A Happy Ending

The two of them held onto each other tightly, hoping to be taken back together.

The next second, they were both sucked into the vortex.

Gu Ning was already in her forties and Leng Shaoting was almost fifty, but they both looked like they were only thirty years old, so they rarely went out.

Even their residence was in a mansion in the suburbs, to avoid meeting too many people.

When Leng Xiaoyao opened her eyes and found herself sleeping in her own room, she was shocked and immediately got up.action


She was back, back in her original home, back at her parents’ side, but where was Li Mochen?

Leng Xiaoyao immediately ran out of the room and bumped into Leng Xiaoran who had just come out of his room. She directly knocked the early-stage Yuan Ying cultivator to the ground.

Leng Xiaoyao was at the Out-of-body Stage, so she was at a much higher level than Leng Xiaoran!

Leng Xiaoran was stunned and couldn’t figure out who had bumped into him.

After all, he was at the early stage of the Yuan Ying Period.

Looking up, he was dumbfounded.


When Leng Xiaoyao saw Leng Xiaoran, she also stood still, then tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Ah! Leng Xiaoyao, what are you doing here?” Then Leng Xiaoran let out a deafening scream. If he hadn’t been knocked down, he would have suspected that he was hallucinating or that he missed Leng Xiaoyao too much.

Leng Xiaoran’s voice was so loud that it spread throughout the mansion, and everyone heard it.

Then everyone rushed over.

They were Shangguan Yang, Jing Yunyao, Leng Shaoting, and Gu Ning.

When they saw Leng Xiaoyao, tears also uncontrollably flowed out of their eyes.


They had received Leng Xiaoyao’s dream message before. It said that she would be back in two years. During the past few days, they had been hoping and waiting for the day when they would see Leng Xiaoyao again.

Even though they had already prepared themselves mentally, when they saw Leng Xiaoyao appear before their eyes, they still couldn’t control their excited emotions.


“Dad, mom, grandma, master…” Leng Xiaoyao saw them and cried out, then she immediately rushed into Gu Ning’s arms.

Jing Yunyao also came over and hugged them, Leng Shaoting’s hand also patted Leng Xiaoyao’s shoulder, both crying and smiling.

Shangguan Yang didn’t come close, but he was also crying and laughing like them.

“And me…” Leng Xiaoran suddenly felt left out and immediately went over to hug them all.

After a long time, everyone gradually calmed down.

Then Leng Xiaoyao told everyone about her experiences over the past two years. Thinking of her grandfather and third uncle in the Seven Star Country, Leng Xiaoyao felt sad.

Everything had to be weighed and measured. She had already arranged things over there when she went to Guiyun and knew that she couldn’t go back. So even though she was sad, she didn’t have too much of an obsession with it.

However, where was Li Mochen?

After hearing about Leng Xiaoyao’s experiences, everyone couldn’t help but sigh.

They were also surprised when they heard that her cultivation level had reached the Out-of-body Stage.

For decades, Shangguan Yang couldn’t break through the Out-of-body Stage because he hadn’t continued to cultivate.

Leng Shaoting was at the peak of the Out-of-body Stage, while Gu Ning was in its middle stage.

Jing Yunyao was at the peak of the Yuan Ying Period, while Leng Xiaoran had just reached the early stage of Yuan Ying Period.

Their cultivation speed was slow because they didn’t have many resources left.

Leng Xiaoyao had plenty of resources and would certainly help them get to a higher level.

“You’ve already become a Dao couple with that Mr. Li, right? You can try to sense if you can feel his presence,” Shangguan Yang said.

Upon hearing that, Leng Xiaoyao tried to sense Li Mochen’s presence, but couldn’t feel anything at all.

“I can’t sense him…” Leng Xiaoyao was so anxious that she almost cried.

“Maybe there is no cultivation path here!” Shangguan Yang said because it had been a long time since cultivators had become Dao couples here because it was impossible to do so.

Therefore, it could be related to the path of cultivation here.

Leng Xiaoyao became even more disappointed.

“Do you have a photo of him? If you do, we can advertise!” Leng Xiaoran said. He was curious about his brother-in-law. What did he look like?

Because Li Mochen and Leng Xiaoyao were a couple for two incarnations, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning didn’t feel that their daughter had been stolen away by another man. Instead, they felt that this kind of two-incarnation fate was rare and must be cherished.

“Right! Why didn’t I think of that!”

Leng Xiaoyao finally came back to her reason. She immediately took out her phone, which had photos of Li Mochen. If Li Mochen really came here with her, it should be easy to find him once the advertisement was released.

She was only afraid that Li Mochen didn’t come with her.

No matter what, she had to try.

Back home, seeing her parents and loved ones, Leng Xiaoyao was very happy, but she couldn’t help but think about Li Mochen.

Days passed, but there was still no news from Li Mochen. Leng Xiaoyao was more and more anxious, not knowing if he had really traveled with her.

In the past week, not only did Leng Shaoting send many people to search for Li Mochen, but Leng Xiaoyao also searched for him tirelessly.

During the day, she drove around aimlessly, releasing her magical power.

At night, she flew on her sword directly.

After a week, Leng Xiaoyao finally saw Li Mochen’s figure in her magical mind.

When Leng Xiaoyao’s magical senses fell on him, Li Mochen sensed it, and they saw each other through their magical mind.

For a moment, Li Mochen wanted to fly towards Leng Xiaoyao on his sword, but reason told him that it wasn’t possible, so he could only run in Leng Xiaoyao’s direction.

He came with Leng Xiaoyao, but he was transported to a place far from the capital city.

He didn’t have identification here, so he couldn’t take a plane.

He flew on his sword, but didn’t know the direction, so he took many wrong paths before finally arriving in the capital city today.

He didn’t know where Leng Xiaoyao lived, so he could only blindly search for her.

Finally, he found Leng Xiaoyao.

Soon, the two finally met. Disregarding their appearances and the gaze of others, they embraced and cried on the street.

Although they had only been apart for a week, it felt like a lifetime for both of them.

It wasn’t wrong because they had traveled through time and space.

One careless move could have meant never seeing each other again.

Fortunately, he came with her.

The two just embraced in silence. After a long time, they let go of each other, then Leng Xiaoyao took Li Mochen home…

Fortunately, this was a happy ending.

Fortunately, they both found happiness.

Fortunately, they had each other!

[The End]