Chapter 1  : Give Up His Life For You (I)

The world is so big, but I only want you to know my love. — Shi Beiyu

The edge of a blade gently ran across Mu Siyin’s cheek, and its ice-cold touch jolted the unconscious young woman awake.

“Who’s that?”

She ducked away in fright. A world of darkness enveloped her and she could not see a thing.

A cold laugh suddenly resounded from beside her. “You’re terribly lucky, Yinyin. The car crash couldn’t even kill you, but what a shame that your stillborn child had to go to the afterlife alone.”



A bombshell landed on Mu Siyin. Her bandaged eyes went wide in shock. “It was you, Mu Xingyu!!!”

Mu Xingyu sat on the edge of the bed and toyed with the sharp knife in her hands. She jeered, “You fool, did you really think that the car crash was an accident?”

Color immediately drained from Mu Siyin’s face when she heard that.

“Mu Xingyu! You evil woman! You already have Gu Yifan, why are you doing this to me?!” She screamed as her entire body trembled.

In order to snatch Gu Yifan away, Mu Xingyu used all sorts of wicked tactics to ruin Mu Siyin’s reputation and made the latter into the capital’s biggest laughing stock.

Now, Mu Xingyu even orchestrated a car crash to kill her child!


Had someone not donated a suitable heart and cornea to her, Mu Siyin believed that she would have been dead, like her child, too.

Mu Xingyu regarded the pale Mu Siyin and chuckled. “Didn’t you refuse to carry Shi Beiyu’s child? I’m doing you a favor! Besides, once you’re dead, all of Mu Corporation’s property shall belong to me!”

Mu Siyin’s blood boiled and her breathing quickened. “You lunatic! You’re just an outsider, so forget about inheriting the Mu family’s property!”

“Haha…” Mu Xingyu laughed her head off. “Mu Siyin, you must be a bigger fool than I expected. Truth be told, I’m also Dad’s daughter. Back then, it was your mother who interfered with my parent’s relationship and made me an unwanted child!”

Mu Siyin was bewildered. She froze and nearly stopped breathing.

How could that be?!


Mu Xingyu stared at the stunned Mu Siyin and continued to mock, “Thankfully, your mother got what she deserved and went to the afterlife with that shameless sister of yours. Only then did it give us an opportunity for our comeback!”

When Mu Siyin regained her senses, she yelled, “Shut up! You vile b*tch! Don’t you insult them!”

“Hehe…” Mu Xingyu laughed. “Yell, yell at me all you want. You won’t get another chance next time.”

“Mu Xingyu! Are you crazy?! What are you trying to do?” Mu Siyin’s heart beat frantically. She propped herself at the edge of the bed and attempted to flee, but because she could not see anything, she fell.

Mu Xingyu caressed the glimmering blade and eyed Mu Siyin, who was lying on the floor. She let out a menacing laugh. “Of course I’m about to reunite you with your child, mother, and sister… They’re waiting for you…”

“No…” She must not die. She had yet made Mu Xingyu pay for what she did, so she must not die!

Mu Siyin struggled to get up as the car crash she suffered a week ago had severely weakened her body. Before she could get up, Mu Xingyu pinned her on the floor.

With a murderous glare, Mu Xingyu raised the knife in her hand and cried, “Die!”

With a stab, the blade sliced through Mu Siyin’s chest and pierced her heart that was only recently transplanted into her body!

Bright-red blood gushed out of her body like a broken dam, drenching her blouse in a large scarlet patch.

Mu Xingyu grinned. “Just give up, Mu Siyin. You shouldn’t be alive in this world!”

Mu Siyin writhed in pain. She clenched her fists and uttered with all her might, “Mu Xingyu, you’ll go to hell!”

Instead of being enraged, Mu Xingyu chuckled. She approached Mu Siyin and taunted, “Yinyin, do you know to whom your transplanted heart and cornea belong?”