Chapter 1065  : Princess Lucy is Here!

Five months later.

In the middle of the night.

Nora and Justin were asleep at home when they suddenly heard sounds from outside.

In the dark, they opened their eyes at the same time and shifted their gazes to the outside warily.

Both of them were already half-retired by now. They spent their time sleeping and relaxing at home nearly every day and only went traveling once in a while. One could say that they had basically already washed their hands of the affairs in the outside world.


They now led extremely peaceful lives with hardly anyone ever coming to bother them.

So, who was this oblivious little burglar?

The two exchanged a look. Then, Nora sat up and stretched. She was about to hop off the bed when Justin held her arm and said, “I’ll do it. You can continue sleeping.”

“... Alright.”

Nora promptly lay back down. A moment later, her breathing became even again.


Justin couldn’t help but be amused as he gazed at her.

She sure wasn’t worried about him at all, huh?

Justin put on a light jacket and exited the room. His footsteps were soft and nearly silent to the people outside. Then, he heard a light rattle from a window in one of the rooms on the second floor.

He raised his brows, walked over, and held the door handle quietly.

The burglar in there likely had some pretty good moves, or they wouldn’t have been able to get past the tight security at home. He pushed the door open abruptly and entered the room in a flash, whereupon he immediately sensed someone throwing a punch at him. His head ducked to the side leisurely before he grabbed the intruder’s fist. Just as he grabbed the intruder and was about to dislocate their shoulder, the intruder said, “Dad! Wait, Dad! Go easy on me!”

Justin: “?”


He let go of the intruder and switched on the lights. Only then did he realize that the intruder was actually Alexander.

The sixteen-year-old Alexander was not only sneaking around but had also entered Peter’s bedroom instead of his own.

Now that Peter had taken over the company, in order to have him focus on managing the company and get accustomed to it as quickly as possible, Justin had generously gifted him an apartment in the building next to the company and told him to move there.

He didn’t want the boy to come home every night to pester Nora for help in business management in the name of learning...

Besides, were there really that many things he didn’t know anyway?!

When he was little, hadn’t he also figured everything out himself whenever there was something he didn’t know how to do?

Moreover, Nora also needed her sleep!

After going abroad for the competition and returning with the champion trophy, Cheryl was now a proper university student, so she wasn’t living with them, either. As a result, he and Nora were the only ones at home now. Life couldn’t get any better than this.

But Alexander was actually back now...

Justin frowned and asked, “Aren’t you supposed to be in the UK? Why are you back?”

Alexander grinned and replied, “Aww, you know, I miss you and Mom, so I came back to visit.”

“Through the window?”

Alexander coughed and said, “Well, I didn’t want anyone to know that I’m back.”

Then, he opened Peter’s closet, took out his pajamas, and put them on. The brothers were of similar statures, so they could wear each other’s clothes.

When Justin noticed his son’s somewhat skinny figure, he kept quiet for a moment before he asked, “Is the Queen not treating you well?”

“Nah. There’s good food and fine wine every day, so life’s pretty good there.”

“Then why are you back?”

“Ugh, Dad, don’t ask, alright? Aren’t you sleepy? Come on, just go back and sleep with Mom. Oh, by the way, don’t let outsiders know that I’m back!”

As Alexander spoke, he entered Peter’s bathroom with an unused bath towel.

Justin: “...”

He couldn’t help but gaze somewhat thoughtfully at the bathroom.

The next day.

When Justin and Nora woke up, they saw Alexander having breakfast on the ground floor.

After he was done, he patted his belly and said, “American cuisine is the best, after all! I’m so sick of the food there that I was close to throwing up!”

Nora raised her brows. She had already heard about his return from Justin when she woke up, so she wasn’t surprised to see him. She said, “Have more, then. Why do you look like you lost weight?”

“Hmph, Mom and Dad weren’t with me, so there wasn’t anyone who loves me enough to take care of me, I suppose.”

As Alexander spoke, he walked over and held Nora’s arm. He said impishly, “Hey, Mom. Spend some time with me today? Aren’t you tired of staring at that old man every day?”

Justin, the 35-year-old “old man”: “???”

He suddenly felt like his fists were itching!

However, at this moment, the butler suddenly came in and said, “Ma’am, Princess Lucy is here.”

The instant the words left the butler’s lips, Alexander jumped and said, “Dad, Mom. I’m going to hide for a while. Don’t tell her I’m here, okay? Just say that I haven’t been back at all!”

Then, he ran upstairs as swiftly as the wind.

Nora and Justin: “????”