Chapter 2  : This Is the Legendary Reincarnation Using a Corpse?

Ji Fengyan thought she was dead.


Why was it that even though I am dead, I still hear a burst of cries?

The cries slowly became louder and Ji Fengyan instinctively wanted to open her eyes to see who the person mourning her death was. But when she opened her eyes...

She saw blue cloudy skies and a tear-stained masculine face.


A burly man was bawling his heart out and looked very emotional. In that split second when Ji Fengyan thought his mucus and tears were about to drip onto her face, she raised her hands out of reflex.


“Mm-miss...” the burly man, who was breathless from crying, looked at Ji Fengyan astonishingly, after she gave him a slap.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes widened as she remained stunned. When her hand was in contact with his face just now, the sensation felt so realistic.

“I am still alive?” Ji Fengyan mumbled to herself, feeling confused.

“Miss! I’m glad you are fine! Don’t give me a scare!” That burly man sobbed.


Ji Fengyan sat up suddenly. There was a heartbreaking pain all over her body, but she did not feel the slightest bit of sadness; instead she was ecstatic!

It was really painful, but she could feel pain?

She was not dead?!

She was still alive!

She had unexpectedly survived the lightning strike!

“Hahaha... Hahaha...” the joy from surviving her death caused Ji Fengyan to laugh uncontrollably. However, her continuous laughter dumbfounded the burly man beside her.


A few men donned with armoured vests next to the burly man were also dazed. They subconsciously poked the man and said, “Chief, did Miss injure her head?”

That burly man was also taken aback, but he instinctively defended Ji Fengyan, “Don’t spout nonsense!”

Even though he said that, the same thoughts also sprouted uncontrollably in his head.

Ji Fengyan was not bothered by these men’s thoughts. Knowing that she was still alive, she was over the moon. However, before she could be happy about her escape from death, many memories that did not belong to her flooded her mind suddenly.

It belonged to a weak, skinny, and cowardly girl who lived in a big family. After her father’s death, she inherited all his treasures and received the Emperor’s decree to be a city lord when she was 14 years old.

While travelling to the city, she was unfortunately met with an ambush. The bodyguard left by her father risked his life to protect her, but the young girl still sustained severe injuries from the ambush and died.

Who knew that when she was revived... She was replaced with Ji Fengyan’s soul.

“Reincarnation using a corpse?” Ji Fengyan’s eyes widened slightly.

Was this considered a repayment after the Heavenly Dao tricked her?

Just when Ji Fengyan was still thinking about the miracle of life, a sudden bolt of lightning struck from the sky. With a loud boom of thunder, it landed just one step in front of Ji Fengyan, leaving the ground with a burnt mark.

“Oh no! They are trying to wipe us all out, you guys, bring Miss away right now!” The burly man took the sword in his hands and charged forward after seeing the lightning flashing one after another.

On a hill-slope opposite to them, a band of men, clad in long black robes, was chanting an incantation difficult to understand, while waving wooden sticks in midair. Following each chant, flashes of lightning were summoned from the skies. The densely packed lightning struck the ground like raindrops pelting down, leaving a trail of smoking black imprints.