Chapter 482: Side Story 9 (Part 1)

It was a breeze moving into the camp. Thanks in part to the fact that most people had not thought of hiding out at this place yet. Therefore, there were not many survivors in the camp at this time.

After checking for visible wounds on their bodies, they were allowed to enter the temporary dormitory. There were limited rooms, so the few of them were squeezed into one small room.

After comforting her parents, Xiaoguo walked out with Ruyi.

“Xiaoguo, will they refuse our request to keep the stuff?”

Ruyi was very worried. If the people here refused to let them keep the stuff, their efforts all this while would have been in vain.

“They won’t,”


Xiaoguo replied without hesitation. Besides, even if they didn’t allow it, she wasn’t worried.

“Go on in.”

While talking, the two of them had already arrived at the office. After explaining the purpose of their visit to the soldier inside, he brought the two girls to the storage room.

Ruyi followed behind him with a look of relief. If they had not kept those supplies for them, the few large boxes should have gone missing by now.

Before the black rain, Xiaoguo had prepared several containers. They all contained food, clothes, electricity generation, gasoline, and everything else that could be used in the days to come. There were a total of ten containers.

Ruyi had also prepared a lot of supplies. Although they weren’t as comprehensive as Xiaoguo, it should be enough for her entire family and the dog.

Xiaoguo had forcibly kept more than a dozen containers at the camp on the pretext of serving the people.

She had expected that the soldiers of the country would not ignore the ‘trouble’ that was premised on this reason.

Even if this reason was too far-fetched, these responsible soldiers would not turn a blind eye to it.

If it was inconvenient for them to help for some reason, there was no need to worry. These containers were all equipped with combination locks that required her iris, fingerprint, and password to open. All three factors were necessary and the containers could be left at the door without fear of losing the contents.

“There you go.”

The officer who had brought them there pointed to an entire warehouse and handed over the keys. He asked them to return the keys after they were done sorting out the stuff. With that, he left.

As he walked away, the officer turned to look at the girls standing at the door of the warehouse and smiled. To be honest, if he wasn’t under orders, he wouldn’t have done such a thing. This was a military base, not a courier station. Moreover, the world has been in chaos recently. He didn’t have the time to handle such matters.

However, it seemed as if romance was blossoming for his boss who had been a bachelor for the longest time. As subordinates, they should lend a hand if they could.

Xiaoguo took the key and opened the iron door of the warehouse. There were containers parked all over the place.

“Xiaoguo, how are we going to bring them back?”

Ruyi looked at the heavy containers and felt worried. She had only thought about buying things and hadn’t prepared for how to transport them.

Xiaoguo smiled and took out a few chains. “It’s simple. Let’s chain them up.”

Ruyi hung up the chains in confusion, while watching Xiaoguo closely.

The containers that Xiaoguo bought were high-tech and came with robots to operate them. One only had to turn on the switch of the first car and operate the containers with a special remote control. Once activated, they would automatically connect themselves and move forward and backward at will. “Wow!” Ruyi looked at her in shock. “Advanced-technology?! They must be very expensive!”

She had secretly used her parents’ passbooks to buy the containers and supplies. The ordinary ones were already expensive. These high-tech ones must have cost a bomb!

Xiaoguo smiled. She had bought some stocks and made quite a lot of money over the past four years, all of which was used to prepare for this. Those containers were definitely expensive.

Ruyi insisted on asking about the price. Under her persistent questioning, Xiaoguo had no choice but to reveal the figure with a show of her fingers.

After knowing the price, Ruyi was unable to close her mouth for the entire day.

Life in the camp was more comfortable than they had imagined.

Xiaoguo, her parents, Ruyi, and her parents had all been allocated a good room. At least the two families didn’t have to squeeze into the same room anymore.

The number of people in the camp was also increasing day by day. Everyone looked dazed and disheveled.

Seeing them, Xiaoguo’s parents and Ruyi’s family couldn’t help but realize that it was really the end of the world.

They were living a comfortable life and getting by with their own supplies. The two families had set up a restaurant together, which was approved by the highest-ranking officer in the camp. Therefore, even if there was anyone who was jealous of their containers, they did not dare to harbor any improper thoughts on their possessions.

Throughout the post-apocalyptic period, besides the people in the military, only the two families were dressed neatly every day, without having to worry about their meals. They could even watch television and use air conditioning with the help of a generator. In certain aspects, their living conditions were even more comfortable than those of the military personnel..