Chapter 1975: Transcend Spacetime!

“Sinking into oblivion…”

Lin Feng could not imagine how terrifying sinking into oblivion was.

Previously, he had never thought that he would sink into oblivion.

Perhaps he had thought of it, but he did not actually take it seriously.

From his home planet to the current spacetime cultivator, although Lin Feng had experienced hardships, he had actually turned misfortunes into blessings every time. Lin Feng had never experienced true setbacks and true despair.


It was only at this moment, when the white-haired old man woke him up and told him that he had already sunk into oblivion, that Lin Feng came back to his senses.

But what was the use?

If one could wake up just from knowing that they had “sunk into oblivion”, there was no knowing how many people would have already transcended spacetime. However, up until now, only Dawn had transcended spacetime.

The others all sank into different forms of oblivion.

Lin Feng had actually also sunk into oblivion. Moreover, there was nothing he could do. That’s right, there was nothing he could do. At least, he could not think of a way to resolve it now.

“Will you return to the past again?” the white-haired old man asked.


“I don’t know.”

Lin Feng shook his head.

He bade farewell to the white-haired old man, then sat quietly in the Eternal Realm alone.

There was no passage of time in the Eternal Realm. It was always fixed at one moment. However, in reality, Lin Feng thought for a long time.

He did not even know the meaning of his existence anymore.

If he could not transcend, what was the point of just sitting here?


However, if he warped back to the past, what was the point? Would he continue the cycle and deceive himself?

No one could escape the inertia of the past. He would never be able to transcend.

After an unknown period of time, Lin Feng opened his eyes.

“Perhaps oblivion is still better than sitting here forever. Are those spacetime cultivators who severed the future and the present really unable to wake up? Or is it because they would rather sink into oblivion?”

Lin Feng thought about many things.

Sinking into oblivion might not be terrifying. However, not understanding the meaning of his own existence was the most terrifying thing.

Lin Feng had already made up his mind. He would not continue to stay in the Eternal Realm. He wanted to return to the past again. Even if he really sank into oblivion, going through endless cycles was better than sitting here and doing nothing.

Hence, Lin Feng found the past timeline again, and his figure instantly disappeared.

In the library of Central Sea University, Lin Feng was holding a book.

Suddenly, the confusion in Lin Feng’s eyes seemed to have disappeared. In its place was infinite profoundness, as if he had experienced the vicissitudes of life.

“I’m back again…” Lin Feng muttered softly.

He warped to the past, returning to the familiar Central Sea Library.

This time, he did not even look for the metal sphere. He never thought of obtaining the genetic fusion device. Lin Feng only went to take another look at his parents and family, then sat at home in a daze.

Lin Feng’s parents were very anxious.

They actually saw no desires in Lin Feng’s eyes. What was this?

Was he in despair?

When he was very young, Lin Feng had despaired because of his strange illness, and given up completely. However, later on, Lin Feng had hope again. He had been working hard all these years.

But now, Lin Feng was no longer going to the university. He just sat at home. Lin Feng’s parents could do nothing but watch as his body became weaker and weaker. No matter how they asked, Lin Feng remained silent.

In fact, Lin Feng did not cultivate anymore.

Even though he had many top-notch cultivation techniques in his mind, and could quickly cure the strange illness in this body, what was the use? But so what? Would he use the precognition from his “rebirth” to reach the peak, like the last time? What was the point?

He would just return to the Eternal Realm and warp again, repeating the cycle endlessly.

Lin Feng had experienced many things in his life. He had experienced despair and hope. He had experienced all kinds of things. He had experienced even sinking into oblivion before.

“What if I just let the strange illness torture me to death like this?”

Lin Feng had been depressed for the past few days. Hence, even his strange illness was rapidly worsening.

Originally, he could still live for a period of time. Now, he probably would not be able to hold out for even a few months.

In fact, if his condition worsened further, perhaps in a few days, perhaps a day, or perhaps after a nap, Lin Feng would fall into a deep slumber and never wake up again.

Lin Feng had thought of many possibilities, but he had never thought of what would happen to him if he allowed the strange illness to worsen. Perhaps he would die!

The past was the only thing. The past was eternal. It did not mean that everything would remain unchanged. For example, last time, Lin Feng had used the advantage of “rebirth” to change things by a lot.

But so what?

He still could not escape the inertia of the past spacetime. Things had largely remained unchanged.

Moreover, they could not be changed.

Even if Lin Feng destroyed his home planet completely, it actually had nothing to do with anyone else.

This past was only Lin Feng’s past!

It had nothing to do with the others.

However, if Lin Feng was really dead, there was only one past. If the current Lin Feng really allowed his condition to worsen, he would probably really be dead. Whether he was a spacetime cultivator or something else, he would definitely die.

Lin Feng had a feeling that he would definitely die.

If he died, Lin Feng’s timeline would completely collapse.

“If I die, no matter how great the inertia of spacetime in the past was, it will be useless… However, I will already be dead by then.”

Lin Feng smiled.

Up until now, he was still thinking about how to transcend.

Once he was really dead, the past spacetime would definitely collapse. The timeline of Lin Feng’s past would definitely collapse instantly.

However, what was the use?

Even if Lin Feng really caused his past spacetime to collapse, he would be already dead after all, and could not transcend at all.

Lin Feng did not think too much about it. Instead, he was very quiet.

Time passed slowly.

One month, three months, five months…

Finally, nine months later, Lin Feng’s body had completely collapsed. He had lost too much life force, and his days were numbered.

He saw his parents, his brother, and his little sister in front of the sickbed. Even Qu Chen had appeared.

Lin Feng was all too familiar with these people.

They were filled with sorrow, but Lin Feng did not feel sad at all. Instead, he was very quiet.

He did not say anything, and merely waited quietly.

This feeling made his heart very calm.

Gradually, Lin Feng could not even open his eyes. His consciousness gradually fell into darkness. He could still vaguely hear the cries in his ears.

Darkness. Endless darkness descended.

This was the last moment of Lin Feng’s life. However, no miracle happened.

“So there’s nothing special about me when facing death after all…”

A self-deprecating smile appeared on Lin Feng’s lips.

The next moment, he had already fallen into infinite darkness. Even someone as powerful as a spacetime cultivator would truly die once they returned to the past and died in the past.

In the last moments of his death, many images appeared in Lin Feng’s mind.

They were all the deeds of his previous life, or the life after his rebirth. They flashed through his mind like a slideshow.

“I’ve experienced all manners of hardships, except for death. So this is death…” The moment Lin Feng died, he could clearly sense that the timeline he was in had collapsed.


Everything around him seemed to have collapsed.

Images collapsed one after another.

The surrounding people also collapsed.

Everything returned to darkness. Everything disappeared.

Even Lin Feng’s consciousness fell into darkness.

From this moment on, any timeline that belonged to Lin Feng in the past, present, and future collapsed.

Death was the collapse of all lives and all timelines. Be it the past, the present, or the future, they all collapsed completely with death.

The last connection between the past timeline and Lin Feng also broke quietly.

In the Central Sea University library…


Lin Feng seemed to have woken up with a start.

He looked up at everything around him, then at his hands.

“I’m back at Central Sea University again?”

Lin Feng was very shocked. There were still memories in his mind. He was clearly dead.

Dying in the past spacetime meant true death.

“Huh? You… That’s… myself?”

Lin Feng looked up at the side again.

A sickly man was flipping through a book.

Wasn’t this the Lin Feng of the past?

“Me of the past…”

Lin Feng closed his eyes. At this moment, he had almost no power at all, but the entire world, the entire spacetime, held no secrets before him.

The past timeline had actually been severed!

“Transcendence… This is transcendence?” Lin Feng muttered softly.

He understood. He understood everything now.

After Lin Feng returned to the past and died, he transcended instead. He had experienced everything, except for death.

However, Lin Feng knew very well that the path of transcendence was different for everyone. He needed to experience true death to transcend spacetime, but the other cultivators were different.

If it were any other spacetime cultivator, they might really be dead.

Lin Feng had grasped a slim chance to live in a deadly situation. He was only short of the experience of dying. Hence, the moment he died, the timeline of the past broke. In reality, Lin Feng really died at that time, but the one who died was only the Lin Feng of the past.

Lin Feng the spacetime cultivator was free instead! He transcended spacetime!

Lin Feng saw “himself” slowly approaching a row of bookshelves beside him. He knew that there was a genetic fusion device on the bookshelf. This would change his “own” life.

However, this was like a program simulation.

This “Lin Feng” long had nothing to do with the current Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng waved his hand, and the genetic fusion device on the bookshelf disappeared. In its place was a book emitting a golden light.

When “Lin Feng” arrived in front of the bookshelf, he immediately discovered this book.

He picked up the book. Immediately, a line of large words appeared on the cover.

“Book of Spacetime!”

Lin Feng was very surprised. He began to open the first page of the book.

“I am the Wayfarer of Spacetime—Dawn!”

(End of Book)