoking.

"Oh, mock me all you want but you won't be able to change what happened here." The Divine Emperor took control of himself as he gave Kai an evil grin.

He took out something from his space ring and threw it on the ground. It was an ordinary pink stone but to Kai, it was a very important part of his life.

"Risea." He slowly said as his expression darkened.

The pink stone was a god's soul. After reaching the semi-divinity realm, cultivators formed a sphere-like thing inside them which was the presentation of their soul.

After ascending into godhood, the sphere turned into a stone which was known as the god's soul.

If someone somehow manages to kill a god, a piece of the stone is the only thing that remains.

The pink stone on the ground indicated that someone named Risea was dead.

"Oh, she is not the only one." The Divine Emperor laughed madly as he emptied the contents of the space ring on the ground.

More than 40 god souls tumbled down on the ground, each falling in a straight line. The other men also started to laugh as the last stone fell out of the ring.

But Kai's expression darkened as he saw each one of those stones. He murmured some names that no one could hear. The god souls on the ground had all belonged to the women who were part of his harem.

"We wanted to r*pe them before we killed them but alas! Your harem protection allowed them to protect themselves from us as we tried to r*pe them and other than that, they fought tooth and claw to kill us. But unfortunately for them, we are the strongest men in the universe and our numbers far exceeded them. In the end, we overwhelmed them and they died painfully." The Divine Emperor was loving the expression of despair on Kai's face and he wanted to savor every second of it.

"I was a fool to let you all live. I pitied some of you as your wives left you for me whereas some of you were in love with some of my women but your hopes were crushed when they chose me. And the biggest thing is that some of you belong to their families and you still betrayed them." Kai said in a dangerous voice as his gaze shifted from one person to another.

His eyes flared as a dark aura emerged from his body and tendrils of darkness wrapped around his hand. He punched the nearest group of people he could find.

They died instantly as he was too powerful for them to control but the Divine Emperor's smile widened when he saw Kai attacking a few people.

"It's your time." The Divine Emperor said and shook his hand forward. Everyone present there released their auras at the same time and directed the energy towards the Divine Emperor."Yin Yang Seal Of Life." The Divine Emperor formed a circle in front of him and divided it into two before sending the attack in Kai's direction.

Kai simply stood rooted on the spot as he saw the divided circle coming towards him. This attack was something no one could evade, dodge or destroy.

This seal was a secret technique that was passed down to every Divine Emperor since a long time ago.

This seal used 90% of the immortal qi which was only present in an immortal's body, and 70% of the golden ichor, the blood of gods to seal the opponent's cultivation for eternity.

Its side effects were huge and the user could also lose his or her's life. This indicated that the Divine Emperor truly hated Kai as he went to such extents to seal his cultivation.

Before it touched Kai, the circle separated into two white and black parts. They hit Kai's body and sealed his cultivation. His aura slowly retracted before completely disappearing.

"We will now torture you for eternity and each of us will savor our precious time with you." The Divine Emperor said savagely.

Even though Kai's cultivation was sealed, he still cringed after hearing these words. If someone didn't know better, they would think that the Divine Emperor was a male yandere. He took out a sword and slashed it in Kai's direction. Thousands of wounds appeared on Kai's body and golden blood started to flow out of it.

"All of you are so foolish. I let you go without doing anything to you and you still came back to kill me. Now I definitely know why the previous Harem overlords pretend that this power was gone." Kai said while laughing, making them wonder if he had finally snapped after today's events.

"I, the Harem Overlord, use the divine harem wish to reincarnate myself and my killed lovers." Kai said blandly as nothing happened.

The Divine emperor started to laugh but suddenly gasped as purple sparks flickered around Kai's body.

The others followed the Divine Emperor's example as more and more purple sparks appeared around Kai's body. They all knew what this power was.

"That power was destroyed millenniums ago!" The Divine Emperor shouted in disbelief before his face suddenly paled as he realized something.magic

"You have that too, don't you?" He said in a small voice as purple sparks continued to flicker around Kai's body.

"I, the Harem Overlord, use the divine harem curse to curse every single person who ever bore ill wishes towards my harem. All of you will die by our hands and it will be brutal." Kai said in an amused tone as his lips curled up in a smile.

Following his words, the god souls on the floor started to tremble.

Kai's image flickered as he vanished into thin air, the souls vanishing after him. The place submerged into total silence as every person present there was horrified of what they had heard, all of them trying to deny it.

The harem wish and curse were the most sacred powers of the Harem Overlords millenniums ago.

These were the most dangerous powers that could grant the harem overlord a wish and a curse the moment they were about to die or were in a state that was almost similar to death.

These powers could allow the Harem Overlord to ask for anything in this world and similarly, you can lay any type of curse on anyone. And every time, anyone had seen these powers in person, they didn't live to tell the tale as these powers wrote fate that was set in stone that was unbreakable.

And the most dreadful thing was that these powers had just been used against them. They could only wait for the worst to happen as there was practically nothing they could do against it.

And just like Kai had said, all of them will die brutally.