Chapter 1  : Dressed Up

Luxury Emperor Ballroom

The Luxury Emperor’s ballroom was where the affluent congregated in Ning An City—on the lavish street of Hua’an.

Yun Bixue sat in the corner on the second floor of the ballroom, looking over the distinguished guests on the lower floor. The edges of her lips arched mockingly at herself.

The ballroom was large and could accommodate more than a thousand people. Melodious music slowly filled the venue.

From time to time, prominent celebrities and esteemed guests would enter the venue, accompanied by cheers erupting from the ballroom’s entrance.


The overhead spotlights flashed continuously, in unison with the excited cheers.

Yun Bixue remained indifferent as she watched the event unfold until she noticed him entering the venue.

Donning a dark brown tuxedo, he was tall, elegant and appeared to be in his late twenties. His defined features and porcelain skin shone under the bright lights, exuding elegance and a luxurious aura effortlessly.

All eyes fell on him as he became the immediate focus. Just like the Sun, he was warm and dazzling. His accompanying partner was equally beautiful, dressed in a brilliant scarlet evening gown, graceful and alluring.

“It’s Young Master Su and Miss Meng!” someone exclaimed. The crowd snapped out of their shock and approached the couple to greet them and convey their good wishes.

Yun Bixue let out a deep sigh; the person she had been waiting for had finally arrived.


The conversations and toasts on the lower floor continued, only to be interrupted by a crisp sound from above. The door at the top of the staircase leading to the second floor opened and the crowd looked up at the source of the noise.

A graceful lady glided gently down the stairs. Her skin was pale like a jade, and her pulled back silky black hair revealed her slender neckline. Her simple aqua gown contrasted against her celestial beauty, highlighting it.

“Who is she?” a voice in the crowd blurted. No one recalled ever seeing such an alluring beauty in Ning An City.

“Yun Bixue!”

The source of the voice was unknown, and the crowd grew puzzled. Yun Bixue... Could she belong to the Yun family?

“Yun Bixue is the most cherished granddaughter of Grandfather Yun. The Yun family has been declared bankrupt and is no longer regarded as influential. Moreover, Grandfather Yun is in the hospital with an unstable condition. How can Yun Bixue appear in such an event?” Confusion clouded over the faces in the crowd.


“Could she be attempting to regain their authority through this event?”

In the midst of the commotion, Yun Bixue strutted towards Su Lenghan, picking up two glasses of red wine as she passed the waiter.

“Here’s a toast to you, Su Lenghan!” Yun Bixue smiled as she passed a glass to the other.

If she’d had any other opportunities to meet him, she wouldn’t have expended the effort to grace this event.

The warmth in Su Lenghan’s eyes showed a cold glint—he had never seen Yun Bixue in such an extravagant get-up.

In the past, she never wore a skirt and blended in with the crowd with her ordinary appearances. However, he was astounded today by how elegant and graceful she could be.

Noticing his dazed expression, his accompanying partner, Meng Xinyan, gently shook his arm as she called his name, “Lenghan?”

Su Lenghan regained his composure and looked at his partner reassuringly. He then turned to Yun Bixue and took the glass of wine from her.

Meng Xinyan retreated silently to offer Su Lenghan some privacy.

Sipping on her wine while leaning in, Yun Bixue whispered, “Su Lenghan, if you wish to keep the severing of your engagement a secret, lend me 600,000 yuan.”

Yes, Grandfather Yun’s surgery cost 600,000 yuan, and it was only after suffering the current plight of the Yun family that she realized that she lived in a cold-hearted society. If there had been alternatives, she wouldn’t have to approach Su Lenghan.