Chapter 1656: The end Lou Ziling smiled. It sounded like a boy’s name, but it was a good name.

“It’s nice, you’re the most cultured!”

The two brothers, Jing Rui and Jing Zhi, rolled their eyes at Lou Ziling. They finally knew why Jing Xi always had Lou Ziling in her mind. He was really good at coaxing people!

The name ‘Jing Lou’ did not have any technical difficulty at all, and it was not even as beautiful as Jing!

After giving her daughter a name, Jing Xi touched her little face, her eyes full of gentleness.””Little Lou Lou, grow up quickly. Let Lou Lou take you out to play!”

Jing Rui and Jing Zhi looked at each other and saw disgust in each other’s eyes.

Their originally mischievous, deception’s little sister had changed her tone ever since she got married. She was showing off her love in front of them without any qualms.


But she seemed to be living a happy life. Jing Rui and Jing Zhi were relieved. They left the hospital together and went back to A city to work.

Lou Mingyang and his wife quickly flew over from the United States to visit their granddaughter.

Lou ruofei came with her son, Luo Hui. He liked his little cousin more than anyone else and stayed by her side. As long as Jinglou woke up, he would talk to her.

Lou ruofei had only wanted to stay here for one or two days, but because her son refused to leave, she had to stay for half a month before returning to the United States.

Even so, Luo Hui wasn’t satisfied. After he returned home, he kept saying that he wanted to see his sister.

Luo feicui held Lou ruofei’s soft and boneless hand in his palm, a bright smile on his handsome face.””Feifei, let’s have another daughter. Our son is too lonely. Let’s have a daughter for him to play with!”


Lou ruofei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She knew that Luo feicui had always doted on his son, but he couldn’t do it this way!

Luo Hui had already played with all kinds of toys. Was he going to play with his little sister now?

However, Luo Hui was really good to Jinglou. It was his first time being an older brother and he wished he could give her all the good things he had.

Lou ruofei’s health had been good for the past two years. Luo feicui was also very active in giving birth, so she got pregnant very soon.

Luo Feiyang looked at his brother pampering his wife and son every day. He was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

His family still didn’t agree with him marrying tan Ruyi, and now their goal of finding a wife for him was quite high. All the conditions were in accordance with Zuo Jia ‘s!


Not to mention Zuo Jia’s superior family conditions, just her Ph.D. Degree alone was enough to wipe out a lot of girls!

Zuo Jia, who went to school very early, had already graduated with a Ph.D. At 26 years old!

Tan Ruyi had just started her master’s degree. By the time she graduated, it would be too late.

He was really screwed over by Zuo Jia. If he had known earlier, he would have just married her!

If he maintained a marriage of convenience with her and only treated her as a friend instead of a husband and wife, he and tan Ruyi could still be in love.

However, this was only a thought.

Recently, Ji moxuan had been on a business trip here and Luo Feiyang had finally found a confidant. He dragged him to a bar to drink to drown his sorrows.

“My parents force me to go on blind dates every day. I’m so young, why am I so anxious!”

Ji moxuan glanced at him and said unhurriedly,””I’m a year younger than you, but I’m still forced to go on blind dates. You’re making me feel like I can’t get a wife!”

Luo Feiyang was the best at exposing people’s shortcomings.”Who asked you to be so fascinated by Wu Wei before? you did all sorts of stupid things. Your parents just wanted to find a woman to keep an eye on you so that you won’t be deceived by a Vixen again!”

Right now, Ji moxuan was most unwilling to mention Wu Wei.

This was a stain on his love history! At the mention of Wu Wei, he hated himself for trusting others so easily in the past. He had always naively thought that Wu Wei only liked him.

Having his scar exposed by Luo Feiyang, Ji moxuan’s expression turned sour,””You’re no better. You still want to marry tan Ruyi! I thought Zuo Jia was good before, but she didn’t like you. Fu rongting is much better than you!”

Luo Feiyang was so angry that smoke was coming out of his nose. It was a mistake for him to ask Ji moxuan to drink with him!

They were both people with a hard life, why did they have to hurt each other?

Zuo Jia had no idea how much pain she had brought to Luo Feiyang. She was living a carefree and happy life. After the first three months of her pregnancy, she no longer had morning sickness. She was more energetic and looked better.

It had been more than three months, and her pregnancy was still not visible. Zuo Jia was still slim, with her long hair draped over her shoulders and her skin smooth and delicate, looking very young.

As he walked on the streets, many people turned their heads.

In the end, Fu rongting did not apply for a change of position, but he applied for a long leave to take care of Zuo Jia at home.

In the morning, after breakfast, the two of them held hands and went for a walk in the park. When Zuo Jia was tired, Fu rongting carried her home.

Zuo Jia would feel embarrassed when she often met acquaintances on the road, but Fu rongting greeted others as if nothing had happened, as if it was a matter of course to carry her.

Lunch was always sumptuous by Fu rongting, and Zuo Jia had gained some weight from his care.

Afraid that Zuo Jia would be bored, Fu rongting liked to take her to the flower and bird markets.

A tank of colorful tropical fish, a pair of talking parrots, and a cute and lazy kitten were added to the house.

Zuo Jia had nothing to do, so she fed the cat and the fish and taught the parrot how to talk. The day passed quickly.

The two parrots didn’t know how to talk much, but every time they saw Fu rongting, they would rush to call him “hubby”.

Since Zuo Jia had to call him “honey” countless times every day, the two parrots had learned to do so.

Zuo Jia warned the two parrots seriously,””Don’t call him that, he’s my husband!”

But the parrot ignored her and continued to call Fu rongting “hubby” with great enthusiasm.

“I’ll sell you two if you shout again! I don’t want you guys anymore!”

The parrot replied,”hubby!” Hubby!”

Zuo Jia stomped her feet in anger,”Hmph, you two won’t be able to eat tonight!” Just starve!”

The parrot replied,”hubby!” Hubby!”

Fu rongting found it interesting. It was said that pregnancy made one stupid for three years, and it was indeed true. His wife was actually competing with two birds, as if she was jealous of two parrots!

He hugged Zuo Jia from behind, turned his head to kiss her cheek, and said in a gentle voice,””They’re so disobedient. I’ll make them into braised parrots tonight!”

The two parrots didn’t know what their master was talking about and kept shouting,”Hubby!”

Zuo Jia was so angry that she laughed. She fed the two parrots and shook her head.”How can I do that? this little thing is so clever. I want to raise them so that they can recite poems!”

Fu rongting couldn’t help but laugh. How were these two parrots clever? He was so stupid!

If they were raised to the point where they could recite poems, their children would probably be able to play soy sauce!

However, these parrots had added a lot of fun to their life, and Fu rongting hoped that they could live longer.

When the babies were born and grew up, he could even tease them to talk.

He looked forward to the future. Maybe when he and Zuo Jia both had white hair, they could still go to the flower and bird Market hand in hand, fish together, and teach the parrot to recite poems.

(The end of the book)