Chapter 1 - Two Choices, Or Should I Just Kill You  

Lin Mengyu’s glare daggered at Yun Jian as if wanting to tear the latter into pieces.

Yun Jian’s eyes narrowed as she raised her brows, calmly looking at the two approaching girls; they were Lin Mengyu’s lackeys.

Although having no idea why she had entered another girl’s body and the reason she had appeared here, the three girls in front of her were no threat.

Yun Jian could not fathom the situation, however, she was not physically dormant.

She was an ace secret agent who topped the international charts. The victims killed under her name could line up an entire street.

The girls in front looked about the same age as her but one glance at them and she could tell that they were most probably spoiled brats who would be terrified if they just saw a corpse.


A smile suddenly tugged at Yun Jian’s lips; it was faint yet eerie.

The two girls who were closing in on her were stunned, halting their steps as a result.

"What are you waiting for? Go! Stop dilly-dallying! Are you waiting for dishes to be served?" Lin Mengyu shouted at the girls upon seeing them pause.

"Do you know..." Yun Jian spoke suddenly, replying to Lin Mengyu.

Lin Mengyu was taken aback. "What? What do I know?" ’Has this bitch turned stupid? Acting like she just lost her memory and here she is now leaving people hanging.’

Even if that was the case, Lin Mengyu would never let such a wretch off easy. There was no doubt about it!


"To those who wish to harm me, I’ll usually..." Yun Jian moved abruptly as she spoke.

In the blink of an eye, she was already behind Lin Mengyu. Yun Jian stretched her hand, fingers arched like an eagle’s claws, and clenched it on Lin Mengyu’s neck the next second.

She heaved a breath of air onto Lin Mengyu’s back and continued what she was saying. "Twist their neck off, like this!"

Her hand tightened simultaneously.

It was only then that Lin Mengyu and her two minions managed to react. Truthfully, it had only been a blink of an eye when Yun Jian who was still one to two meters away just now flashed behind to Lin Mengyu’s back.

Lin Mengyu shuddered involuntarily.


Had Yun Jian gone insane?

How could someone as weak and cowardly as a wimp seem to have transformed into another person just a short moment after being beaten and knocked unconscious?

"Ah... ah..."

Inevitably Lin Mengyu was infuriated by Yun Jian’s threat. She was an ill-tempered girl after all, but would soon realize that she could not speak just at the moment she wanted to snap back. Her neck, gripped by Yun Jian, felt like it was blocked. She could not utter even a word.

A hint of panic finally slipped into Lin Mengyu.

In spite of it, she did not know that her neck would actually break had Yun Jian added more force to her grasp.

Killing someone was as simple as eating or sleeping in Yun Jian’s previous world. It was only because she had no idea where she was now that she hesitated to act brutally. She did not know if this was a siege.

Otherwise, Lin Mengyu would have long been a cold corpse.

Just as Lin Mengyu’s breathing quickened and was near the brink of suffocation, Yun Jian suddenly loosened her choke and savagely kicked her down to the floor. The former took a breath of relief.

Lin Mengyu shrieked, causing her two minions to scramble and help her up.

Looking at the pathetic trio, Yun Jian spoke softly, "I’ve never been a mild-tempered person. You girls wanted to shove my head into that shit-filled toilet bowl just now, so I’m giving you two choices. One, you jump into the cesspit, or I will kill all of you right now."

’Kill all of you’ sounded as casual as ’Have you eaten today’ leaving Yun Jian’s lips. However, her words made the hearts of Lin Mengyu’s trio leap to their throat.