Chapter 3: Intruding a Forbidden Area (Three)

action Long Sijue’s grip on Su Qianxun’s arm tightened uncontrollably. His gaze fell upon the butterfly-shaped, blue mark on the top part of her chest...

He shoved away the little thing on top of him abruptly. His sharp, black eyes, which resembled those of a raptor’s, were fixed on the butterfly-shaped, blue mark.

Her skin was remarkably fair, its color resembling that of a peeled egg. The color of her skin complemented the blue butterfly, making it look strangely alluring.

Slowly, the butterfly on her shoulder overlapped with a blurry blue figure that had been appearing repeatedly in his dreams...

Something dawned on Long Sijue as if his mind was suddenly struck by lightning!

‘Could it be her?’


Su Qianxun was suddenly pushed away after she only got a short moment of pleasure. But she was drugged, and it was still in her system. Its effects were maximized due to the strong hormones radiating from the man in front of her...

She began to cry in misery, and her tiny hands groped around the fabric of his expensive-looking shirt. Her black eyes were glistening, clearer than those of a fawn’s. Large droplets of tears trickled non-stop down her face. She seemed as distressed as a child who had been denied her share of candies.

Long Sijue’s body had also reached its limit. It was his ‘special’ night. Each of these occasions was extremely unbearable, and he had to exhaust his self-control to weather through them safely.

Tonight, things were being ruined by this little one not long after it had begun.

He raised his gaze slowly, and when it landed on the girl’s face, a strange and unfamiliar sensation engulfed him...

The girl’s long, jet-black hair was scattered all over her shoulder. Her fair skin, which resembled frozen cream, looked like a petal dampened by the morning dew.

Her facial features were exquisite, plus those black eyes of hers looked extremely innocent and miserable. They looked so pristine, as though they had been cleansed by water. A teardrop fell from her long, delicate and curly lashes...

‘What a piteous, beautiful little thing...’

Long Sijue’s self-control, which he had held on to all night, faltered instantly. At that moment, he only possessed one thought—to ravage her mercilessly!

The cigarette in his hand dropped on the floor. He turned around all of a sudden and pressed her down onto the couch behind them. He then kissed the blue butterfly on her snow-white shoulder...

The moment Su Qianxun received total salvation, out of extreme pain, she opened her tiny mouth and bit the man’s shoulder without hesitation.

The sharp pain drove the man even crazier.

The night was long...

The snapped, abandoned cigarette on the floor emitted a trail of wispy white smoke, clouding the man and woman on the couch.


Early in the morning, sunlight shone into the room through the white curtains, casting a divine halo over the interior of the room.

The girl on the bed had her eyebrows tightly furrowed. It was obvious that her sleep was not restful. Half of the blue butterfly on her shoulder was veiled by her hair, making her look more seductive.

With a painful moan, Su Qianxun’s long eyelashes fluttered several times before she slowly opened her eyes.

She froze for a few seconds when she saw a black, unfamiliar ceiling. As last night’s memory flooded back into her mind, her small, rosy face immediately went pale.

Underneath the blanket, a large hand was resting on her waist. She knew that it belonged to the man she met last night.

Even though she was drugged the previous night, she was very much conscious. To put it more accurately, she was still very conscious before she blacked-out during the act.

The embarrassing memory replayed in her head, scene after scene, like a movie. She did not even dare to turn around to look at the man behind her. Instead, she slowly inched off the bed and prepared to flee.

However, it hurt. It hurt to the core every time she moved. Su Qianxun could only bite her lips hard to stop herself from letting out a painful yelp.

She understood clearly that the man was not to blame for what happened last night. She was the one who ran into his room and if it were not for him, she would have been violated by that perverted, disgusting man last night!

Therefore, despite losing her precious virginity, she had no choice but to come to terms with it.

Even though she could not see the man behind her clearly, she knew that not only was he not hideous, he was also very handsome. The scent of his body was also particularly pleasant. It was a very distinct smell...