Chapter 2  : You Have Stinky Breath


It was a type of disease whereby malignant hematopoietic stem cells cloned themselves. It was declared a terminal illness a few years back. In Chinese medicine terms, it was defined as the congestion of the five main arteries, resulting in poor blood flow and vitality when cancerous cells invaded the bones.

Although the medical sector was developed now and it could be treated through chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant, the chemotherapy process was extremely painful. Meanwhile, it would cost 300,000 to 500,000 yuan.

To Ye Chen’s parents, 300,000 to 500,000 yuan would be the equivalent of their life savings.

“Mother, when did this happen?” Ye Chen asked after taking a deep breath in. He witnessed such a terrible incident just when he met his daughter.

Wu Lan sobbed while covering her face, “In the fourth year after you disappeared, Mengmeng was three. Her body was burning up all of a sudden and her nose was bleeding. Your father and I took her to the hospital and found out that it’s leukemia. We’ve gone to countless hospitals, but Mengmeng’s situation didn’t improve. Instead, it began to worsen. The doctor said she needed either a bone marrow transplant or chemotherapy. Both options are just too much for us to handle and Mengmeng is so young. How could she take the pain of chemotherapy? However, if we go for a bone marrow transplant, it will cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. Your father and I are helpless indeed. Since there’s nothing that we can do, your father and I can only use some medication to slow down her illness. The medicine alone costs 1,000 yuan a bottle. We’ve spent everything we’ve saved throughout the past year…”


She looked morbid and guilty when the devastating situation was brought up.

Ye Chen took the medicine bottle from his mother’s hand. He only saw the word ‘Gleevec’ written on it. Then, he asked right away, “What about Yuhan?”

Wu Lan wiped her tears away and looked uncomfortable. “Yuhan…”

“What happened to Yuhan?” Ye Chen had a change in facial expression, seeming to have noticed something.

Wu Lan hesitated for a moment before saying, “Yuhan was forcefully taken away by the Su family on Mengmeng’s second birthday!”

Ye Chen lifted his head immediately upon hearing that as a ferocious gleam flashed deep in his eyes.


The Su family!

Back then, Ye Chen got to know Su Yuhan when they studied at the university. She was the campus queen at the time with many suitors, but she was in love with Ye Chen who came from a mediocre family. After they started their relationship, Ye Chen then learned about her true identity.

She was the daughter of the Beijing giant, the Su family!

What counted as a giant?

In the words of the young man who sneered down on Ye Chen while speaking to him in a condescending way back then, “There’s an old saying that goes, ‘a toad that wishes to eat swan meat’. However, in my Su family, all of you peasants are even lower than toads. You’re just an ant at most. If not for Yuhan, my Su family wouldn’t even care to look down on you. Since you’re an ant, you must have realization of an ant. Stop having unrealistic imagination. Otherwise, I guarantee that you’ll die a horrible death!”

Ye Chen did not want to yield when that happened. He swore to himself that he must do something great to prove himself. However, someone knocked him out when he was on the way home after work. He was then tied up and tossed into the Surge River.


It was a no-brainer that it was the work of the Su family!

Ye Chen clenched his fists slowly as he thought about this point. A cold smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. “Su family, thanks to you, not only did I, Ye Chen, not die after being tossed into the river, but I also returned to the city in all my majesty as the Emperor of Heaven. You’ll see! I’ll show you what it’s like to be an ant and what true fear is!”

Wu Lan thought Ye Chen was mad when she saw that he had gone quiet. She explained immediately, “Xiaochen, don’t blame Yuhan. Since you were gone, we asked her to abort the child because your father and I didn’t want her to suffer. However, that silly girl insisted on waiting for you to return. She even did the house chores and went to work while she was pregnant. She was also the one who took care of Mengmeng until she was two. When the people from the Su family came, she had no choice but to follow them.”

“Mother, I know. She suffered all these years,” Ye Chen said with a smile, but the deadliness deep in his eyes was growing.

Judging by Su Yuhan’s character, she would not have left her daughter had she not been forced to. The Su family must have used some filthy techniques such as using Ye Chen’s parents to threaten her.

Wu Lan wiped her tears while speaking, “Yuhan has never once returned since she left. She can’t even contact me or your father. She must have suffered a lot throughout this time. Since we found out that Mengmeng has leukemia, your father went looking for her in Beijing. In the end, the Su family chased him out and broke his leg.”

“I’ll bring Yuhan back myself one day. I promise that that day won’t be too far away.” Ye Chen smirked coldly, the rage inside of him peaking.

How would the Su family reveal to Su Yuhan that Mengmeng had leukemia? If they did, she would definitely go mad.

Wu Lan had a slight change of expression when she seemed to sense what Ye Chen had in mind, “Don’t mess around. We can’t afford to offend the Su family. We are old. The only thing we hope for in this life is that you and Mengmeng are healthy. It’s just that Mengmeng…”

“Don’t worry, Mother. I learned some medical skills during the few years that I was gone. I can treat Mengmeng’s illness, but it requires some time to do that,” Ye Chen comforted her with a reassuring smile.

To ordinary people, leukemia was no different than a terminal illness. However, to him, the Mad Southern Immortal, a Rebirth Pill was all that was required to give Mengmeng a new life, as well as rebuild her vital energy and blood.

The only difficulty was that the Rebirth Pill required a Foundation Building cultivation base to refine. However, the spiritual power in his body had been exhausted. As long as he had sufficient spiritual energy, it was possible for him to become immortal again overnight.

Although that was the case, his body remained immortal.

It seemed like he had to think of ways to recover his cultivation base as soon as possible. It would be great if he could recover just a bit. By then, he could refine a Qi Blood Pill to help suppress Mengmeng’s illness. The effect would be a hundred times more powerful than that thing called Gleevec.

Ye Chen made his mind up secretly.

Wu Lan sighed and said nothing. She just treated what Ye Chen said as a consolation.

At the moment, a quarrel erupted outside the house. Stunned, Wu Lan stood up to walk to the door. “Your father has returned!”

Ye Chen caught up with her immediately.

When the mother and son arrived outside the house, they saw a middle-aged man with a wrinkly face and a work cap being surrounded by a bunch of people. The leader was a young man with bleached hair.

The middle-aged man was Ye Chen’s father, Ye Hai.

The young man with bleached hair glared at Ye Hai ferociously while chewing gum in his mouth. “Ye, you’ve been hiding from me for a few days. I’ve finally caught you, haven’t I? If you don’t return the money today, don’t blame me, Bao Kun, for not showing you mercy.”

Hearing the name Bao Kun, the people around who wanted to stop the fight had a dramatic change in expression. They backed off far away, refusing to be dragged into it.

“I’ve no money at the moment. Can you give me more time?” Ye Hai pleaded with his cheeks flushing.

“No money? Don’t worry. Give us a finger as interest!”

Bao Kun spat his chewing gum out hard and grabbed a pair of scissors from his back. He said with a ferocious expression, “Pin this old fart’s hand down. I’ll teach him a lesson today!”

The few people behind him grabbed Ye Hai as soon as Bao Kun was done speaking.

Ye Chen was furious to witness such brutality. He signaled his mother to stand there, and he then shouted as he marched over, “Stop it right there!”

The people were dumbfounded to hear that his bold statement. They could not help but stare at him.

Bao Kun’s expression went grim immediately. “F*ck! Where did this dumba*s come from? How dare you stick your nose into my business? I’ll beat you up too if you don’t f*ck off!”

“You don’t deserve to know who I am!” Ye Chen glanced at him with grave coldness, then said to Ye Hai while smiling, “Father!”

Ye Hai was astonished as he gaped at Ye Chen in disbelief. “Xiaochen?”

“Yes, Father. What exactly happened?” Ye Chen nodded and proceeded to look at Bao Kun and the rest with deadly coldness.

With Ye Hai’s mouth opened wide, Bao Kun interrupted next to him, “Are you this old fart’s son? Great that you’re here. This old fart owes us 50,000 yuan. Return the money on behalf of him and kowtow a few times. Then, I’ll…”


Before he was done speaking, Ye Chen lifted his arm and gave him a slap. “You have stinky breath! Also, don’t interrupt me when I talk!”

The slap was extraordinarily loud. Dead silence filled the space, and everyone stared at Ye Chen with their eyes wide open in disbelief. Even Ye Hai was shocked.

“H-How dare you f*cking slap me?” Bao Kun was dumbstruck by the blow. He only snapped back to reality after being stunned for a few seconds. He stared blankly at Ye Chen while holding his cheek in fury.


Another slap landed on the other side of Bao Kun’s swollen face.

“Shut up!” Ye Chen ordered as he recalled his hand slowly with a deadly cruel expression.

Oh, no! It had turned into such a serious event now!

Ye Hai’s heart sank to the bottom at the moment.

As expected, a roar that was filled with rage and shame followed subsequently, “Everyone, kill this guy. I want him dead!!!”