911 Stop talking … I love you!

The nobles of the three worlds gathered at the mystic Ice Palace to celebrate the new year with Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou. At the same time, they were to receive the Empress’s admonishment and set a perfect tone for the development of the people in the three worlds in the new year.

Donghuang Ziyou was wearing a Phoenix Coronet on her head. Her delicate and fair face looked so young and beautiful under the large Phoenix Coronet, but her Phoenix eyes, which were like gemstones, shone with the aura of an Emperor who ruled the world.

She gently raised her hand and smiled. “All ministers, rise!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

All the nobles and ministers stood up immediately and looked up at Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou on the divine throne. They felt as if they were facing a God, and all of them were in awe.

A clear voice was heard in the hall, ” Your Majesty, boundless heaven’s boundless Emperor and Crimson heaven’s Crimson heaven Emperor have come to pay their respects at the same time! &Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou raised an eyebrow. She did not expect two emperors to come to the mystic Ice Palace at the same time on the new year.

“Invite them in!”

Soon, the Crimson sky great emperor Yun Tianyang led the Crown Prince Yun hongqing and the princess Yun Xinmo into the hall. The boundless great emperor Shangguan Yunxiao led a group of boundless sky princes.

Yun Tianyang and Shangguan Yunxiao said at the same time, ”

“Chi Xiao Tian Yun Tianyang pays his respects to the Empress! Greetings, Your Majesty Di Fu!”

The group of people behind them also quickly followed suit.

“Great emperors, there’s no need to be so polite!” Donghuang Ziyou raised her hand.

Then, she gestured to the guard commander to bring a jade chair for each of the two great emperors and invited them to sit.

Yun Tianyang and Shangguan Yunxiao looked at each other and took out a Jade slip that was shining with the emperor’s seal from their sleeves. Holding it in their hands, they stood up and said, ”


“I have come to the mystic Ice Palace to first celebrate the new year and prepare a small gift for Your Majesty!”

secondly, Your Majesty is a peerless genius in governing the world. In just five years after your ascension to the throne, you’ve stabilized the North profound heaven, taken over Dong Yuan heaven and nine cauldron heaven. This is unprecedented and amazing. I deeply feel that Your Majesty is a leader who can rule the nine Heavens celestial realm, so I’m here to offer you a Jade slip to show my allegiance! &Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou was secretly shocked. She didn’t expect that the Crimson firmament great emperor would do such a shocking thing when they met for the first time.

However, what shocked donghuang Ziyou even more had yet to come!

Shangguan Yunxiao also took out a Jade slip and said, ” Her Majesty has made great efforts to rule the world and let the people of the three worlds live and work in peace. This is known to the world! &Quot;

“Your Majesty Di Fu is so powerful that he has swept across the nine Heavens celestial realm, the Black Dragon continent, and the heavenly Devil realm. He is omnipotent in subduing demons, eliminating ghosts, and suppressing evil! With his own strength, he even helped our world force back more than 10 million foreign demons. He is invincible and Supreme!”

to be able to pledge our loyalty to you two and work together for the future is the greatest fortune of our boundless heaven. I ask for your approval, Your Majesty! &Quot;

When donghuang Ziyou heard this, although she tried her best to remain calm on the surface, she felt as if she had been hit by a million water tornadoes. Her blood was boiling and her emotions were surging like the ocean.

She could not help but look at Lin Xuan, and the light that flashed in her beautiful eyes for a moment even covered the light of the sun.

“He’s so powerful? Dominate the world?”

“He even forced back tens of millions of demons from the outer realm with his own power?”

Oh my God, how come I didn’t know about this?! &Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou tried her best to control her breathing as thousands of thoughts flashed through her mind. She thought back to the moment she met Lin Xuan five years ago, and everything that happened after she brought him back to the heaven of Northern mystery.

A loud voice suddenly rang out in her heart.

Lin Xuan is the mysterious person who has been helping me in secret! &Quot;


“Heavens, I actually only found out now!”

Donghuang Ziyou’s heart was in a mess. His mind, which had always been clear and calm, became chaotic in an instant. He quickly lost the ability to think. He couldn’t even listen to what Scarlet heaven great emperor and boundless great emperor were going to say next.


Qianxin Palace.

Ruoying came to donghuang Ziyou’s desk and listed all the information about Lin Xuan from the time she met Lin Xuan five years ago until now.

“Your Majesty, it’s my fault for not being able to supervise you properly. That’s why I haven’t been able to report any information about Di Fu to you!”

the reason they gave was that they felt that His Majesty and Di Fu had a deep relationship, and his Majesty must know everything about Di Fu’s outside world. Therefore, they didn’t dare to hand over Di Fu’s information, for fear of causing a misunderstanding between the two of them! &Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou’s mouth was slightly agape in shock. She had not expected these intelligence officers to have such thoughts.

On second thought, she also understood the intelligence officer’s thoughts. She also understood why people in the world would always praise her for having discerning eyes and finding such an outstanding and talented husband when they saw Lin Xuan.

so, they all thought that I knew Lin Xuan was outstanding, so I gave birth to four daughters for him! &Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou almost laughed out of anger as she thought of this.

As the Empress of a generation, ruling three worlds, she had actually caused such a huge misunderstanding!

Donghuang Ziyou’s gaze turned cold as he slammed all the information on the table.

“Lin Xuan, you’re good. Just you wait!”


At night, the Crystal Palace was still brightly lit, and the bright light shone on the various buildings in the palace, making it look beautiful.

After Lin Xuan had dinner with his daughters, he let them play in the garden while he cleaned up the dishes in the kitchen.

A rich fragrance drifted in, causing Lin Xuan to raise his brows. He felt as if he was standing among a cluster of flowers.

“Lin Xuan!”

Donghuang Ziyou’s charming voice was cold.

Lin Xuan turned around and saw the number one beauty of the nine Heavens walking towards him with a murderous look.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Xuan did not take what happened during the day to heart, but he was a little confused by donghuang Ziyou’s expression.

“You’re so powerful, why didn’t you tell me?” donghuang Ziyou furrowed her brows.


So it was this matter …

Lin Xuan thought to himself, his expression as calm as ever.”You never asked me!”

He knew that donghuang Ziyou did not know about his cultivation level because of the misunderstanding in the information. However, the two of them rarely talked about this, and Lin Xuan did not take it to heart, so he did not mention it.

Furthermore, as a transmigrator, Lin Xuan could not reveal the secret of the system no matter what, so he had the intention to ignore this matter.

However, since the two great emperors in the Great Hall had mentioned that he had cultivation, donghuang Ziyou must have done her research on him.

However, it seemed that his intentional concealment had made the Empress very angry!

She must be here to condemn him!

As he thought of this, Lin Xuan felt a majestic pressure on his shoulders, pushing him back until his back was against the wall.

“You …”

Lin Xuan had just opened his mouth when he felt a pair of Jade-like hands cupping his face and a pair of soft lips pressing against his.

After a long while, donghuang Ziyou finally let go of his face. Her large, bright eyes were filled with tears.


“Silly girl, are you angry that I raped you five years ago, so you hid it from me?”

Lin Xuan thought that this was a good reason, so he nodded and said, ” “Yes …”

Before he could finish, donghuang Ziyou gave him a fierce kiss. Then, he saw a hint of shyness and joy in her eyes, ”

“Don’t say anymore … I love you!”

“I also …”

Lin Xuan was in the middle of his sentence when he suddenly realized that he had been kabedonned by the Empress. He could not take it anymore, so he turned donghuang Ziyou over and pressed her against the wall.

Then, he fiercely pressed his mouth against it.

“I love you too!”