Chapter 1: “Fifth Young Master is bent”

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“I’ll go! I’ll go! I’ll go and get you damned!”

Within a large manor in the Imperial Capital City of the Dong Chen Kingdom, a voice filled with resentment resounded through a large manor.

“Is the Young Master awake?”

Two figures scuttled in a hurry into the courtyard, and perked up their ears to listen. There was no noise and all was quiet, so quiet they thought they might have imagined it all.

“Should we take a peek into the room?” One asked in a trembling voice, her fear was clear in her voice and could not be hidden upon the thought of entering the room.


“Maybe….. Maybe we shouldn’t.” The other figure said, “When the Young Master wakes up, he will naturally call for us. If we barge into the Young Master’s room just like this, we will be severely punished.”

“But if the Young Master wakes up, and does not see us around, we will still be punished! And what if the Young Master wakes up but he can’t speak, then what do we do?”

“Then… then we better go in and take a look, if the Young Master is not awake, we will just come back out again?”


After discussing the matter through in hushed tones, the two of them tiptoed towards the main bedroom within the courtyard. They pushed the door open slowly and quietly treaded inside. They saw that the eyes of the figure on the bed were still tightly shut, and only after they saw the figure drew in a deep breath, did they slowly retreat out of the room.

“Whew, fortunately the Young Master has not awoken.”


“Let’s just wait in front of the door.”

“Hmm, I had not thought that the Young Master would be unconscious for so long.” “I heard that the General had wanted to go settle the score with the other party but the Young Master stopped him.”

“Pfft! The Young Master said, ‘Damn it, when I wake up, I’ll settle things with him myself!'”

“Our poor Young Master was so badly wounded, if the other Young Masters get to know about it, they will be so devastated.”

“I heard that the other Young Masters will be back soon.”

“Is that so?”



Sima You Yue opened her eyes after the two maids left, the expression on her face was one of rage, she gritted her teeth in anger, looking like she was ready to bite.


She sucked in a breath of cold air as she hissed in pain from the wounds on her face as they stretched and pulled with every emotion she displayed.

“Damn, this is no joke!” Sima You Yue reached out to touch her face, however that attempt itself rendered another sharp stinging pain excruciating from her body as she stopped her movement and gave up.

Listening to the maids chirping outside, once they mentioned Young Master, Sima You Yue could not help but roll her eyes.

She was a female through and through, but she was asked to act like a boy by her grandfather, to wear boy’s clothes, and to even walk and talk like one.

“You are a fraud just as well!” Sima You Yue cursed.

Thinking back of her status in the twenty-first century as an accomplished assassin, she did not expect to suddenly appear here, stuck in the body of a 14-year-old girl!

That’s right, those curse words the two maids had heard earlier had indeed come right out of her mouth because she had been conned two times successively!

Previously, she was the Organization’s most powerful assassin, since she started working for the Organization she never once missed a target.

Never would she have expected that the second person-in-charge of the Organization was jealous of the attention and recognition she had from her boss and took advantage of the boss’ absence and made her perform a dangerous task. However, it was already too late when she realized that it was a trap. Because of the high stakes of billions of dollars, the Organization chose to abandon her and even prepared the most advanced bomb for her. She was blown into smithereens along with the building she was in.

The process of death was too short, before she had time to curse, she fell into the darkness, and lost all consciousness. When she regained her consciousness, she was in a vast white space and there was a faint silhouette beside her, it appeared in the same soul state like her. Before she could speak, the other spoke out: “You are in my body now.”

The words she heard made her shocked to the extreme, shouldn’t she be in hell now? How did she end up in someone else’s body?

The other soul seemed to have read her thoughts and said: “I do not know what’s happening, but when I saw your soul, I simply pulled and you came in.”


“I am now dead, my life has come to an end. Since you can enter my body, you should be able to continue to live in place of me as long as you promise me, to take care of everything, I shall leave my body to you.” The other soul said wistfully.

“Really?” Sima You Yue asked in surprise. She really had a second chance in life?

“Yes, but you have to swear to not only live as me on my behalf, but also to help me to clean up those trash!”

“Alright, I promise you.” Sima You Yue answered in a straightforward manner. If I can live again, but also get rid of the life as an assassin, what more could she ask for? Before that though, she had her own matters to take care of. She wanted revenge on the Organization’s second person-in-charge who plotted against her.

“In that case, I will give my memory to you, remember that you promised to take revenge for me! Also, my grandfather and brothers are good, the matter I have not done yet is to to find my parents, I believe that they must still be living in some corner of the world.” That silhouette become lighter and lighter as her voice became softer and softer as she slowly started to dissipate.

Sima You Yue saw the regret and heart filled with emotion, she answered with resolution: “Do not worry, I will help you find your parents.”

“I do not think you are the kind of person who goes back on her words. Since you’ve agreed, then I can rest in peace and leave it to you.” As soon as that silhouette finished speaking, she turned into little specks of light and completely disappeared.

Sima You Yue suddenly felt a strong pull, followed by a severe pain. Before she could find out what was happening, once again she lost consciousness.

When she woke up, she was already lying down on a bed. She did not think she really grasped a second chance in life, but she as she looked around, the antique furnishings in the room made her speechless. She could not react for a moment and even thought that she was dreaming, however a sudden flash of insight made her break this thought that it was a dream. This was her reality now.

“Damn it!” Sima You Yue started swearing after affirming the reality. “This is not even my world, so what if I live? I can not take my own revenge!”

And so as she continued to read the memory left behind, she had no more energy to curse and swear. She felt that she was conned by the other soul.

This was not the earth she knew of the 21st century, but a continent called Yilin. There were no aircrafts nor high-rise buildings. It was a place where the strong was revered and the weak was crushed. Here, the air contained spiritual power and comprised of a variety of properties and people can rely on the absorption of spiritual power to cultivate and become stronger.

This place was based entirely on the law of the jungle, where the strong are evidently favoured. The dignity of the strong could not be trampled on, if the weak dared to insult the strong, the strong could simply kill him directly!

If one was a genius cultivator, one would be able to gain respect from all walks of life; if one had absolutely no talent in cultivation, then they were termed as trash and would be looked down upon.

And the very body which Sima You Yue was stuck in was exactly a body that was looked down upon! The most infamous trash! Not a little practice of the foundation, was now 14 years old, and even spiritual power are not sensitive, not to mention the introduction of the body to practice it!

Not only that, she was obviously a girl, but her grandfather had insisted she dressed as a boy, telling her it was to protect her. But no matter how she dressed, she still liked men, and deeply infatuated at that. She loved being surrounded by men all the time, and all their attempt at wooing at ingratiation of the female sex!

So the General’s Residence Fifth Young Master … … was rumored to be bent.