Chapter 6121

The little girl was amazed by the warm package.This feeling was completely different from what she had felt before.She blinked and tilted her head to look at him.

"Baby,I’m your father!I’m the one who gave birth to you!I’m not a bad person.Touch my face."Long sijue held her little hand and placed it on his face,letting her touch his face.

The little girl touched the face of the two-legged guy in front of her.As expected,it was warm and very smooth.It felt the same as her own and was different from the animals she had met before.

Just as the little girl touched her face,a lion’s roar suddenly sounded,giving long sijue a fright.

His eyes were sharp as he looked at the male lion that was approaching him,and his entire body became alert.

When the little girl saw her‘father’running towards the male lion excitedly,long sijue was so nervous that all the hair on his body stood on end.However,when he thought about how his daughter had grown up in the forest and how the monkeys had loved her,he did not move,he just stared at the lion.


The little girl ran to the lion and hugged him.She rubbed against his soft mane with a satisfied expression on her face.

The male lion stared at long sijue and rubbed against the little baby while he was at it.He stuck out his thick tongue and licked her little face.The little girl had a look of enjoyment on her face.

Long Sijue was certain that the male lion was not a threat to the baby and that he must like the baby.Only then did he relax.action

When the lion saw that he had relaxed,it also relaxed and even lay down.

The little baby hugged it and looked back at long sijue with a curious look on its face.

Long Sijue kept looking at the man and the Lion.He reached out his hand to the little baby and said,"Baby,come here.Come and look for Daddy."


The young woman looked at him in confusion,as if she did not understand what he was saying.Long sijue understood that the baby did not understand what he was saying at all.

‘she can’t understand human language.’.

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‘that makes sense.She came to the forest at such a young age.How could she possibly understand human language?’?

‘she should be able to understand animal language.’.

When Long sijue thought of this,he sat down as well.He was tired as well,and he was simply too tired.He looked at the baby with a gentle gaze.He thought that if Su Qianxun was here,she would definitely be very happy.


‘the heavens do not disappoint those who have good intentions.They’ve finally found the baby.’.

When Long sijue thought of this,he was in a particularly good mood.It was worth it for him to suffer and be tired.

The male lion was also staring at him.For some reason,long sijue always felt that the lion could understand him.Had the lion become a spirit?

Long sijue occasionally looked at the lion and the baby.His gaze kept darting between the two of them until it finally stopped on the baby.

He looked at the baby.It seemed to be very healthy.

How did she survive all these years?

Thinking about how she was protected by the monkeys,he thought that the animals in this forest must have protected her when she grew up.

This lion should be the animal she trusted the most,right?

Long Sijue suddenly thought of the wolves and snakes.He suddenly had a bold idea.Could it be that the animals only attacked the baby because they listened to its instructions?

He stared at the baby intently.The more he looked at it,the more he felt that this was the case.This was the territory of the animals.They probably did not want to be disturbed,so if someone came over,she would think of a way to chase them away.

Long sijue came to a realization when he thought of this.He had better get his men to withdraw first.Otherwise,he would become the little guy’s enemy.

"Baby,can you come over to my place?"Long Sijue spoke to the little baby in a gentle voice and extended his hand towards her.

The little girl blinked her big eyes at him and continued to hold the lion without moving.

When she did not move,the lion suddenly moved.It stood up,turned around,and was ready to leave.

The little girl immediately got up and rode on its back.She turned around to look at long sijue,and then the lion quickly left with her.

Long Sijue saw his daughter being taken away by the lion,and he was relieved instead.He knew that the animals here were all his daughter’s guardians.They would protect her safety and not let her suffer any danger or injustice.

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The sound of gunfire suddenly came from outside.Long Sijue was shocked and quickly got up to run towards the source of the sound.

He could not let his own people hurt the animals here.With the animals’protection for his daughter,if the animals here were hurt,his daughter would probably be very angry.

When Long Sijue arrived,there were many wild wolves lying on the ground and a pack of wolves watching from afar.

Xu Xi saw that he had returned and rushed over excitedly."Young Master,Are You Alright?We were almost scared to death!"

"Stop,what’s going on?"Long Sijue looked at the few wolves on the ground and asked nervously.

Xu Xi noticed that something was wrong and looked at him as he explained,"These wolves are different from the previous pack.They killed all of us.We had no choice but to kill them!"

Long Sijue felt a little relieved when he heard that these wolves were different from the previous ones.He went up to check and found that these wolves were dirt gray.The previous wolves were white and gray,but their fur color was different.

"Young master,there’s another group over there.They were the ones who attacked us and scattered us."

"There weren’t any casualties,right?"Long sijue guessed that those were his daughter’s companions.

"No,those wolves are too sneaky.We can’t catch them at all,"Xu Xi answered.

"That’s good.Let’s retreat first,"long Sijue ordered.

"Huh?Retreat?Young master,aren’t you going to look for the young lady?"Xu Xi asked nervously.

"Let’s retreat first.Tell everyone not to hurt any animals here,"long Sijue ordered.

Although Xu Xi did not know what had happened,she still resolutely followed long Sijue’s instructions.

The people who were released into the forest all retreated.They left everyone in the vicinity of the forest.They did not allow anyone to go near the forest and did not allow anyone to hurt the animals here.

Xu Xi did as long Sijue instructed with a dumbfounded look on her face.

When Long Sijue returned to his residence,Su Qianxun had just coaxed the child.No one dared to tell her about what happened just now because they were afraid that she would be worried.

Long Sijue hugged her tightly after he entered the room.Su Qianxun was a little confused when he hugged her.She looked at his excited expression,which was a rare sight for her.

"I saw my daughter!I saw her!"Long Sijue’s voice was a little shaky.

"What did you say?Are you serious?"Su Qianxun looked at him in disbelief.She felt that she was probably dreaming.Otherwise,why would she hear him say that he saw his daughter?

"It’s true.I’ve really seen my daughter.She’s very beautiful and healthy now.She lives with animals,and all the animals are her friends.Besides,I can tell that she’s doing very well."Long Sijue was very happy to tell her about seeing his daughter.

"Really?Then why didn’t you bring her back?Does she not believe that we’re her parents?Quickly bring me to see her!I’ll tell her personally that I’m her mother."Su Qianxun grabbed his hand and walked out,she wished that she could see her daughter right away.