Chapter 1 You make me sick  

Thinking about what happened an hour ago, Xie Ming felt dejected.

She wished everything was a dream, a nightmare that would pass as soon as she opened her eyes but it was not.

It wasn't a nightmare but a harsh reality. The reality that she has to face alone.

Though she didn't want to believe it, everything was true. It was true that her fiancé and the man whom she loved had abandoned her on their wedding day.

Her fiancé, Chen Siquan had been cheating on her for three long years with her younger sister. They had been fooling and playing tricks on her but she was too naive and stupid to figure out anything.

Though Ming always felt there was something amiss about them but she never really gave it a good thought. May be because she was blinded with the fake love that her fiancé showered her with.


Ming closed her eyes and mockingly smirked when she started getting flashes of what had happened at the altar.

Heart broken, sad, angry, frustrated. With different kinds of emotions stirring up in her heart, Ming was feeling aggrieved and useless.

Wasn't she supposed to be married by now?

Wasn't this day supposed to be the happiest day of her life?

How did things turn out to be like it was now?

She was supposed to be someone's bride but here she was walking in the street all by herself in a vulnerable state. Ming's life was a total mess.



An hour ago.

At the altar.

Dressed in a white gown, Ming blushed and her heart felt warm when she saw the man she loved standing at the altar, waiting for her.

Holding her father's hand, Ming slowly made her way towards her would be husband with a bright smile on her face

But her smile vanished when she met his mocking gaze which was making her feel uncomfortable. She could feel that something was different about him. He didn't look or feel like the man she had loved for three long years.


All the way down the aisle, her eyes never left him. She was trying very hard to figure out what was wrong but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't figure it out.

'Maybe I am overthinking.' Ming tried to calm herself down.

Curling her lips into a beautiful curve once again, she made her way towards him.

Stopping right in front of him, Father Xie kissed Ming's forehead before handing over his daughter's hand to Chen Siquan.

Let out a mocking chuckle, Siquan smiled. "You thought that I'd really marry you? What a delusional foolish woman."

Ming's body turned stiff and her face turned pale. She couldn't figure out what was happening.

Extending her hand, Ming touched his arm and asked, "Siquan what are you-"

*THUD*Ruthlessly pushing her down, Siquan hissed, "Don't touch me, you make me sick."


Ming hissed in pain when her palms hit the cold floor. Struggling and trying very hard to get up, she was about to say something when she saw Chen Siquan walk away.

Stopping right in front of her younger sister, Siquan stoked her arms before cupping her face.


"Darling, I hope you are happy now."




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