Chapter 2  : Her Character Was Really Unsightly

“Auntie Wei missed you.” Xu Mingzhen smiled gently. “Are you afraid that no one will play with you there? Don’t worry. Isn’t your brother Keli there? He will play with you.”

“I don’t want to play with him.” Since she knew how cold-hearted and treacherous Wei Keli would be in the future, she didn’t want to establish any relationship with him. Tan Mo felt that there was no need to interact with Wei Keli at all.

Xu Mingzhen was taken aback and asked, “Why? Did he bully you?”

On the other hand, Tan Mo couldn’t slander Wei Keli either.

Up until now, Wei Keli had treated her very well.


He took care of her and let her have her way in everything.

Of course, this was all before her calculating cousin had appeared.

After knowing that Wei Keli would harm her because of her scheming cousin, Tan Mo didn’t bother to show Wei Keli her level of tea art.

“No, he didn’t,” Tan Mo muttered. “It’s just that he’s boring to play with.”

“Let us go with our sister.”

Upon hearing the voice of the Tan family’s third child, Xu Mingzhen tilted her head and then saw Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi following behind their older brother Tan Jinqi.


“Jinqi has a photography class later. Jinsheng has a piano lesson. And, Tan Jinyi, you have an oil painting lesson.” Xu Mingzhen took notice of each. “Where would the three of you be accompanying your sister to?”

At this time, the family’s maid, Auntie Guo, came upstairs. “Madam, Miss Keqing is here.”

Xu Mingzhen was taken aback. “Why did she come today?”

Xu Mingjing said before that she wanted to bring Yuan Keqing over to play today.

It’s just that she had made the appointment with Li Xiangrong a long time ago. Today, she was taking Tan Mo to the Wei family’s house. She informed Xu Mingjing about it beforehand.

Therefore, Xu Mingjing and Yuan Keqing should know that she and Tan Mo wouldn’t be here today.


Xu Mingzhen was obviously surprised and then immediately went downstairs to pick up Yuan Keqing.

Tan Jinyi curled his lips. “Why is she here again?”

“I think she did it on purpose,” Tan Jinqi said coldly.

“What do you think is her purpose? Brother, quickly, spill the beans.” Tan Mo was also interested.

“Brother, please tell me as well.”

As soon as Tan Jinqi lowered his head, he saw that his younger brothers and sister were all looking at him.

Suddenly, Big Brother Tan felt like a hero.

Expectant eyes were on him.

At this time, Tan Jinqi, who had grown up to be a 14-year-old boy, explained to his brothers and sister, “Our aunt knew that today, Mom was going to take our sister to the Wei family’s house, yet she still sent Yuan Keqing here. She definitely wanted Mom to bring Yuan Keqing along with them.”

Tan Jinqi took the opportunity to educate his younger brothers and sister, “You should all be careful of Yuan Keqing. Despite her young age, she’s very scheming.”

At such a young age, she was already so calculating. She wasn’t likable at all.

“I’ve always disliked her,” Tan Jinsheng commented. “She’s too pretentious.”

“I don’t like her either,” Tan Jinyi said with puffed-out cheeks. “She’s always trying to get close to Mo Mo.”

“Especially Mo Mo.” Tan Jianqi squatted down and asked Tan Mo, “You two are the same age, and she always comes to play with you. It’s okay for you two to play together, but you should be on guard against her.”

Tan Mo recalled that in her previous life, her older brother must have also asked her to do the same thing, but Tan Mo didn’t heed his warnings. Instead, she became best friends with Yuan Keqing.

At that time, fearing that Tan Mo would be schemed against, her three older brothers must have been worried but kept it to themselves.

Tan Mo looked at her eldest brother and thought of his lonely and miserable death in his previous life.

She sniffled, suppressed the sorrow in her heart, then nodded earnestly, and promised him, “Don’t worry, Brother, I will remember your words.”

Tan Mo, earnestly nodding with her chubby face, appeared especially cute in his eyes.

Tan Jinsheng couldn’t help but chime in, “My sister is so cute!”

“Let’s go! Let’s go downstairs and take a look,” Tan Jinqi suggested. Tan Mo got up and stretched out her arms toward him.

“Brother, carry me,” Tan Mo requested.

How could Tan Jinqi refuse such a request from his baby sister? He quickly bent over to carry Tan Mo.

Tan Jinyi looked at them with envy. He had tried to carry Tan Mo before, but he couldn’t support her weight.

The 12-year-old said, “When I grow up a little bit, I will also be able to carry my sister.”

Tan Mo thought, ‘When you grow up a little bit, I would also grow up too. How would you be able to carry me then?’

But she clapped her hands expectantly. “Then I’ll wait for you, Second Brother.”

Second Brother Tan was very satisfied.

The four siblings went downstairs, but they only saw Yuan Keqing there.

“Elder Cousin!” Yuan Keqing saw Tan Mo and waved at them with a sweet smile on her face.

“Big Brother, Second Brother, Third Brother!” Yuan Keqing cried out to them with an affectionate expression on her face.

Tan Jinqi nodded coldly, and his two younger brothers in the back followed suit.

Tan Mo smiled and thought, ‘Yuan Keqing had called me cousin, but she called my brothers ‘brother.’ How especially scheming of her.’

Although Yuan Keqing was calling her elder cousin, Yuan Keqing was only half a month younger than Tan Mo, and they were even the same age.

“Why are you here, Younger Sister?” Tan Mo looked around, but she didn’t see Xu Mingjing. “Where’s my aunt?”

“Mom wasn’t at home, and I was bored being all alone, so I asked my auntie to send me over here.” Yuan Keqing raised her head. Tan Mo was too high because she was being held by Tan Jinqi, and Yuan Keqing’s neck was sore from looking up the entire time.

Although Tan Jinqi was 14 years old, he still couldn’t hold Tan Mo for too long. At the moment, he was a bit tired, but he just couldn’t bear to let his sister down.

Tan Mo held Tan Jinqi’s neck with both hands, tilted her head, and said, “But I’m going to see Brother Keli to play today.”

The Tan brothers instantly knew that Tan Mo shouldn’t have said that.

How could their sister tell Yuan Keqing that?

If Yuan Keqing found out, wouldn’t she take advantage of the opportunity to tag along?

Yuan Keqing was astonishingly opportunistic despite her young age. She would take every opportunity to climb the social ladder.

“Huh?” Yuan Keqing looked surprised and at a loss. “I...I didn’t know.”

Tan Mo tilted her head and asked suspiciously, “Didn’t my aunt tell you?”

Yuan Keqing pitifully shook her head. “No.”

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have come.” Yuan Keqing was toying with her shirt. “I just missed you, so I wanted to come over to play with you, Cousin.”

Yuan Keqing raised her head, blushed, and asked, “Cousin, can I go with you? I’m the only one at home, and I have no one to play with me. I don’t want to play all by myself.”

Upon seeing Tan Mo tilting her head to think about it, Yuan Keqing immediately said, “It’s okay if you don’t take me. I won’t blame you. I know you have no obligation to take me. It was my fault because I didn’t inform you that I’m coming here. Even if you don’t agree, I won’t think you’re selfish and have no sense of sisterhood.”

Tan Jinqi’s face darkened.

He didn’t like how Yuan Keqing was talking.

Did she mean that by not taking her, Tan Mo was selfish and had no sense of sisterhood?

However, Yuan Keqing mentioned that she wouldn’t think so.

His sister couldn’t even refuse her.

“Okay,” Tan Mo replied with no sulkiness or displeasure on her face.

Upon seeing Yuan Keqing’s surprised expression, Tan Mo smiled and clapped her hands. “Cousin, how could your little head think about so much in such a short amount of time? I’m definitely going to take you there. How could I leave you behind?”

“Really? Thank you, Cousin!” Yuan Keqing smiled at her silly and beautiful cousin.

The Tan brothers were suddenly worried.

Silly sister! How could she bring Yuan Keqing?

Yuan Keqing made it clear that she knew that she was going to see Wei Keli today, so she came here especially just to social climb through the Wei family.

Their sister was so naive. Without them, they wouldn’t know if she was bullied by Yuan Keqing.

Tan Mo snickered in her heart. Yuan Keqing’s character was really unsightly.

The little snow fairy could see from the mirror that Tan Mo really fell in love with Wei Keli in her lifetime, yet Wei Keli couldn’t let go of Yuan Keqing even while dating Tan Mo.

Although it was Yuan Keqing who tried to kill Tan Mo, Wei Keli actually knew about it, but he didn’t say or do anything.

In the eyes of the little snow fairy, Wei Keli was an accomplice.

He basically had a hand in killing his childhood sweetheart.

In this life, Yuan Keqing had never seen Wei Keli before today.

Looking forward to their first meeting, Tan Mo clapped her little hands.