Chapter 3000  : Chapter 3003-keep your little thoughts

Yun Bilu could understand what elder tai meant. He meant that they wouldn’t interfere in this matter between the two contestants.

Actually, this was more advantageous to Yun Bilu. After all, she was the one who injured number thirty-five. If they were to pursue the matter, regardless of whether number thirty-five was the one who provoked her, it was a fact that she had injured him.

Tai Lao’s nonchalant attitude and the way he left them to deal with it was really good to her.

That was why Yun Bilu didn’t mind. She was satisfied and even gave Tai Lao a friendly and bright smile.”Elder tai, please continue with your work. We’ll continue to rest.”


Although she was curious about the young master’s identity, Yun Bilu was smart enough not to ask.

Yun Bilu’s most natural response made elder Tai’s expression change slightly. His gaze fell on Yun Bilu, and he took a few more glances at her.

Yun Bilu’s expression was calm and natural, as if it was normal for her to speak like that.

However, a few of the onlookers gasped and couldn’t help but feel nervous for number twenty-six. She dared to say anything in front of elder tai. She was too bold.

But strangely, they didn’t see Tai Lao angry.

Logically speaking, the 26th was definitely one of the reasons why young master was woken up. However, looking at the situation, elder tai didn’t seem to blame Yun Bilu.


When everyone looked at Yun Bilu, their expressions were a little strange. They were all trying to guess her identity.

However, everyone believed that they had never seen number twenty-six before, not even at the gathering of the big families. If there was really such a person, it was impossible for them not to know about her all the time. Therefore, everyone ruled out the possibility of her having a background.

He felt that maybe twenty-six was a newborn calf who was not afraid of the Tiger, so Tai Lao didn’t blame him!

Yun Bilu took in everyone’s expressions. She was confident that no matter who elder tai was, he would not know her identity.

Huang yize had said that no one would know that she was training in the central camp.

However, in the face of everyone’s speculations, Yun Bilu thought that she had no obligation to explain these things to everyone.


Everyone could think whatever they wanted. Anyway, she couldn’t keep a low profile even if she wanted to now, so she might as well do whatever she wanted.

In fact, Yun Dong had also sensed the strong aura from elder tai earlier. Yun Dong was a true death warrior, so she was the fastest to identify a person’s aura and, from there, determine a person’s ability.

She had been worried for the second miss and was prepared to protect her.

But from elder Tai’s words, he didn’t intend to harm the second miss. This made her feel relieved.

Tai Lao’s expression had been calm the entire time. His gaze swept across the contestants in the corridor. When he looked over, everyone perked up and tried their best to straighten their backs.

Tai Lao nodded as if he was satisfied with everyone’s looks. He walked up the stairs and when he was about to go up, he turned to look at everyone and said,””The central camp is a place where strength speaks the loudest. It’s best for everyone to keep their thoughts to themselves.”

After that, he went up the stairs and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Yun Dong quickly came to Yun Bilu’s side and sized her up. Seeing that the second miss didn’t seem to be acting out of place, her worried heart finally relaxed.

“Are you alright?” she lowered her voice.

Yun Bilu shook her head.”Elder Tai’s words were a warning to everyone.”