The Most Humiliating Reunion (2)

Three years later.

A business dinner banquet was being held in the most upscale clubhouse in L city.

A magnificent crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling exuded a dazzling brilliance and the entire venue was decorated such that it radiated opulence and brightness. As far as the eye could see, the place was filled with the wealthy and nobles decked out in gorgeous outfits, holding wine glasses and cheerfully chatting away.

After making half a round around the place with his Big Boss, Assistant Wu noticed the tinge of exhaustion on his boss’ face. He hurriedly stopped the bosses of other companies who were about to approach his boss and asked thoughtfully, “President Pei, do you want to leave?”

Big Boss had never enjoyed these events. Assistant Wu wouldn’t have expected him to have stayed for so long today.


Pei Munian’s expression was indifferent and his gaze was calm. He didn’t reply to his assistant. His black eyes seemed to be casually glancing in a particular direction and he appeared slightly absent-minded.

Unconsciously following his gaze, Assistant Wu’s heart thudded all of a sudden.

Having been with Big Boss for the past three years, he knew Big Boss had always been cold and distant. This was particularly the case for women, and his gaze almost never fell on any woman for more than half a second. Yet tonight, he kept staring at Su Wanwan—the notorious social butterfly in this circle.

As far as he knew, Big Boss had never crossed paths with Miss Su…

Assistant Wu hesitated for a moment but eventually, he couldn’t curb his curiosity and cautiously asked, “President Pei, do you… know Miss Su?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the man’s cold voice resounded in his ears. His response was crisp and sharp with a hint of harshness: “I don’t!”


Pei Munian looked at Assistant Wu, his dark and deep eyes bearing an intimidating sternness as if the absent-mindedness earlier was but an illusion.

A chill ran down Assistant Wu’s spine and he fell silent immediately, not daring to ask any more questions.

Before Assistant Wu snapped out of it, Pei Munian had already started walking towards a booth in the corner. Assistant Wu was momentarily stunned but swiftly followed him.

Compared to the rest of the room, the corner was relatively quiet and the lights were dimmer. Seated on the sofa, Pei Munian’s handsome face was hidden in the dark as if he was in another world separate from the hustle and bustle of the banquet.

Nonchalantly looking up, his gaze landed exactly in front of him, on Su Wanwan. Then his gaze drifted to her slender waist where a pair of fat arms were wrapped around her and the rotund body was even rubbing against her.

He caught a glimpse of the repulsion and disgust that flashed across Su Wanwan’s eyes. Yet she still maintained a believable and charming smile on her beautiful face; however she evaded President Liu’s grasp without a trace.


As if he didn’t detect it, President Liu pressed against her even more. He even took out a room card and stuffed it directly into Su Wanwan’s hand.

Pei Munian’s gaze darkened and a tinge of a storm seemed to be brewing.

Seemingly taken aback by President Liu’s behavior, Su Wanwan froze for a moment and her hand gripped the room card tightly. She opened her red lips and said something before hurling the room card back at President Liu without any hesitation.

President Liu’s expression changed as if he hadn’t expected Su Wanwan to be so impertinent to put on airs. He instantly felt like he had lost face and flew into a rage from the humiliation.

A waiter who was carrying a tray happened to walk by. President Liu snagged a glass of red wine from the tray and splashed it onto Su Wanwan.

The next moment, Su Wanwan’s white gown was splattered red from the red wine President Liu splashed on her. Like a blood-stained white flower blooming on her chest, it was a ghastly sight.

Everyone at the banquet was startled by this scene and cast sidelong glances in her direction.

Only Pei Munian abruptly got up from the sofa!