Chapter 1840: Probing

Lu Qi’s gaze fell on the garden outside. She watched as the water from the fountain flickered with seven-colored light under the sunlight, but there was no light in her eyes.

She pursed her lips slightly and sighed sadly. “Yesterday, he directly said in front of Master, Eldest Senior Brother, and you that I was his fiancée.”historical

“I didn’t know about this before. It was a little presumptuous of him to say that, but he explained it to me and apologized. I think since he wants me to be his fiancée, he should do something for me.”

Qiao Nian nodded and said, “What happened after that?”

Actually, she could roughly guess what Old Qin was thinking.

Lu Qi lowered her gaze, her long hair sliding down to cover her slightly worried side profile. “Wasn’t he preparing to be discharged yesterday? I thought he would pick me up from school tonight.”


Last night, after class, she saw that many female students in the class had boyfriends who picked them up.

Girls always wanted to be more romantic when they were in a relationship. They also wanted to be taken care of.

For example, a boyfriend would send his girlfriend flowers and pick her up from school. They would watch a movie and eat together.

But Senior didn’t seem to do any of these.

Other than using his body to protect her in the tunnel, Senior didn’t seem to have done much after that. He only said that he liked her.

She didn’t know how to express her thoughts. She seemed to be in a daze now. What Senior Brother was doing made her a little confused.


Seeing Lu Qi like this, Qiao Nian smiled and said, “You’re still too young.”

Lu Qi looked at Qiao Nian in confusion and said softly, “Sister, I’m already an adult. ”

Qiao Nian looked at the messy hair on Lu Qi’s face, After tidying her up, she said, “Actually, when he introduced you in public yesterday, he wanted to test your reaction.”

“Test me?” Lu Qi was even more confused.

“Yes. He wanted to confirm your thoughts and see what you think of him before he decides what to do next.’

Qiao Nian’s eyes were filled with gentleness as she explained seriously, ‘Qi Qi, Old Qin isn’t like your classmates. Every step he takes is to achieve his goal. If he wants to be with you, even if you’re unwilling, he’ll use other methods to make you his fiancée. This isn’t as simple as romance in school or picking you up from school.”


Qi Qi was in her first awakening of love, so she paid a lot of attention to everything the man did, and thought a lot about it.

When Lu Qi heard Qiao Nian’s words, she frowned. “Sister, doesn’t that mean that there’s only one outcome for me? I’ll really become his fiancée.”

“He’ll definitely use all kinds of methods to make you fall in love with him and be willing to be with him,” Qiao Nian said meaningfully.

Lu Qi instantly became nervous. Wouldn’t Senior Brother become a bandit?

“Actually, you don’t have to be so worried. I’ve never seen Old Qin in a relationship before. Perhaps he’s a straightforward man. You should follow your heart. As for the rest, take your time,” Qiao Nian said with a smile.

She had known Old Qin for so many years. She was certain that Old Qin had really fallen for Qi Qi. Old Qin must be even more anxious than Qi Qi.

Although Lu Qi still didn’t completely understand, she vaguely felt that Senior Brother seemed to have set her up to fall for him obediently. However, she still listened to her sister and followed her own wishes. No matter what he did, she just had to calmly analyze if she liked him.

Qiao Nian watched as Lu Qi thought about relationships seriously. Smiling, she patted Lu Qi’s head. “When a girl is in a relationship, she can’t lose herself. A good relationship will make you a better person, and also make you happier.”

Qiao Nian felt that Old Qin had a long way to go in pursuit of his wife.

When Lu Qi heard Qiao Nian’s words, she smiled and nodded. She said happily, “Sister, I understand. I’m a student now. The most important thing is to study. As for falling in love, we’ll talk about it slowly in the future.”

She didn’t want to think about what Senior meant by what he was doing now. If Senior really liked her, he would definitely take action. If Senior didn’t like her, then their relationship would stop here..