Chapter 2210 wedding (2)[ end ]1 Gao Tiantian’s heart was shattered into thousands of pieces.

She had the urge to sever all ties with Fang Wen.

“Don’t I look...

Not like her? Do you have to stab me in the heart?” Fang Wen saw Gao Tiantian’s expression that was about to cry, he quickly comforted her in a low voice, “Okay, okay, okay.

It’s my fault.

Major Leng is very beautiful to begin with.

It’s just that she usually doesn’t wear makeup.


When the day comes, put on a wedding dress and dress up properly.

You’ll be as beautiful as her.” Hearing this, Gao Tiantian felt a little comforted in her heart and muttered, “That’s more like it.” Zheng Zihao looked at Leng Jiao and Huo Sikai’s tightly clasped hands, and the corners of his lips curled into a relieved smile.

As long as she was happy, that was good enough.

Huo Sikai and Leng Jiao walked in front of the priest under everyone’s gaze.

The priest read the wedding speech and then looked at Huo Sikai seriously.



Huo, please announce your vows to the bride in front of God, your beautiful bride, and all your relatives and friends.” Huo Sikai turned to face Leng Jiao and held her hands, there was a seriousness in his eyes that he had never seen before.

“Jiaojiao, from today onwards, you will be my lifelong partner.

I am willing to take care of you in the name of my husband for the rest of my life.

I will only love you and cherish you more than myself.

I am willing to do everything in my power to fulfill all your hopes and expectations for happiness.

I am willing to share with you everything that I have achieved through hard work.


“No matter whether you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, smooth or rough, I will always keep the promise I made today.

I will take care of you, take care of you, and love you until the end of time...” Huo Sikai’s voice was low and gentle, and his eyes were serious and passionate.

Leng Jiao was touched beyond words.

The feeling of happiness was so wonderful.

The priest looked at Leng Jiao, whose eyes were slightly red.

“Miss Leng, please announce your vows to the groom in front of God, your handsome groom, and all your relatives and friends.” Leng Jiao was suddenly at a loss.

She did not know how many times she had pictured this scene in her mind.

The chase of more than ten years had suddenly come true, and she could not believe that it was real.

Huo Sikai looked at Leng Jiao, and his hands that were holding her could not help but tighten, as if he was encouraging her.

Leng Jiao paused for a moment, she looked at Huo Sikai’s eyes and slowly said, “From today onwards, I will be your wife.

I am willing to face the unknown life with you in the name of my wife.

I will only love you in my life.

I will love you more than myself.

From now on, I will spend the rest of my life with you hand in hand.

“No matter what happens in the future, I will always support you, encourage you, and admire you.

Because I firmly believe that choosing you to be my husband is the best decision I have made.


Love You.” As soon as Leng Jiao finished speaking, a deafening applause rang out in the hall.

Many of the female comrades below the stage were so moved that their eyes turned red.

These two people were so well-matched, so blissful! Huo Sikai’s hands trembled with excitement when he heard these words.

Trembling, so it turned out that it was such a blissful thing to hear the person he loved say that he loved him.

“Jiaojiao, I love you too...” Before the priest could open his mouth to kiss her.

Huo Sikai could not wait to hug Leng Jiao and kiss her deeply when he kissed the bride.

The priest kept quiet.

The crowd burst into laughter and once again applauded warmly.

The rain of petals fell from the sky and landed on the two of them.

It was so beautiful that it felt like a dream.

The wedding ceremony in the church ended perfectly.

The photographer began to arrange the final group photo.

All his friends and family were present.

There were...

quite a lot of people.

Huo sikai said, “Even if you move the camera further away, you have to capture all of them.

Not a single one of them can be missing.” The cameraman quickly nodded.

“Don’t worry, young master Huo.

We will capture every single person.” Then, they placed the props in front of the church for more than ten minutes.

“The bride and groom stand in the middle.

The ladies in the second row stand behind the props.

The men are tall enough to stand in the empty space.

Everyone, find your positions and start taking a group photo.” Huo sikai, Leng Jiao, Shi Beiyu’s family, and some of his close friends from the northern region were all in the first two rows.

Behind them were relatives from both sides and the people from the third military region.

Everyone’s faces were filled with happiness.

“Alright, everyone, look here.

When I say one, two, three, everyone, say cheese!” The sky was very blue, the clouds were very faint, and the wind was very light.

In front of the sacred and elegant church, everyone’s eyes sparkled like a galaxy of stars.

The smiles on everyone’s faces could warm the entire world.

With a ‘Kacha’sound, the scene froze.

This scene would be deeply engraved in everyone’s hearts, and they would never be able to forget it.

Perhaps many years later, he would dig out the photos and look at the past him, his family and friends.

He would tell his children about every unforgettable love, family, friendship, or comrade-in-arms.., how wonderful that would be..

– In the evening, the guests dispersed.

Only one table was left, still chatting.

Huo Sikai had been drunk quite a lot today, but he was not drunk.

Today was his wedding day, so how could he drink? Therefore, he prepared a cup of tea to suppress the alcohol.

Otherwise, he would have been drunk by these ‘scoundrels’long ago.

“I’m really happy today.

I’m especially happy.

If I knew that getting married was so fun, I would have gotten married before all of you!” Leng Jiao was speechless.

Shi ran laughed and said, “Sikai, you’re drunk.” “I’m not drunk!”Huo Sikai slammed the table and said, “I’m very sober.” After saying that, he raised his hand and pointed at Leng Jiao beside him.

“This is my wife.” Everyone:”...”if he couldn’t even recognize his own bride, he would probably be thrown into the frying pan, right? “This is ah domain, Yin Yin.

This is my brother-in-law.

Where’s the President? He’s really awe-inspiring!” Everyone was speechless.

Huo Sikai continued to point at each and every one of them.

“This is my brother-in-law’s sister-in-law.

She’s beautiful.” Leng Jiuchen’s face darkened.

He wanted to splash tea on his face.

Huo sikai continued, “This is Jing Chen and officer Ji, as well as yiming and Mei Ning.

Oh, there’s even a bachelor here.” Shi ran:”...” What did he mean by being a Bachelor? He was a single aristocrat! Do you understand? Everyone laughed.

Huo Sikai looked at Leng Jiao as if he was claiming credit.

“Jiaojiao, am I right? I’m not drunk!” Leng Jiao nodded speechlessly.

“Yes, I’m not drunk.”Actually, it was about time.

Huo sikai said again, “I’m really happy today, really...” Shi beiyu said, “I know you’re happy.

It’s getting late, so we won’t Disturb Your Wedding Night.” Upon hearing the words “Wedding night”, Huo Sikai’s eyes lit up.

It was the wedding night he had always dreamed of! Instantly, he slapped the table.

“Why didn’t you guys remind me earlier? I should have sent you guys away earlier.” Everyone:”...” Leng Jiao was speechless.

Huo Sikai’s mouth was really..

Leng Jiuchen was the first to stand up from his chair.

“Then, we’ll go back first.” Huo Sikai sighed.

“I’ll send you off, brother-in-law.” Leng Jiuchen really wanted to slap Huo Sikai, but he was the groom today, so he was the eldest.

He wouldn’t hold it against him for now.

Huo Sikai and Leng Jiao sent everyone into the car.

As they watched the shadows of the cars disappear into the night, Huo Sikai looked at Leng Jiao beside him with lecherous eyes and pulled her into his arms.

“Let’s see where you can run to tonight...” Beside him, Mrs.

Huo coughed dryly.

“Kai Kai, it’s getting late.

Hurry up and take Jiaojiao back to her room.” Did this silly son of hers forget that his old mother, father, and grandfather were still standing beside him! Leng Jiao was extremely embarrassed.

Huo sikai, however, did not think much of it and chuckled.

“Alright, you guys rest early too.” After saying that, he bent over and carried Leng Jiao in his arms.

Leng Jiao instantly blushed.

“Put me down.” Huo Sikai chuckled.

“I won’t.” After saying that, he quickened his pace and went upstairs to his and Leng Jiao’s wedding room.

Grandfather Huo sighed.

“Now, this old man can finally have a great-grandson!” Huo Sikai carried Leng Jiao back to the wedding room and impatiently pressed her onto the bed.

Looking at Leng Jiao’s beautiful face, his breathing was unbelievably hot.

“Jiaojiao, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time...” As soon as he finished his sentence, he did not give Leng Jiao the chance to speak.

He lowered his head and kissed Leng Jiao’s lips.

At the same time, he unzipped Leng Jiao’s dress.

Ever since the night when Leng Jiao forced herself on him, Huo Sikai’s heart had been itching, but Leng Jiao did not agree.

It was driving him crazy! Leng Jiao pushed Huo Sikai’s shoulder and said shyly, “I haven’t taken a bath yet.” Upon hearing this, Huo Sikai laughed evilly.

“So you want to take a bath together...” Leng Jiao:”...” Huo Sikai kissed Leng Jiao’s lips and picked her up.

He said with ill intentions, “I can go to the bathroom too.” Leng Jiao’s face was red.


Don’t Talk!” “Okay, I’ll prove it with my actions.” “...” Huo Sikai rushed into the bathroom with Leng Jiao in his arms and closed the door.

Not long after, sounds that made people fantasize came out of the bathroom, and they became more and more entangled.


Huo Sikai hugged Leng Jiao’s soft body and said in a hoarse and affectionate voice, “Jiaojiao, I’m very happy to have you...” What is happiness? Happiness is a kind of satisfaction.

All my life, but firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, tea, occasionally infatuated, but would like to have a heart to white hair.

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