Chapter 1283  : Finale (3)

Even the powerful Kingdoms of Sa Er and Mo Shi, all prostrated themselves in worship. The Kingdom of Hua Xia’s position was unshakable.

At that moment, as the only person in power in the Kingdom of Hua Xia, Ji Fengyan had gone deep into the mountains by herself. Thunder rolled above her head and bolts of lightning struck from the sky, imprinting scars on her body. Signs of the lightning’s destruction could be seen throughout the mountainside.

“Come on! I don’t believe that I can’t withstand your lightning tribulation this time! Strike me one more time, if you can!” Ji Fengyan shouted coldly as she held the evil-vanquishing sword in her hand, and pointed to the thunderclouds on the horizon.

This was the last wave of the tribulation of the 99 lightning strikes. She had already withstood 32 bolts and now was only one bolt of lightning away from achieving immortality.

She remembered that the last bolt of lightning had previously struck through her soul. This time, Ji Fengyan was wary and cautious. Before undergoing the Tribulation Transcendence, she had asked Liu Huo to arrange for guards to closely watch the area around the mountain, thus ensuring that no one entered to make mischief.


With just one more bolt of lightning to go, Ji Fengyan could finally achieve her dreams. She focused her attention on this last bolt of lightning.

The thunderclouds rolled on the horizon. A gigantic bolt of lightning suddenly split the clouds and struck directly at Ji Fengyan!

In that instant, Ji Fengyan leapt and avoided the last bolt of lightning. After the lightning struck the ground, Ji Fengyan landed steadily on a nearby rock. Her pretty face shone in the lightning’s glow. Her large black eyes reflected the scene of the slowly vanishing lightning.

Ji Fengyan had successfully dodged the last of the lightning tribulation!

The ominous clouds instantly vanished, and light filtered through the layers of clouds. The golden light shrouded Ji Fengyan’s body. Enshrouded by the holy light, Ji Fengyan felt a stream of holy aura rush into her body. She could clearly feel her body undergoing a massive transformation!

Shrouded by the light, her pretty face slowly changed to become beautiful, regaining the likeness of Ji Fengyan’s soul. She was astoundingly beautiful.


She had finally survived the lightning tribulation!!

Ji Fengyan was so emotional she almost cried.

Who knew that to her, the lightning tribulation was like a nightmare.

But today, after struggling through two lifetimes, she had finally succeeded!

Just as she was waiting for her immortal ascension, the holy light that covered her head suddenly dispersed.

The holy power that had been wildly growing within Ji Fengyan’s body suddenly stopped increasing.


“What’s going on?” Ji Fengyan vaguely felt that something was amiss. Right now, she was at most half an immortal, and was some way away from truly achieving immortal ascension. But... she was supposed to achieve immortal ascension. Why had she stopped halfway through the ascension?

Just as Ji Fengyan was feeling puzzled, she vaguely felt a minor power forming in her inner core.

Ji Fengyan focused her attention to investigate it. The moment she saw it, she was so shocked she was instantly rooted to the spot.

Out of nowhere, a second inner core had appeared within her inner core. And there were wisps of demon aura encircling that inner core...

“Oh, my God! You’re kidding!!” Ji Fengyan almost exploded!

She had finally finished refining her inner core after much difficulty. In the end, a second demonic inner core had suddenly appeared in her body halfway through her immortal ascension.

Ji Fengyan felt like crying, but had no tears.

It appeared that in order to achieve immortality, she would also have to refine the portion of demon bloodline that was originally in this shell...

At that moment, Ji Fengyan understood what it meant to be imprisoned again at the point of release. She was dumbstruck.

Just as Ji Fengyan was in a daze, Liu Huo who had been waiting by the side for a long time looked at Ji Fengyan’s stricken face. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He held back his laughter and scooped up the dumbstruck Ji Fengyan and carried her in his arms.