Chapter 2414  : Chapter 2414  -deeply shocked


As mo ping landed on the ground, everyone’s heart jumped.

He was defeated!

Mo ping was also defeated. He seemed to be unable to withstand a single blow from Lu Ming.

This was a peerless expert on the longevity Roll, a three-star great emperor, yet he was easily defeated.

Lu Ming, did this human really only cultivate for less than two hundred years? Mo tianluo’s face turned pale.


Even mo ping was not Lu Ming’s match. How was this possible?

More than a hundred years ago, he had exchanged blows with Lu Ming. At that time, Lu Ming was only slightly stronger than him. However, now, Lu Ming was so much stronger than him. He felt that he had suffered a huge blow and his state of mind was somewhat unstable.

interesting, interesting!

At this moment, the piercing sound of the storm was heard again. Its three eyes flickered as it sized Lu Ming up.

your physical strength is very strong. It seems that you mainly cultivate your physical body!

Storm wind said. His body seemed to be weightless as he floated out.


“You’ll know when you try!”

Lu Ming pursed his lips.

“Of course I want to try!”

Feng Feng suddenly moved. His body trembled and he disappeared. Then, he suddenly appeared behind Lu Ming. A long and thin sword appeared in his hand and he stabbed Lu Ming’s back.

However, it was as if Lu Ming had eyes in the back of his head. He struck out with his palm.

However, storm’s figure flashed and disappeared without a trace.


The next moment, eight figures suddenly appeared around Lu Ming.

The eight figures were like a storm. He rushed towards Lu Ming, his attacks constantly erupting.

“All eight of them are true bodies. Interesting!”

Lu Ming was very surprised.

What the other party had displayed were not doppelgangers, illusions, or illusions to confuse people, but eight real bodies.

The eight true forms had the same cultivation and were extremely powerful. In an instant, Lu Ming struck out Eight Palms in a row, blasting eight figures. BOOM! BOOM!

With eight loud bangs, the eight figures of the storm were pushed back by Lu Ming.

“He’s also a three star great emperor!”

Lu Ming’s heart stirred.

The other party was also a three star great emperor, but he had already reached the limit of three star great emperor. His attacks were extremely strange and unpredictable, and he was indeed stronger than mo ping. “Again!”

The storm’s eight figures retreated and swayed again. This time, each of them was split into two.

The eight figures turned into sixteen and attacked Lu Ming.

The 16 figures were all true bodies, and their strength was exactly the same.

Their strength had not weakened because they had split apart.

“It’s useless no matter how much we split!”

Lu Ming said coldly. He changed his palm into a fist and punched continuously. BOOM! BOOM!

The terrifying fist force crushed the void and destroyed everything in its path. The storm let out a sharp shriek and retreated frantically. However, it was too late. It was crushed by Lu Ming’s fist force and the eighteen figures exploded one after another.

Everyone was shocked!

Could storm have been killed by Lu Ming?

A peerless expert on the longevity Roll had fallen?

However, at this moment, Lu Ming’s expression changed slightly.

He realized that his own shadow had suddenly moved.

He did not move, but his shadow moved. It was like a sharp sword, stabbing toward Lu Ming.

This scene happened so quickly that Lu Ming did not even have time to react. The sword pierced Lu Ming’s body accurately, but it did not penetrate his body. Lu Ming’s defensive power was astonishing. In addition, he had activated the indestructible golden body just now. That terrifying defensive power was not something a three star great emperor could break.


Lu Ming’s shadow twisted rapidly, seemingly filled with shock.

“Get lost!”

At this moment, Lu Ming shouted loudly like a thunderclap and stepped on his own shadow.

Lu Ming activated many types of laws in this kick.

Although the other party’s body was strange, it was still restrained by Lu Ming’s laws.


The power of this kick was extremely shocking. The ground shook and cracks appeared on the extremely hard floor.

A scream was heard and Lu Ming’s shadow returned to normal. Storm’s figure appeared in the distance. There were cracks on its body and it almost exploded. Naturally, Lu Ming had already shown mercy. Otherwise, the other party would have been dead.

A three-star great emperor, no matter how many tricks he had, Lu Ming could still kill him easily if he used his full strength.

“Can’t even withstand a single blow!”

Lu Ming said coldly.

“Damn it, how is this possible?”

On the side, many of the foreign races roared. They found it hard to accept.

The longevity roll’s experts had defeated two people in a row, and one of them was ranked seventy-sixth.

The human race actually had such a powerful heaven’s favorite, and he had cultivated for less than 200 years.

Luckily, he was caught. This was the evil god World. No matter how strong he was, he wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble. Many alien races consoled themselves like this.

“I didn’t expect this person to be so strong!”

In the sky, the king of the alien race, mo Luojia, and the others were also surprised.

Lu Ming’s strength had completely exceeded their expectations.

it’s a good thing that he was chosen by the bloodheart Saint ancestor.

Otherwise, he would be a disaster for our clan once he grows up!

Moruojia said.

“Not bad!”

The others nodded in agreement.

“Let him go to the holy mountain!”

The non-human King spoke.

Things were out of his expectations.

Initially, he wanted the alien race to attack Lu Ming and let him experience the powerhouses of the alien race. He wanted to make Lu Ming despair and yield.

However, he didn’t expect that it was the foreign tribes that were suffering a blow.

Lu Ming displayed his might and defeated many powerhouses from the alien races in a row, dealing a heavy blow to many alien races.

This made Lu Ming even more confident. This was not what they wanted to see.


yes. moroga nodded, and then a voice was transmitted.

His voice resounded in mo tianluo, mo ping, and storm’s ears, ” “Let him go to the holy mountain!”

The eyes of mo tianluo and the others lit up.

That’s right, let Lu Ming go to the holy mountain. There are countless experts there, and there are plenty of people to deal with Lu Ming.

“Lu Ming, don’t be so arrogant. Our tribe has ten royal famflies and ten royal cities. This is just one of the ten royal cities. Besides, most of the powerhouses in our tribe are cultivating in seclusion on the holy mountain. If you have the ability, go to the holy mountain!”

Mo tianluo shouted.

that’s right. If you have the ability, go to the holy mountain and I’ll let you see the strength of my tribe. At that time, you’ll understand what a strong person is!

Mo ping also called out.

‘That’s right, that’s right, if you have the ability, go to the holy mountain!”

On the side, the other alien races also started to shout.

“Holy mountain? Lead the way!”

Lu Ming said directly.

From the looks of it, the holy mountain had a very high status in the hearts of the Outlanders. It was an important place for the Outlanders, as it had gathered a large number of experts.

Lu Ming could go and take a look. He wanted to see how many experts the alien races had. If he could escape in the future, he would be more prepared.

Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated.