Chapter 1 – 3796


A stream of light fell from the sky and landed on a verdant mountain.

Yang Feng opened his eyes and touched his sore head. There was a crimson rhombus-shaped crystal in his hand. He turned to look to the side, where he saw a humanoid robot emitting a golden, metallic luster sitting opposite to him.

<Begin unlocking!>

<The unlocking procedure is completed. Xizu soul fluctuations cannot be detected. Conclusion, xizu have disappeared. According to the 372rd article of the regulations, begin the search for a new master.>

<Begin scanning!>

The eyes of the humanoid robot erupted with crimson light. With it as the core, the light rippled strangely and scattered in all directions.

The crimson rhombus-shaped crystal in Yang Feng’s hand suddenly erupted with crimson light as well and emitted a strong heat.

“It’s hot!!” Feeling his right hand burn, Yang Feng’s face twisted in pain and he screamed. Shortly after, the scarlet rhombus-shaped crystal strangely flew up into the air and entered his forehead.

Yang Feng felt a burst of dizziness wash over him and he fainting.

<Locked onto the new master! The new master gets the 1st level of authority.> The gaze of the humanoid robot flickered and it sat next to Yang Feng.

The next morning, when sunshine caressed the ground, Yang Feng woke up.


<Master, you’re awake!> Shortly after he opened his eyes, a voice came from the side.

“You’re... a robot? An AI?” Startled, he looked at the humanoid robot beside him, and secretly exclaimed inside: “Master? What does it mean? I don’t recall buying a robot!”


That golden humanoid robot spoke: <I’m a xizu inheritance robot, I am tasked with passing on xizu culture and technology. There are no longer any xizu in the universe. Therefore, I was activated, and chose you as my new master in accordance to the regulations.>

“An inheritance robot! An AI! I’m going to make a fortune! Excellent! This is the first genuine AI robot on Earth! Great!! I’m going to make a fortune!” The eyes of this vulgar Yang Feng erupted with a glint of delight, and he rolled a few times on the ground.

A genuine AI robot was definitely a priceless treasure on Earth. As long as you made good use of it, you could easily earn hundreds of millions of RMB [1]. Hundreds of millions of RMB was enough for Yang Feng to spend his life in extreme luxury.

“Ha-ha, after I get rich, I’ll get to enjoy blond and blue-eyed western girls, black-haired and pure eastern girls, luxurious cruise ships, beautiful beaches, world’s finest culinary delicacies. I’m going to enjoy them all. I’m such a vulgar person!” Yang Feng fantasized about the future while rolling about on the ground.

The golden humanoid robot spoke: <Master, I’m regretful to inform you that this isn’t Earth. Instead, this is a plane with an assessment grade 10,000 times higher than that of Earth. Using a common expression of Earth, you have transmigrated!>

Yang Feng’s smile stiffened. Blond and blue-eyed western girls, black-haired and pure eastern girls, luxurious cruise ships, beautiful beaches, world’s finest culinary delicacies, all these beautiful images immediately burst like a soap bubble.

Yang Feng got up from the ground and asked nervously: “How high is your fighting strength?”

That golden humanoid robot replied: <Level-3 life forms and below are not my match. According to Earth’s standard, lions, tigers, and other ferocious beasts will be blown away with a single punch. However, I’m not a battle robot! The fighting strength of level-4 battle robots is higher than mine!>

Yang Feng asked with an unsightly expression: “What are your abilities?”

That golden humanoid robot replied: <Master, my abilities have already been engraved into your mind. You only need to concentrate to know my abilities!>

Yang Feng started to concentrate accordingly. Shortly after, a large amount of information flooded his mind, and he became aware of the golden humanoid robot’s overall abilities.

The golden robot possessed an extremely formidable computing chip with an astronomically high computing speed. All of Earth’s electronic devices put together couldn’t measure up to one-trillionth of the golden robot’s computing speed.

The golden robot’s computing chip contained the records of countless information concerning xizu technology. From when the xizu were at their weakest and most inexperienced up to when they were at their most powerful and their technology was the most developed, everything was recorded. It also contained numerous blueprints of weapons. Any of those blueprints could be sold for an astronomical price on Earth and propel Earth’s technology in a ground breaking fashion. Furthermore, this golden robot still possessed a terrifying ability – void creation. So long as there was enough energy, it could create any weapon out of thin air.

Yang Feng opened his eyes and stared at the humanoid robot, asking: “What should I call you?”

<I’m the 3796th inheritance robot. Master, you can call me 3796, or give me a name that is more to your liking!>


“Then I’ll call you 3796! 3796, begin mimicry system and take the form of a human!”

<Yes! Master!> Replied 3796. It distorted and swiftly took the form of an average-looking human of a build similar to Yang Feng’s.

Yang Feng continued to give orders: “Begin scanning system, search for human settlements in the vicinity! If there are none in a scope of 50 kilometers, then search for a place with water without powerful life forms.”

Even though 3796’s fighting strength was weak, but it possessed a lot of formidable auxiliary abilities, and life form radar was one of its abilities. As long as there was enough energy, the range of its radar could reach 5,000 kilometers. Of course, the larger the range of the radar, the more energy it would consume. Every action of 3796 required the consumption of energy. Naturally, Yang Feng didn’t dare to recklessly squander the precious energy.

<Yes! Master! Begin scan mode, scanning the area of 50 kilometers in scope. Consumption: 0.1 kun of energy per hour.> 3796’s eyes flashed with red light and a powerful radar ripple spread with it as the core.

Kun was one of xizu energy measurement units as well as the smallest energy measurement unit.

<Scan completed!> The red light in 3796’s eyes faded, and it pointed to the west: <There is a human settlement 5 kilometers in this direction. There is a corpse on the way to the settlement. The time of death is no more than 9 hours ago.>

Yang Feng uttered: “Then let’s go to the corpse first and gather some information about this world!”

<Yes! Master!>

With 3796 taking the lead, they walked for about 1 kilometer before arriving at a remote place, where Yang Feng found the body of a young man. The young man had black hair and black eyes and looked to be 21 or 22 years old. He wore splendid medieval hunting clothing.

Yang Feng commanded: “Read his memories!”

Although 3796’s fighting strength wasn’t high, and in fact was the lowest in xizu battle array, but it possessed a lot of fearsome auxiliary abilities. As long as the brain wasn’t completely corroded by microorganisms, then it could read the memory of any living creature.


[1] – RMB = 0.13€