Chapter 2319: Side Story – Wu Xiao Dao Edition (9) The End

Wu Xiao Dao raised her head, looked at Fu Ming Shao’s resolute chin, tightly pursed lips, and determined gaze. Seeing that he had been slashed again and again to protect her, her eyes became deeper and deeper. .


He was slashed again on the back, and he staggered forward, but he still didn’t let go of her.

“Fu Ming Shao, let me go! These people just want to use me to restrain your actions!” Wu Xiao Dao cried out.

“I’ll never let go of your hand in my life.” Fu Ming Shao looked at Wu Xiao Dao, and the emotions in his eyes were no longer concealed. Seeing him like this made her heart move. A smile rose on her face, an alluring smile that he would never forget.

As she struggled to stand, she lost her smile as she shouted in desperation: “Be careful, behind you! Get out of the way!”


Fu Ming Shao also felt the murderous intent behind him, but he didn’t obey, otherwise she would get hurt.


A long arrow was shot and it pierced his back and penetrated into his heart.


Time seemed to stand still at this moment, Wu Xiao Dao stared at the arrow that pierced through his chest, and her mind went blank for a moment.

A trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, his body softened, and he knelt down on one knee.



When those people saw that he was pierced by a long arrow and lost his fighting power, they surrounded him and did not go forward immediately.

“Fu Ming Shao!” Wu Xiao Dao’s body knelt down with him, seeing his pale face, for the first time in her life, she was weeping for someone else other than her Mother. “Why are you so stupid? Didn’t I tell you to get out of the way?”

Fu Ming Shao held her hand and smiled weakly: “If I get out of the way, you will be hurt.”

“Stupid, stupid, you stupid fool!” Wu Xiao Dao reached out and held his face, “There is no one more stupid than you in the world!”

“Be content even in the face of adversity.” Fu Ming Shao smiled at her, but the light in his eyes were diminishing.


“I won’t let you die.” Wu Xiao Dao took out an elixir and fed it to his mouth, then stepped forward and kissed his lips, “I saved your life, you are mine, remember to use your body to repay me.”

Fu Ming Shao’s scattered consciousness slowly recovered under the effect of the medicinal pill. Hearing her words, he wanted to say yes, but he couldn’t say anything.

Seeing that Fu Ming Shao seemed to be getting better, those people stepped forward and tried to kill them, but they were bounced off by a force.

They saw the air flow around Wu Xiao Dao, and the long hair and skirt draped behind it danced without any wind. Those people were blown away by the aura emanating from her body.

She snapped the arrow, then pulled out the remaining arrow from the back, and sealed his wound with spirit power. The spirit power entered his body along the wound and repaired his injury.

Fortunately, she was so stimulated by Fu Ming Shao that she was able to mobilize the spirit power in her body unexpectedly.

“Arcane, kill these people for me, and leave none of them!” She supported Fu Ming Shao to stand up, and as soon as she finished speaking, a majestic dragon appeared in the air, and with a single breath of the dragon, all the people around her were eliminated.

In order to facilitate Arcane’s actions, she hugged Fu Ming Shao’s body and flew into the air, stood firmly on Arcane’s head, and watched as it eliminated all the people in the woods, leaving only the ones brought by Fu Ming Shao alive.

Those people were already injured, and when they saw this scene, they were all frightened.

Mu Si and his people who came to the rescue were also stunned by the sudden appearance of the dragon.

There really are dragons in this world!

“On the dragon’s head are the Prince and Young Miss Wu!” Someone shouted incredulously.

When Mu Si saw Wu Xiao Dao, she exuded an intimidating aura at this time, and the small forest turned into a barren land with a wave of her hand. Suddenly, the image of a woman standing on the back of a big flaming bird overlapped.


He shook his head and smiled. When Arcane came to him with Wu Xiao Dao, only then did he see clearly that Fu Ming Shao was seriously injured.

“I want to take him back for treatment, I’ll leave it to you to bring the others back.” After that, she wanted to go back to the Prince Manor.

“You will be in trouble if you go back like this.” Mu Si looked at Arcane beneath her. If the real dragon appears, he was afraid that there will be unprecedented chaos in the royal family.

Wu Xiao Dao came back to her senses, put away Arcane, opened the spatial tunnel, and walked in with Fu Ming Shao in her arms.

It was the first time that Mu Si’s people saw such a situation, and they were so shocked that they couldn’t even speak coherently: “General, General, Young Miss Wu, she...”

“Don’t say a word about today’s affairs.” Mu Si frowned and instructed.

“Yes, General.”

“Go and see the situation in the grove and send back the wounded in the Prince Manor.”


Soon, the those injured were sent back for treatment, and the dead bodies were also sent back. As for the bodies of the other party, they were all dug on the spot and buried.

“General, it’s the Second Prince.” A guard found the body of the Second Prince from under a tree trunk. His eyes widened, and there was still frozen fear in his eyes.

“Bring his body back to the Emperor.”

A Prince died just like that, and he must let the Emperor know. However, the Emperor did not dare to investigate the cause of his death.

The identity of Wu Xiao Dao was not revealed, but the Emperor knew it. The Second Prince dared to hold Wu Xiao Dao hostage, it was a good thing that she didn’t go to seek the Emperor for an explanation.

The Emperor was really anxious when he saw the corpse of the Second Prince, but after listening to Mu Si’s story of what happened, knowing that the Second Prince was killed by Wu Xiao Dao, he wished he never gave birth to this son.

Can he offend an immortal like Wu Xiao Dao?

Thinking of Wu Xiao Dao’s angry appearance, he immediately took someone to the Prince Manor and apologized to Wu Xiao Dao in person.

When Wu Xiao Dao saw the Emperor, she didn’t get angry at him, she just took him to see Fu Ming Shao. Seeing his son dying on the bed, the Emperor was also distressed.

“I want to take him away.” Wu Xiao Dao said to the Emperor.

“Take him away? Where are you going to?” the old Emperor asked.

“Go to my world. He has hurt his heart. I can only extend his life for him, but I can’t heal him completely. I want to go back to my mother, only she can save him.” Wu Xiao Dao replied.

“When are you leaving?”

“I originally planned to let someone tell you today and leave tomorrow. Now that you are here, we’ll just leave today.” Wu Xiao Dao said, “I don’t know when we can meet each other this time, I will let him wake up temporarily, you Father and Son can talk, but not for too long.”

She used a needle and unblocked some acupoints and he woke up faintly. She then left, leaving space for both Father and Son to talk.

After a while, the Emperor came out and Wu Xiao Dao went in. Seeing the man on the bed looking at her with a smile, she glared at him resentfully, still complaining about his previous behavior.

Fu Ming Shao stretched out his hand and took her hand, and said weakly: “My Father has already told me that I will go with you, and you will have to be responsible for me in the future. Since you’ve saved me, I will promise myself to you...”

Hmm, these words sound a bit familiar. Wasn’t he in a coma at that time?

“I want to try it again.”

“What do you want to do again? You should have a good rest now.”

Fu Ming Shao looked straight at her, as if she didn’t give it, he would not rest.

Wu Xiao Dao was soft-hearted when she saw him, leaned over, and put her soft lips on his. The corners of their lips rose slightly.

“From now on, you are mine.”