The middle-aged man and woman were even more dazed. What was going on?

I don't understand, but ... It seems like ... My son ... Is actually engaged to someone. Why didn't we know about it?

Not far away, the terrified teenager quickly rushed over and grabbed Li Hao. He was extremely anxious."Ah Hao, someone wants to kill you ..."

At this moment, he didn't even care about the earth-shaking changes.

Li Hao grinned and patted his shoulder.""I know, they're dead, they're all dead, I killed them ..."


The middle-aged man slapped Li Hao's head and shouted,""Nonsense, murder is illegal ... Don't talk nonsense!"


That long-lost feeling made Li Hao extremely happy!

"This dog ... Is quite fat. Why does it keep pulling you?"

"We can't keep dogs in our house ... Ah Hao, we can't keep dogs. Wild dogs are very dirty ... Eh, they're quite clean ..."

At this moment, the couple even forgot about the changes in their surroundings. They only looked at Li Hao and smiled. They felt that they had been killed, but they seemed to have come back to life.

How strange!

Not far away.action


The martial masters who had fallen from the sky laughed at this scene.

Hou Xiaochen took Yu Luosha's hand, waved at Li Hao, and turned to leave.

Nan Quan shrugged his shoulders and laughed. He jumped up and laughed,""Silver Moon martial forest will always have our own legends!"

Yuan Shuo looked at the woman beside him and smiled. He stroked his beard and said,""I've been slow for a lifetime, but fortunately ... I didn't miss you in the end!"

Bi guangjian looked at him shyly. She looked around and, seeing that no one was looking, pinched him with a shy expression.

Yuan Shuo laughed and turned around to leave with her,""Li Hao ... Go back to the Academy and complete your studies ..."


Li Hao turned around and grinned.

The couple was even more dumbfounded!Who was it then?

I don't know him!

"Is the martial world still around?"

At this moment, someone sighed with emotion."Lord Marquis, we'll meet again if fate permits!"

With that, he laughed, jumped up, and flew away.

Qian Wuliang's laughter resonated in the air."This is the last time I'll call you Marquis ... Today, I'm Qian Wuliang, and I have a bright future!"

The martial masters waved goodbye to Li Hao.

This time, they might meet again, or maybe not.

Li Hao waved his arms, smiled, and said goodbye to them one by one.

The power of his great Dao was still flowing away.

"In this era, the power of great DAOs will completely disappear. Perhaps we will be the last generation of martial masters.

"After we die, there will be no more martial arts in this era.

But ... It didn't seem too bad.

"New era, new world, Silver Moon!"

At this moment, shouts reverberated through the air.

In the distance, an even louder shout rang out.

"Unparalleled human King!"

One after another, the voices actually spread over.

In the next moment, a world-shaking voice came from even further away."Emperor Yu Wushuang!"

A moment later, Silvermoon fell silent.In an instant, an even more intense shout erupted.

"Unparalleled demonic sword!"

Heaven and earth, cheers rose and fell!

"Are you all crazy?"

The middle-aged man and woman covered their ears in disbelief. Were they all crazy?

Are there no normal people?

The whole world must have gone crazy!


Far away.

In a desert, an old man with disheveled hair felt the passage of time. His eyes were still open, looking at the sky and listening to the cheers that rose and fell. Suddenly, he revealed a smile.

The mumbling disappeared with the wind.

"Time ... Returns to being ordinary ..."

"My absolute spacetime ... Is it here?"

His life was gradually coming to an end.

Li Hao, even if you don't kill me, I won't be able to live.

But I don't seem to have such regrets.

I thought that I would be very regretful.

It seemed like ... He did not.

The wind swept up the dust and sand, and countless yellow sand gradually covered the old man. The old man gradually closed his eyes. The sky was so bright!

The cheers seemed to be sending me off.

I've lived for two million years. Today, I'm leaving.

Tian Fang closed his eyes, and a smile gradually appeared on his face. He had lived long enough.

The yellow sand swept and covered everything.

PS: "that's all for 'Stargate'. Perhaps it wasn't very satisfactory, or perhaps the ending wasn't what everyone had imagined. Old Eagle had tried his best, and this ending was perhaps a change in old Eagle's attitude over the past few years. Everything had returned to normal, and time was by his side. Cherish the people around you, and leave the world of martial arts in your heart!

Friends, see you in the underworld!

I will write a closing speech later. The Stargate will put an end to it here. Thank you for following me all the way!